35 Free Online Diploma Courses with Certificates

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We’ve compiled a list of 35 free online diploma courses with certificates in this post. These include the key business abilities you’ll need to progress in today’s industry, which is evolving quickly.

These skills range from selling to digital marketing to dispute resolution and more. To become an authority in any field you believe will best serve your success, keep reading.

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What is a Diploma?

A diploma is a record that certifies a certain degree of education and work experience. In comparison to degrees, diplomas frequently give greater practical exposure, are simpler to get, and are more career-focused.

What is a Diploma Course?

A diploma course is a course of study that places an emphasis on practical experience while also giving students specialized knowledge and abilities in a particular sector. You may get specialized training in a wide range of industries, from technology to healthcare, engineering, business, and more, with diploma courses.

List of Free Online Diploma Courses With Certificates

Here is a full list of free online diploma courses with certificates that you can take:

35 Free Online Diploma Courses With Certificates

1. Diploma in Construction Management

Duration: 450 hours

You can improve your employment prospects without spending any money. These completely approved online construction courses give students a thorough introduction to the technical and organizational skills needed to succeed in this fast-paced industry.

Performing preliminary site investigations, organizing a construction site efficiently, managing construction supplies and equipment, storage management, quality control, and many other issues are among the major subjects addressed throughout the course.

2. Diploma in Customer Services

Duration: 450 hours

Through this unique online learning program, both novice and seasoned customer care representatives have the chance to study for authorized customer service certification for free.

The same top-notch resources that we use for our premium courses are the foundation of our free online customer service diploma program, which is accessible from anywhere in the globe at no cost.

This course covers a variety of subjects, including how to improve customer interactions, the value of knowing your target audience, developing and implementing a service excellence strategy, the necessity of efficient customer service training, and more.

3. Diploma in Event Management

Duration: 450 hours

In your spare time, earn a Level 5 Diploma in Event Management online to get started on a rewarding career.  Enjoy the ability to finish your event management diploma on your own schedule and from any location without being subject to deadlines or time constraints.

Some of the primary topics and knowledge domains covered include the many event types, a step-by-step analysis of the event planning process, emergency planning in event management, appraising events, and how to start an event planning company.

4. Diploma in Fashion Design

Duration: 450 hours

Without limits or time constraints, you can study fashion design for free online whenever you have free time.  This premium online training program covers a wide range of crucial subjects and subject areas over the course of seven engaging sessions.

The primary components and tenets of fashion design, as well as a brief overview of color theory for fashion designers, how to create fashion illustrations, methods for fostering creativity, and more, are addressed in the course.

5. Diploma in Hotel Management

Duration: 450 hours

This accredited certificate program in hotel management is perfect for both novices and seasoned workers from various backgrounds.

To acquire the information and skills necessary to run a successful hospitality business, learn the concepts of effective hotel management.

A wide number of topics are covered in this course, including managing the food and beverage department, employing and selecting workers, marketing and publicizing hospitality, and conflict resolution.

6. Diploma in Conflict Management

Duration: 450 hours

Through a series of organized courses, this advanced conflict management course explores the practice of diplomatic dispute resolution in the workplace.

Strategies for controlling anger, understanding body language, conflict resolution communication techniques, how to cope with challenging people, the advantages of workplace conflicts, and other subjects are covered.

7. Diploma in Anger Management

Duration: 450 hours

Without any required education or work experience, anyone of all ages can enroll in this advanced diploma program in anger management.

Over the course of eight sessions, a variety of subjects and knowledge domains will be covered, including a look at the causes and effects of anger, the effects of anger at work, strategies for more effective anger management, communication skills in anger management, an overview of the anger process, and more.

8. Diploma in Human Resource Management

Duration: 450 hours

With this free Human Resources Management Diploma, you may accelerate your climb to the top of the HR leadership ladder.

The subjects and subject areas addressed in this level of HR diploma include conducting efficient performance evaluations, evaluating employee performance, recruitment and selection tactics, attendance control, workplace health and safety, and grievance resolution.

9. Diploma in Project Management

Duration: 450 hours

Utilize our special online training course to learn project management for nothing in your leisure time.  This self-paced course, which has seven modules and online exams, is appropriate for both novice and seasoned project management professionals.

Along with a thorough explanation of the project life cycle, topics including project risk management, project quality management, project cost management, and project scope management are covered.

10. Diploma in Public Relations

Duration: 450 hours

You can study public relations for free online from any location, at a time and pace that works for your schedule. 10 self-paced courses with online tests make up this advanced level 5 free course in public relations. Public relations management and organization, the creation of PR materials, an introduction to corporate PR, the importance of forging solid media relationships, crisis management in PR, and other themes and knowledge domains are covered.

Learn how to efficiently manage the public relations needs of your own company or pursue a high-profile job in executive PR.

11. Diploma in Risk Management

Duration: 450 hours

Without any prior knowledge or experience, develop the knowledge, abilities, and self-assurance required to earn a risk management certification online for free.

Risk analysis and assessment, a look at the risk identification process, developing and implementing a risk management plan, assessing the effectiveness of a risk management framework, and other topics are among the knowledge domains and subjects covered.

12. Diploma in Accounting and Finance

Duration: 450 hours

Increasing your chances of earning the necessary professional accounting certifications by studying from home at a time and pace that work for you can help you achieve your goals.

Over the course of seven self-paced sessions, this specialist online course covers a wide range of core topics, such as profit and loss accounts, how to make a balance sheet, cash flow statements, working capital management, and the basics of bookkeeping.

13. Diploma in Facilities Management

Duration: 450 hours

This free facilities management course is strongly advised whether you’re trying to acquire your first FM position or want to advance at your present one.

This flexible online training course is delivered over the course of nine sessions and covers topics such as operations and maintenance, effective team management, motivating employees, facility security management, facility emergency preparedness, vendor management, and a study of sustainability.

14. Diploma in Leadership & Management

Duration: 450 hours

Develop the knowledge, abilities, and self-assurance required to master the art of management leadership while working on your own schedule and at your own speed.

Both newcomers and seasoned leaders can benefit from our free leadership and management courses, which include topics including managing employee performance, time management, interpersonal skills, and an introduction to risk management.

15. Diploma in Personal Development

Duration: 450 hours

For anybody trying to improve their personal and professional lives, maximize their potential, and excel in their chosen field, personal development is crucial. Self-awareness, emotional intelligence, goal-setting, time management, communication skills, and other issues are covered in this fascinating course on personality development.

16. Diploma in Teaching Assistant

Duration: 450 hours

With the help of this free, exclusive training for teaching assistants, you can improve your professional profile and advance your job possibilities.

The roles and responsibilities of teaching assistants, effective classroom behavior, aiding students with special educational needs, and other issues are among the major knowledge domains covered.  Without deadlines or time constraints, you can study on your own schedule and from any location.

17. Diploma in Diet and Nutrition

Duration: 450 hours

This advanced course, which consists of nine in-depth modules and online exams, looks at a variety of topics, including the fundamentals of nutrition and nutritional balance, the fundamentals of healthy eating, the origins and effects of eating disorders, how nutrition supports the immune system, and more.

This free online course could assist you in taking the next significant step, regardless of whether your goal is to advance professionally at work or establish yourself as a solo nutritionist.

18. Diploma in Food Hygiene

Duration: 450 hours

This advanced food hygiene course is ideal for anyone interested in a career in the food service sector and could help you reach your full potential.  This approved food and hygiene course can be taken from any place, and we supply all instructional materials as standard. Prior knowledge or expertise is not required.

This exclusive training for food safety supervisors covers a wide range of crucial subjects and subject areas through a series of adaptable online modules.

Examples include avoiding food poisoning, understanding the fundamentals of good food hygiene, following best practices for food labeling and packaging, taking a look at pest control, understanding the role of microbiology in food safety, transporting food, and more.

19. Diploma in Cyber Security

Duration: 450 hours

These are only a few of the key topics and skill sets addressed in this advanced degree in cyber security, along with applying cyber security tools and techniques and looking at cybersecurity plans for minimizing risk. A Level 5 Cyber Security Diploma will improve your resume and job prospects.

20. Diploma in Data Analysis

Duration: 450 hours

An authorized diploma in data analytics can be the answer if you’re thinking about changing careers or accelerating your ascent up the leadership ladder.

Create new work prospects, gain an advantage over competing applicants, and develop the self-assurance you need to accomplish your most ambitious professional objectives.

This course covers a wide range of topics, including business process management, change management, strategic planning, environment analysis, gap analysis, and many others.

21. Diploma in Digital Marketing

Duration: 450 hours

The same top-notch instructional resources from our paid courses are included in this exclusive free course on digital marketing.  While improving your resume with a free digital marketing certification from the comfort of your home, take advantage of the flexibility of learning at your own pace and time.

This online course for a degree in digital marketing covers topics like creating social media marketing plans, using Google Ads, effective SEO concepts, promoting a business on social media, and other related things.

22. Diploma in Interior Design

Duration: 450 hours

Looking for a convenient, in-your-free-time interior design course? Is there a free online course that covers the fundamentals of interior design and doesn’t require any previous training or work experience?

For interior designers who want to advance their knowledge and skills, both newbies and seasoned professionals can benefit from this accredited distance learning program.

The different stages of interior design projects, a survey of the field, the most crucial room components, and how to establish your own interior design firm are among the major subjects discussed.

23. Diploma in Life Coaching

Duration: 450 hours

You’re looking for a free, convenient life coaching course that you can take during your free time.  Obtaining a life coaching credential could help you advance your career without spending a dime.

This specialized distance learning program covers the foundations of life coaching for beginners and is jam-packed with crucial insights.  Learn how to use life coaching tools, study a breakdown of the process, hone your communication skills for success, and more.

24. Diploma in Communication

Duration: 450 hours

Your professional progress could be aided by studying communication skills in a variety of ways.

With the confidence you need to reach your potential, this approved Diploma in Communication Skills will equip you to build relationships, deal with social situations, and work well in a team. You can develop your ability to resolve conflicts, gain better conflict-resolution skills, and better comprehend the difficulties of interpersonal relations by studying communication.

Presentation tactics, business writing abilities, bargaining strategies, body language, persuasion and influence in communication, and other subjects are discussed.

25. Diploma in E-Commerce

Duration: 450 hours

You will be equipped with the abilities and information necessary to create, develop, and oversee successful e-commerce websites thanks to our free Diploma in E-Commerce.

Topics including website UX design, search engine optimization, customer relationship management, payment processing, and more are covered in our most advanced e-commerce diploma course.

After earning your e-commerce diploma, you’ll know more about how to identify your target market, create winning marketing plans, and manage a successful online store.

This advanced diploma in e-commerce covers topics including processing and managing transactions, the basics of successful e-commerce, and more.

It also addresses software solutions for e-commerce enterprises.

26. Diploma in Forensic Accounting

Duration: 450 hours

Learn about fraud prevention and detection while exploring the fascinating field of forensic accounting. Our free forensic accountancy courses are available to be taken from anywhere in the world, and all study aids and instructional materials are supplied as standard.

This Level 5 Diploma covers a wide range of subjects and subject areas, such as how to recognize fraudsters’ tactics, fraud prevention strategies, how to gather and preserve evidence, how to conduct fraud investigations, and more.

27. Diploma in Security Management

Duration: 450 hours

This accredited Diploma in Security Management could change your long-term job chances and is appropriate for beginners and experienced individuals from all backgrounds.

This advanced diploma in security management is intended to give students the information and abilities they need to comprehend and apply security measures for organizations, safeguarding their personnel, facilities, and property against harmful activities.

Additionally, it gives a general review of the moral and legal concerns related to data security and discusses ways that organizations might safeguard themselves against potential liabilities.

The use of security management equipment and technology, physical patrol techniques, crisis management strategies for various situations, security system integration, the advantages of good emergency preparedness, and other subjects are all covered.

28. Diploma in Child Care

Duration: 450 hours

Gain the abilities and information required to make a safe and secure atmosphere for youngsters while gaining the self-assurance required to watch over and assist children of different ages.

This prestigious Diploma in Childcare is highly recommended whether you begin from scratch or looking to expand your current knowledge of child care.

Develop the information and abilities required to encourage children during their early years of education, learn how to provide a secure and caring environment for children, research the critical phases of child development, and more. Ideal for all types of workers and parents.

29. Diploma in Business Management

Duration: 450 hours

Improve your CV and employment prospects with a free online business management diploma that is available to both new and seasoned applicants.

Strategic planning, creating and maintaining effective teams, managing organizational change, employee performance management, human resource management, negotiation techniques for business owners, and many other topics are covered.

No additional materials or equipment are required; all learning resources are provided as usual.

30. Diploma in Entrepreneurship

Duration: 450 hours

You can apply the ideas you learn in this adaptable home study course to your own business through a range of exercises and interactive learning activities.

This authorized entrepreneurial management course is offered 100% free of charge on a global basis and requires no prior knowledge or expertise to participate.

Develop the expertise and self-assurance necessary for starting and expanding your own company, and give yourself the skills and resources to make your business idea a reality.

Study the fundamentals of successful sales and marketing, the traits of profitable entrepreneurs, financial planning and budgeting, an examination of business process management, how to use a range of small business management tools, starting a new business from scratch, and more.

31. Diploma in Creative Writing

Duration: 450 hours

Everybody from any background is welcome to enroll in this comprehensive writing skills program.  This free online training course is highly recommended for anyone wishing to advance their business writing abilities or simply to add more originality and innovation to their writing.

This advanced writing skills diploma introduces the basics of effective writing, covering subjects like the fundamentals of good business writing, the value of critical thinking, how to develop better research skills, creativity, and innovation in writing, crucial writing technicalities, how to appeal to and engage online audiences, and more.

32. Diploma in Crisis Management

Duration: 450 hours

Businesses and organizations need to be ready to handle crises in today’s world, which is becoming more unpredictable. The capacity to manage and get through such events is crucial, whether it involves a natural disaster, a cyber-attack, or a crisis of reputation.

You’ll get the skills and confidence you need to manage crises by taking this online course on crowd and crisis management. Additionally, you’ll learn how to leverage the resources and skills required to effectively handle a crisis from beginning to end while minimizing any bad effects on your company or organization.

Risk management, emergency planning, executing crisis audits, security management, emergency operations centers, development of the response process, and other topics are discussed.

33. Diploma in Wedding Planning

Duration: 450 hours

Develop the abilities and skills necessary to plan a wedding from beginning to end, including scheduling, budgeting, and managing vendors, among other things. Discover the numerous elements of a good wedding as well as the various planning variables.

You can pursue an important position with a reputable employer or build the marketing and business skills necessary to manage your own agency by studying wedding planning.

The topics covered In this course include different forms of wedding ceremonies, wedding budgeting, and financing, how to offer wedding consultations, the value of a comprehensive wedding planning checklist, the basics of running a wedding planning business, and more.

34. Diploma in Marketing

Duration: 10 hours

This advanced diploma in marketing analyzes a wide range of subjects and subject areas.

Markets and market segmentation, an examination of marketing environments, methods for influencing consumer behavior, a summary of the market research process, how to create a marketing plan, a breakdown of the promotion mix, and other topics are some examples.

Gain the expertise, self-assurance, and knowledge you need to pursue a fulfilling career in the area while having the flexibility to study at your own speed and on your own schedule.

35. Diploma in Journalism

Duration: 15 hours

This course aims to equip students with the abilities and information required to efficiently gather, report, and disseminate news and information to a large audience.

Additionally, it imparts knowledge of media principles, legal concerns, and the function of the media in a democratic society while fostering the development of research, writing, and critical thinking skills that are useful in a range of professions.

Researching and capturing information, writing for the news, the principles of successful editing, an examination of online journalism, an introduction to watchdog journalism, and other topics and knowledge areas are covered.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Free Online Diploma Courses With Certificates

Where can I find certificates for courses that are free?

Coursera, Udemy, edX, Udacity.

Can I use certifications I get online?

Yes, indeed. But how much that certificate is worth will determine this. Additionally, performance is more important to employers than academic credentials in most cases. But obtaining the proper credentials is the first step in getting accepted into a company.

How do you refer to a free online course?

Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs)

What subject is the most difficult to learn online?

Many students concur that math and science courses are challenging to study online, despite spending a large portion of the first semester learning remotely.

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The free online diploma courses with certificates are designed to be as flexible and widely accessible as feasible. Boost your knowledge base, investigate a new field, or start along the path to a rewarding new profession.

Free online courses are available to anyone, regardless of their age, region, or educational experience.

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