Top 20 Data Analyst Certification for Beginners 2023

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In this article, we will highlight top data analyst certification for beginners. Data analysis is very important in today’s business world, organizations seek skilled professionals in Data analysis to analyze and interpret data for informed decision-making.

Obtaining certifications in data analysis is very important for beginners and professionals because it proves that you know what you do.

Data analytics has over 75 million job opportunities and only 35,000 certified professionals, which makes the demand for certified professionals high.

What is Data Analysis

Data analysis is the process of inspecting, cleansing, transforming, and modeling data to discover useful information and promote informed decision-making. It has multiple facets and approaches and is used in various business, science, and social science.

Data analysts can work in various industries, such as business, finance, criminal justice, science, medicine, and government.

They gather, clean, and study data sets to answer questions and solve problems. Data analysts’ tasks include gathering, cleaning, modeling, interpreting, and presenting findings.

They often collect data through surveys, tracking visitor characteristics, or purchasing datasets from data collection specialists. They maintain the quality of data in spreadsheets or programming languages to ensure accurate interpretations.

The Benefits of Data Analytics

Data analytics offers numerous benefits to organizations, such as improved decision-making, better effective marketing, better and personalized customer experience, streamlining operations, and mitigating fraud.

Companies can generate accurate predictions and visualize outcomes by combining big data with artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data mining. Data analytics also helps organizations identify customer trends and develop targeted marketing strategies.

List of Top Data Analytics Certifications

Below is a list of the top data analytics certifications:

Top Data Analytics Certifications

1. Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate

  • Cost: $312
  • Duration: 6months

Google’s Data Analytics Professional Certificate program offers an engaging learning experience in data analytics, it requires no background knowledge and offers hands-on projects.

The course includes 8 courses, over 180 hours of instructional videos, and assessments, it covers topics like data discovery, data-driven decision-making, data processing, and data visualization.

2. IBM Data Science Professional Certificate

  • Cost: $539
  • Duration: 11 months

The IBM Data Science Professional Certificate program introduces data science and its various responsibilities, it focuses on the data landscape and analytics.

The course is designed for beginners without prior computer science or programming knowledge and can be used in the pursuit of a Bachelor of Science degree.

The course includes 9 fully online courses, including statistical analysis, data visualization, and tools for various data analytics tasks. The course costs $539 and is recommended to take 11 months at a study pace of 4 hours per week.

3. Complete Data Analyst Bootcamp

  • Cost: $99
  • Duration: 21hours

The Complete Data Analyst Bootcamp 2023 is a fast-paced course designed for beginners who desire to become data analysts. The boot camp covers beginner and advanced Python techniques, working with various tools and files, and preparing data for analytical insights.

The course is for beginners, hence prior experience is required, and the study also includes guidance on installing Anaconda software.

By the end of the boot camp, participants will have a resume full of in-demand data skills, including Python programming, data collection, pre-processing, and data visualization.

4. Online Data Analytics Certificate

  • Cost: $3,600
  • Duration: 9 weeks

The Online Data Analytics Certificate program from Cornell by Professor Chris Anderson teaches beginners how to effectively gather and use data for business decisions. This course is designed for those with a background in statistics or working with raw data.

It covers scientific methods for data analysis, video instruction, and hands-on exercises, ensuring students are ready to make sound evidence-based decisions. The course costs $3,600 and takes 9 weeks to complete, with 3-5 hours of weekly dedicated time.

5. Data Analytics Program

  • Cost: $6175
  • Duration: 8 months

The Data Analytics Program from Career Foundry offers personalized, one-on-one education for beginners. The program offers tailored coaching from a career services team, the course is fully online and flexible, and it provides access to a data analytics mentor.

Students will learn about data analysis, databases, statistics, common data tools, data visualization, and Python.

The program also covers machine learning, big data exploration, relational databases, SQL analysis, and presenting findings to stakeholders.

6. CompTIA Data+

  • Cost: $349
  • Duration: 3 months

The CompTIA Data+ certification program offers an end-to-end training experience for beginners in data science and analytics.

The program covers analyzing and interpreting data in various environments, communicating insights to stakeholders, demonstrating data literacy, and manipulating data using standard tools and software.

Students also learn about data concepts, environments, and report visualization, and quality control. The course costs $349, including the examination at the end of the learning track, and takes around 3 months to complete.

7. Data Analyst in Python (Dataquest)

  • Cost: $29
  • Duration: 8 weeks

Dataquest is a popular data science education program that teaches Python programming through hands-on project work. It covers diverse topics related to data analysis and provides content-rich instructions through multiple datasets.

The program covers courses like Beginner/Intermediate Python Programming, Data Visualization, SQL Fundamentals, Statistics Fundamentals, and Version Control.

8. CareerFoundry Data Analytics Program

  • Cost: $6900
  • Duration: 4-8 months

The CareerFoundry Data Analytics Program is an online certification program for beginners and career-changers that offers a hands-on curriculum, dual mentorship model, job guarantee, career coaching, and an active student community.

The program is 100% online, which makes it accessible for those working or juggling other commitments. Students will be assigned a one-to-one mentor and tutor who will always provide regular guidance and feedback.

The program takes four months to complete full-time (30-40 hours per week) or eight months to complete part-time (15 hours per week).

9. BrainStation Data Analytics Certificate

  • Cost: $3,950
  • Duration: 10 weeks

The BrainStation Data Analytics Course is an introductory course for beginners, available online or in-person in the U.S., Canada, and the UK. The course covers data analytics fundamentals.

The course offers a 10-week part-time program, with flexible payment plans and scholarship opportunities available. The course is priced at $3,950 and is suitable for those not yet ready to commit to a lengthy program.

10. Harvard University Business Analytics Course

  • Cost: $1,750
  • Duration: 8 weeks

The Harvard University Business Analytics Course is an introductory online course designed for beginners and professionals looking to upskill in data analytics.

The course is divided into five modules, covering data analysis, hypothesis testing, and regression analysis. It takes eight weeks, requires 40 study hours, and costs $1,750.

The course is ideal for college students, graduates, mid-career professionals, or those seeking a comprehensive data analytics course.

11. Thinkful Data Analytics Immersion Course

  • Cost: $13,475
  • Duration: 4 months

The Thinkful Data Analytics Immersion Course is an immersive, full-time online program meant for beginners and career-changers with a larger budget.

It takes four months to complete, with 50-60 weekly study hours. The course follows a structured schedule, with a price of $13,475. However, it does not offer a job guarantee.

12. General Assembly Data Analytics Course

  • Cost: $3,500
  • Duration: 10 weeks

The General Assembly Data Analytics Course is an entry-level program meant for career-starters, career-changers, marketers, product managers, and data analysts.

It offers a solid introduction at four hours per week, with classes taking place twice per week or all day on Saturdays. The course consists of 10 weeks of part-time classes (4 hours per week) or a one-week intensive approach.

13. Cloudera Certified Associate Data Analysis

  • Cost: $295 per exam
  • Duration: 2 years

The Cloudera Certified Associate (CCA) Data Analyst Certification program teaches prospective data analysts to extract and generate reports using Hive and Impala in the Cloudera CDH environment.

Passing the CCA Exam (CCA159) demonstrates the ability to analyze cluster data using query language statements in Impala and Hive. The certification is an entry path for more specialized certifications.

14. Certified Associate Analytics Professional

  • Cost: $300
  • Duration: 170 minutes

The Associate Certified Analytics Professional (aCAP) is a stand-alone certification for entry-level analytics professionals without practical experience. Eligible candidates must have master’s in analytics/data program, adhere to the analytics code of ethics, and have verified competency.

To obtain the aCAP credential, they must pass the aCAP exam covering seven analytics process areas and have less than three years of industry experience.

15. Analytics Professional Certification (CAP)

  • Cost: $695

The Certified Analytics Professional (CAP) certification is ideal for those with solid knowledge and hands-on experience in data analysis.

It covers six domains of analytics, namely:

  • Business problem framing
  • Exploratory data analysis
  • Statistical inference
  • Predictive modeling
  • Prescriptive analytics
  • Communication of analytic results.

CAP certification is valued by analytics-oriented organizations and can lead to faster career advancement and demonstrate excellence.

16. Springboard Data Analytics Certification

  • Cost: $10,140

The Springboard Data Analytics Certification is an online program meant for problem-solving and critical-thinking professionals, requiring less than two years of professional experience. It includes project-based assignments and real-world case studies.

A final project is assigned, and after passing the assessment, the candidate is ready to become a Certified Data Analyst. The program is supervised by a mentor and partnered with Microsoft.

17. Simplilearn Certified Big Data Analyst (CBA)

  • Cost: $1,499
  • Duration: 180 days

The Simplilearn CBA course covers key Big Data topics like Hadoop, HDFS, MapReduce, Hive, Pig, HBase, Spark, and Oozie.

It also teaches students in R programming and machine learning techniques, equips them with real-time applications, and teaches statistical methods like SAS/R. Students will be able to use tools like Tableau for data visualization.

18. SAS Certified Base Programmer for SAS 9

  • Cost: $180

SAS is a widely used tool for data scientists worldwide. A certified course in SAS can enhance the student’s skills and contribute to their company’s success.

With at least 6 months of programming experience, SAS Certified Base Programmers for SAS 9 can import, export, manipulate, combine data sets, create detailed reports, and identify errors in data and programming logic.

19. Microsoft Certified Azure Data Scientist Associate

  • Cost: $165
  • Duration: 100 minutes

If you want to gain expertise in data science and machine learning on Microsoft Azure, you should pursue the Azure Data Scientist Associate Certification.

The certification involves developing and implementing a suitable working environment, training prediction algorithms, and managing, optimizing, and deploying machine learning models. Candidates must pass the $165 exam DP-100.

The certification includes designing and creating a suitable working environment, exploring data, training models, implementing pipelines, running production jobs, deploying, and monitoring scalable machine learning solutions.

20. Microsoft Certified: Data Analyst Associate

  • Cost: $165
  • Duration: 180 minutes

The Data Analyst Associate Certification is a valuable certification for becoming a Certified Data Analyst, it focuses on using Power BI’s capabilities to maximize company data assets. This certification teaches data preparation, modeling, visualization, and analysis.

Candidates deliver actionable insights, provide meaningful business value through easy-to-understand visualizations, enable self-service analytics, and deploy solutions for consumption.

FAQs on Data Analyst Certifications for Beginners

What factors should beginners consider when choosing a data analyst certification?

When selecting a data analyst certification, beginners should consider factors such as Credibility, Recognition, Curriculum, Cost, and Industry Relevance

Are the certifications self-paced or instructor-led?

Some programs offer self-paced learning, while others involve in-person or online sessions with industry experts.

Are these certifications recognized by employers in the industry?

The top 20 data analyst certifications for beginners highlighted in the article are well-recognized by employers in the industry.


In conclusion, the top 20 certifications for beginners offer a structured learning path in data analysis, visualization, and statistical analysis.

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