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You have come to the perfect site if you’re seeking for where to get Free Online Masters Degree Courses with Certificate

Even though it appears surreal, it is true. There are numerous online and free master’s programs available. Today’s education could be achieved with merely internet access thanks to digitalism.

Many students have experienced better lives as a result of receiving the right information at the right point in time. Some people had no idea that all they needed to study for a master’s degree was a computer and an internet connection.

I’ll lead you through 15 free master’s degree courses with certificates throughout the article.

What is a Masters Degree?

I’m aware that it appears overly simple, but in order to guide you through everything, I have to start at the very beginning.

After earning a bachelor’s degree, most people pursue master’s degrees. A qualification in a more narrowly focused field of the student’s career is given upon successfully completing a larger course. Simply said, it is more advanced than a bachelor’s degree and more specialized than the typical course.

Keep in mind that master’s degree coursework typically corresponds to the student’s chosen profession. A master’s degree typically improves a student’s knowledge of a subject and raises compensation for whatever employment they may secure.

How do I Obtain A Master’s Degree for Free?

The following options are available for free master’s degrees from on-site universities:

  • Finding the correct scholarship

This could result in a master’s degree being provided free of charge. Scholarships are accessible worldwide.

  • Remission of tuition

Some universities offer this benefit to students who are employed there. Having the ability to utilize the tuition waiver can result in a free master’s degree.

  • Tuition Reimbursement

Even while it can be challenging to find employment that offers this benefit, when one is, it could mean a free master’s degree. In this case, your employer typically handles all of your pay since you work for them.

  • Online universities

Online masters that are offered for free are available.

Only a phone or laptop will do, a strong internet connection, transcripts and scanned copies of the bachelor’s degree certificate, and a scan of your personal statement.

Find universities that provide master’s degrees for free next, then upload the necessary paperwork to each of them. Do not forget to frequently check your emails to avoid missing your admission.

What Good is an Online Masters Degree?

Because online learning seems so unrestricted, we could be concerned that it won’t be as valuable as classroom instruction but that is false.

A master’s degree earned online usually costs the same as one earned in college. A master’s degree earned online is typically valued differently depending on the university we attend.

Some colleges have developed a reputation for providing excellent instruction, so their master’s degree diplomas will be worth more. So definitely, master’s degrees earned online are respected. Their diplomas would be accepted anywhere they went.

But generally speaking, their usefulness is comparable to the onsite ones if they are well taught. Therefore, you should not be concerned because your credentials will still be valid and real.

The List of 15 Free Online Masters Degree Courses with Certificates.

The following is a list of accredited free online master’s degree courses with certificates:

15 Free Online Masters Degree Courses with Certificate

1. Master of Education program in Advanced Teaching

Institution: University of the People

In an endeavor to increase the number of teachers with outstanding qualifications worldwide, UofPeople and the International Baccalaureate (IB) established a tuition-free online M.Ed program.

The minimal number of credit-equivalent courses in this free online master’s degree program is 39. The graduate program also equips students with the skills necessary for successful careers as teachers.

2. Master of Business Administration

Institution: University of the People

A master’s degree in business provides instruction in both theory and practice in areas related to business and business management.

At the University of the People, online master’s programs are available at nearly no cost.

3. Masters Program in Supply Chain Management

Institution: Massachusetts Institute of Technology

The goal of SCM is to educate everyone for free while also enhancing the expertise of SCM specialists throughout the globe.

In addition to offering qualified students a rigorous credential at a cheap cost, this free online master’s degree program with certificates. An MIT semester’s worth of coursework would be represented by the five courses and final exam.

With the help of the MIT Supply Chain Management Blended (SCMb) program, students can earn a master’s degree while also earning an online MITx MicroMasters certification and spending one semester on campus.

The MIT SCMb program is ranked as the top supply chain masters program worldwide by QS and Eduniversal.

4. Master in Financial Engineering

Institution: WorldQuant University

By enrolling in these free online master’s degree courses with certificates, students get the abilities necessary to successfully convey ideas and concepts in an expert setting.

Candidates for careers in banking and financial management are graduates. The biggest and most integrated digital credentialing network in the world, Credly, will award students who complete the MSc in Financial Engineering program with a shareable, verifiable degree.

5. Masters in Computer Science

Institution: Georgia Institute of Technology

A partnership between Georgia Tech, Udacity, and AT&T resulted in the launch of an online master’s program in computer science in January 2014.

Over 250,000 applications have been submitted to the program since 2014, and over 9,000 students have been accepted.

Additionally, the bulk of Georgia Tech’s programs are free; however, certificates of completion do come at a little cost.

Georgia Tech furthermore offers MicroMasters credentials via edX, Coursera, and Udacity.

6. Master of Health Administration

Institution: IICSE University

The subject matter of the free online master’s degree programs with certificates focuses on the theories, practices, and methods of efficient health administration and healthcare operations, including capital asset management, healthcare consumerism, and human resource management.

Additionally, graduates are equipped to recognize and address complex organizational and assessment challenges in the health sector.

7. Master Of Music

Institution: Boston University

Education in music and courses that go within the bachelor of music are expanded upon in the master of music program.

By providing the master’s program, users can gain the expertise they require in the theoretical, technical, and applied areas of music.

We offer a variety of specialties within the master of music (MM) degree, including teaching, advanced musical performance, and involvement in the community.

Although it appears to be inexpensive, it is made very accessible to those that need to study.

8. Master of Science in Information Technology

Institution: University of the people

Students who earn a master’s degree in information technology at the advanced level are better able to collaborate with others and communicate technically. Only a student who is at least 18 years old and has a bachelor’s degree is eligible to enroll in the course.

The school promises to teach students how to develop solutions for complex computer problems, grasp industry best practices and standards, be aware of user wants and be able to deliver technological answers, and more.

In comparison to the typical costs associated with a master’s degree, the course is available for a nearly free tuition rate.

9. Master of Law in International Law

Institution: IICSE University

The law is a set of socially recognized regulations that is used to control behavior and is typically accompanied by consequences when broken.

A master’s degree in law focuses on the research of international public legislation. According to the doctrine, the home legal system is superior to the international one.

As a result, the school attempts to increase students’ understanding of the fundamental elements of international law, their evolution over the modern era, and their influence on global events.

10. Master of Science in Economics

Institution: IICSE University

Students who earn a master’s degree in economics are equipped with the skills they need to work in foreign governments, carry out economic research, and operate regular enterprises and organizations.

This institution makes this available and aspires to give students a thorough understanding of contemporary economics as well as instruction on how to undertake appropriate economic research.

11. Master of Arts in Sociology

Institution: IICSE University

Sociology masters students can understand social factors that shape their society with the aid of research techniques.

Students learn how to conduct research, manage projects, provide services, and analyze policies in the many industries they work in at IICSE University.

12. Master of Science in Nursing

Institution: IICSE University

Following completion of a master’s degree program in nursing, students are equipped to pursue careers as administrators, health policy specialists, and supervisors of clinical nurses.

The institution provides graduates of this program with training in understanding care and providing care while also teaching them how to determine the appropriate level of care for various persons within many settings.

13. Master of Science in Leadership

Institution: IICSE University

Leadership experts educate their pupils about their ability to affect change in their own lives as well as the lives of those around them.

The students at IICSE University receive training on how they can be effective change-makers.  It provides them with a simulation of the real world and demonstrates the practical strategies they would require to lead in the modern world.

14. Master of Art in Teaching

Institution: Columbia College

The master of arts in teaching degree provides students with more effective teaching approaches in order to ensure that students have a deeper understanding of the subject matter.

At Columbia University, students are taught how to actively learn, solve issues, converse politely, and investigate the present and the future.

The training prepares them to become better educators who provide the most knowledge possible to their students. All of this is highly cost-effective and suitable for students.

15. Master of Arts in Social Sciences

Institution: School of Business and Trade

The students at this institution will learn how to hone the fundamental management abilities necessary for running a successful firm.

The course is exclusively available in English, includes free online assessments, and awards certificates to students in PDF format once they have completed the course.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Free Online Masters Degree Courses with certificates

What is the required GPA for a masters degree in the USA?

A bachelor’s degree in the relevant field after three or four years of study, with a minimum 3.0 GPA, or 65 to 70 percent and higher. You need to provide proof that you can communicate in English, such as a GRE or IELTS score of 290 or above.

Can I enroll in the USA if my GPA is 2.5?

Although entrance at that level seems unlikely, a 2.5 GPA is a typical beginning GPA for numerous educational institutions, even some more selective ones. This GPA is equivalent to a C average.

Which American universities allow low GPAs?

Below are the top 3 graduate institutions with the lowest GPA requirements: California State University. Metropolitan College of New York. Western Washington University.

What GPA is required for a masters degree in the UK?

Candidates must have earned a 4-year Bachelor’s degree and a Master’s degree from an accredited institution with a cumulative grade point average (CGPA) of 3.75+/4.0 in order to be eligible for admission to a Master’s program, such as an MSc, MRes, MBA, etc.

What is a good GPA for a Masters in Canada?

To be qualified to obtain a Masters degree in Canada, most universities set a minimum GPA requirement of 3.0 out of 4.0. But many colleges are open to GPAs as low as 2.0.


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While some of the free online master’s degree programs with credentials are entirely cost-free, others could charge for the application process, exams, textbooks, certifications, and courses.

The bulk of the Free online master’s degree courses with certificates can be taken over the phone, while some may have requirements related to particular types of technology.

To avoid missing any classes, you’ll need a dependable high-speed web connection.

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