15 English-Taught Law Schools in Europe

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Studying law in Europe offers top-notch legal education and cultural experiences.

The rise of English-taught programs has further enhanced the appeal of European law schools, providing opportunities for international students. However, studying law in Europe requires commitment and dedication.

In this article, we will highlight the 15 English-Taught law schools in Europe. Let’s get started.

Benefits of Studying Law

Studying law offers numerous benefits, including a strong foundation for further academic studies, diverse career options, awareness of rights and responsibilities, self-confidence development, and better communication skills.

Law graduates are highly sought after for their ability to analyze complex situations and devise solutions based on strong reasoning and analytical skills.

Studying law also fosters better communication skills, problem-solving abilities, and independent thinking, making it an intellectual challenge for those who enjoy working their grey cells.

Law Schools in Europe

Europe is a hub of legal excellence, with numerous world-class law schools attracting aspiring professionals worldwide. These schools offer academic excellence, a multicultural environment, and diverse career opportunities.

The continent has strong ties with international organizations, law firms, and businesses that provide graduates with a platform to launch successful careers on a global scale.

Studying law in Europe provides a unique advantage for academic excellence, a global mindset, and international career opportunities.

List of English-Taught Law Schools in Europe

Below is the list of 15 English-Taught Law Schools in Europe:

English-Taught Law Schools in Europe

1. University of Oxford

  • Location: Wellington Square Oxford OX1 2JD United Kingdom 
  • Founded: 1096

The University of Oxford is a collegiate research university in Oxford, England.

Oxford is a top law school, offering undergraduate and postgraduate courses that enhance legal reasoning, critical analysis, and interpretation.

Students learn to analyze complex information, construct arguments, write with precision, and think on their feet. One strength of law students is their ability to generate critical thoughts.

The University of Oxford offers law courses like:

  • BA in Law
  • BA in Jurisprudence
  • BA in Law with European Law
  • BA in Law with Italian Law
  • BA in Law with German Law
  • BA in Law with French Law
  • BA in Law with Spanish Law
  • BA in Law with Foundation Year – a new course introduced for 2023.

2. University of Cambridge

  • Location: The Old Schools Trinity Lane Cambridge CB2 1TN United Kingdom
  • Founded: 1209

The University of Cambridge is a public collegiate research university in Cambridge, England.

Cambridge Law undergraduates can participate in the Erasmus+ program, allowing them to study law in France, Germany, the Netherlands, or Spain for a year.

The program is intellectually challenging and taught in English by world-leading experts. Cambridge Law provides a supportive environment for highly qualified and intellectually outstanding students.

The University of Cambridge offers law courses like:

  • BA in Law
  • BA in Land Economy

3. London School of Economics and Political Science

  • Location: London, England
  • Founded: 1895

The London School of Economics and Political Science is a public research university in London, England. It is a top law school in Europe, known for its exceptional teaching and research quality.

It is one of the top English-taught law schools globally, focusing on subjects such as banking, taxation, civil litigation, company law, labor law, family law, welfare law, and the legal system.

LSE Law’s academics strive for excellence by putting their full potential into every aspect of their work.

4. University College London

  • Location: Gower Street, London WC1E 6BT
  • Founded: 1826

University College London, which operates as UCL, is a public research university in London, England. UCL Laws aim to provide a diverse, inclusive, and non-discriminatory environment for staff and students.

The three-year program combines theory and research with practical application, equipping students with valuable transferable skills.

The UCL Centre for Access to Justice provides legal education and pro bono advice to vulnerable communities. Students can extend their studies and study abroad, without prior law knowledge.

5. King’s College London

  • Location: Strand, London WC2R 2LS
  • Founded: 1829

King’s College London is a public research university located in London, England. The Dickson Poon School of Law is a leading UK law school with nearly 900 undergraduate students worldwide.

Its teaching is led by internationally respected academics, visiting lecturers, and practitioners from global law firms.

The courses are informed by research expertise, allowing students to engage with cutting-edge issues and global challenges.

6. Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne, France

  • Location: 12 Pl. du Panthéon, 75231 Paris, France
  • Founded: 1971

Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne is a public research university located in Paris, France. The Sorbonne Law School offers non-French-speaking lawyers the opportunity to study French and European business law in a prestigious setting.

The program is taught in English by leading French specialists, providing a unique opportunity to learn French and become familiar with France, French, and European law.

The Sorbonne is one of the top 10 English-taught law schools in Europe. Students must check with their faculty to confirm available courses.

7. University of Edinburgh, the UK

  • Location: Old College, South Bridge, Edinburgh EH8 9YL, United Kingdom
  • Founded: 1583

The University of Edinburgh is a public research university based in Edinburgh, Scotland. Edinburgh Law School offers a flexible master’s level program, allowing students to tailor the LLM to their academic interests and future career plans.

The institution has a global reputation for research excellence and being a pioneering member of the Russell Group and has taught and developed professionals in law for over 300 years.

The University of Edinburgh offers law courses like:

  • Commercial Law
  • Criminal Law
  • Criminology
  • EU Law
  • Intellectual Property, Media, and Technology Law
  • International Law
  • Legal History and Legal Theory
  • Medical Law
  • Private Law
  • Public Law

8. Leiden University, the Netherlands

  • Location: Rapenburg 70, 2311 EZ Leiden, Netherlands
  • Founded: 8 February 1575

Leiden University is a public research university in Leiden, Netherlands.

Leiden Law School, one of Leiden University’s seven faculties, offers over 1000 courses in Law, Notarial Law, Tax Law, and Criminology each year.

Leiden has trained numerous legal professionals for key positions in a society governed by the rule of law. The Leiden Faculty of Law has over a thousand admissions for law and has expanded its English-taught courses to include English-speaking students.

Leiden is one of the top 15 English-taught law schools in Europe, focusing on excellence and innovation across the entire law spectrum.

Leiden’s study programs are designed in line with university developments, ensuring that its graduates follow the path laid by the rule of law.

9. Queen Mary University of London

  • Location: Mile End Rd, Bethnal Green, London E1 4NS, United Kingdom
  • Founded: 1885

Queen Mary University of London is a public research university in Mile End, East London, England.

Queen Mary University of London’s Faculty of Law offers a unique learning experience with various undergraduate degree programs, aiming to provide a strong foundation for a legal career.

The school’s teaching framework is relevant and demanding, facilitated by leading academics from around the world. The curriculum is flexible and relevant to society, and the Faculty of Law is an international hub for law students, harnessing diverse ideas to achieve the unthinkable.

10. KU Leuven, Belgium

  • Location: Oude Markt 13, 3000 Leuven, Belgium
  • Founded: 1425

KU Leuven is a Catholic research university in the city of Leuven, Belgium. KU Leuven offers a post-graduate program for students studying European and international law.

Students can specialize in either International and European Business Law or International and European Public Law, with compulsory and elective courses.

The program is taught by renowned academics and includes participation from the President of the Court of Justice, judges, Magic Circle law firms, international arbitrators, and European Commission officials.

KU Leuven’s Law Faculty prepares students for global challenges in the legal field, offering a fully taught English master’s degree program.

11. Utrecht University

  • Location: Utrecht, Utrecht Province, Netherlands
  • Founded: 26 March 1636

Utrecht University is a public research university in Utrecht, Netherlands. The Utrecht University School of Law conducts research in various legal fields, including private, criminal, constitutional, administrative, and international law.

It collaborates with foreign partners, particularly in European and comparative law, and offers commissioned research and consultancy.

The school’s educational program is based on academic research and trains students as internationally oriented lawyers. It offers English language master’s programs, international student exchange programs, and professional training programs.

12. University of Bristol

  • Location: Wills Memorial Building, Queens Road, Clifton, Avon, Bristol BS8 1RJ, United Kingdom
  • Founded: 1876

The University of Bristol is a research university in Bristol, England.

The Law School offers a diverse undergraduate program, LLMs, and senior-status MAs to cater to individual student’s strengths and ambitions.

Graduates demonstrate excellent legal, analytical, and reasoning skills, empowered to pursue top-flight careers. Supported by funders like the Economic and Social Research Council, Legal Services Commission, Arts and Humanities Research Council, and European Commission.

13. Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich

  • Location: Geschwister-Scholl-Platz 1, 80539 München, Germany.
  • Founded: 1472

The Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich is a public research university in Munich, Germany.

LMU Munich’s Law Faculty offers a broad legal education, covering private, public, and criminal law, as well as interdependencies with international law, European Union laws, and legal methodology.

The University also offers specializations in intellectual property, social law, labor law, and medical law. The Faculty’s large law library enables in-depth research in all areas of law, with highly renowned research conducted nationally and internationally.

14. Humboldt University of Berlin

  • Location: Bebelpl. 2, 10117 Berlin, Germany
  • Founded: October 1810

The Humboldt University of Berlin is a public research university in Berlin, Germany.

Humboldt University offers a law degree program that equips students with essential competencies for practicing legal professions, including scholarly work, critical thinking, and responsible action in a free, democratic, and social state.

It covers technical knowledge, case resolution, argumentation, and linguistic skills.

Successful completion of the Law degree program involves passing the First Law Examination, qualifying for professions in science, civil society, and the Second State Law Examination.

15. University of Vienna

  • Location: Universitätsring 1, 1010 Wien, Austria
  • Founded: 12 March 1365

The University of Vienna is a public research university located in Vienna, Austria.

The Vienna Law School, founded in 1365, is a pioneering European law school known for its innovative approach to legal studies.

The school addresses globalization, European integration, and new legal questions, and prioritizes European Union law and technology law, contributing significantly to national and international exchange of ideas.

FAQs on English-Taught Law Schools in Europe

What are the admission requirements for English-taught law programs in Europe?

English-taught law programs admission requirements in Europe vary, but common requirements include an application form, academic transcripts, letters of recommendation, motivation letter, and English language proficiency. Some require entrance examinations or interviews.

Are scholarships or financial aid options available for international students in English-taught law programs?

European law schools offer scholarships for international students, ranging from partial waivers to full tuition and living expenses. These scholarships can be merit-based, need-based, or based on academic achievements or leadership qualities.

Are English-taught law degrees from European universities recognized globally?

European law degrees are globally recognized due to their academic excellence and rigorous education.

Yes, Graduates from European law schools can pursue legal careers outside Europe, benefiting from international connections and collaborations.


In conclusion, English-taught law schools in Europe are attracting aspiring lawyers worldwide due to their academic excellence, multicultural environments, and diverse career opportunities.

The article highlights 15 exceptional European law schools offering English-taught programs, showcasing their commitment to providing high-quality legal education.

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