10 Best Free Data Analytics Certifications for 2023

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In this article, you will learn about the best free Data analytics certifications you could obtain, If you’re interested, read on to learn more.

Data analysts are in high demand from Fortune 500 firms as the field of data analytics is expanding quickly. The acquisition of a certificate will help you stand out as a data analyst.

Wikipedia defines Data analysis as a process of inspecting, cleansing, transforming, and modeling data with the goal of discovering useful information, informing conclusions, and supporting decision-making. In this article, we’ve highlighted the 10 best free data analytics certifications for 2023.

Why Obtain a Data Analytics Certification?

To stand out and demonstrate your skills to potential employers, you must obtain a data analytics certification. It confirms your expertise, keeps you abreast of developments, broadens your employment options, raises your earning potential, and builds credibility. It is a symbol of credibility that verifies your technical expertise.

A data analytics certification can make you stand out from your colleagues, keep you informed on the newest market trends, and help you progress professionally. It may also serve to acknowledge commitment to the field and hard work.

Prerequisites for Data Analytics Certifications

Data analytics is a complicated topic that calls for both technical and analytical abilities. Candidates must satisfy specific requirements in order to be eligible for a data analytics certification. These include prior programming language experience, a working grasp of statistics, a working knowledge of data visualization tools, a working knowledge of data cleaning and preparation methods, and solid critical thinking and problem-solving abilities. The purpose of these requirements is to make sure that applicants possess the abilities and information required to be successful in the certification program.

List 10 Best Free Data Analytics Certification

Below is a list of the best free data analytics certifications:

  • Online Data Science Courses (Harvard University)
  • Introduction to Data Analytics, offered by IBM (Coursera)
  • Free data science and data analytics courses (Udemy)
  • Google Analytics for Beginners (Google Analytics Academy)
  • Data Science Courses (Alison)
  • Data Science for Everyone (Datacamp)
  • Data Analysis and Visualization (Udacity)
  • Data Analytics Short Course (CareerFoundry)
  • Learn to Code for Data Analysis (OpenLearn)
  • Introductory Data Science Courses (Dataquest).

10 Best Free Data Analytics Certification

1. Online Data Science Courses (Harvard University)

Harvard University offers a range of data analytics courses for free on EdX, an online learning platform that provides learners with a strong understanding of fundamental data analytics concepts and techniques.

The courses cover topics such as data wrangling, linear regression, machine learning, and data visualization. They are self-paced and taught by leading Harvard professors and industry experts.

However, the courses require a considerable time investment, with some taking up to several weeks to complete. With high-quality instruction, practical hands-on experience, and a recognized certification upon completion, they offer a great option for those interested in expanding their data analytics skills and gaining a competitive edge in the job market.

2. Introduction to Data Analytics, offered by IBM (Coursera)

Coursera is a leading online learning platform offering thousands of courses on a wide range of topics, including data analytics. The Introduction to Data Analytics course offered by IBM on Coursera is designed to provide learners with a foundational understanding of data analytics and Python.

It is self-paced and taught by IBM experts, and features real-world case studies and datasets to help learners gain practical experience. With its free trial period, learners can assess the course’s quality and value before making a financial commitment.

3. Free Data Science And Data Analytics Courses (Udemy)

Udemy is an online learning platform that offers thousands of courses on a range of topics, including data science and data analytics. These courses are taught by experts in the field and are short and concise, with some only taking a couple of hours to complete.

The platform provides a rating and review system to help learners evaluate the course’s quality and suitability before enrolling. However some courses in Udemy are free while some are not, but you can filter out the paid ones. Udemy’s free data science and data analytics courses are an excellent option for learners who want to upskill without spending money.

4. Google Analytics for Beginners (Google Analytics Academy)

Google Analytics Academy is an online learning platform that offers free courses on Google Analytics, a web analytics service offered by Google.

The self-paced Google Analytics for Beginners course includes of video tutorials, tests, and hands-on activities. Google Analytics Academy provides a valuable resource for learners who want to upskill in digital analytics and improve their digital marketing strategies.

5. Data Science Courses (Alison)

Alison is an e-learning website that offers a range of diploma courses and certifications in data science and related topics.

The courses are designed to provide learners with the knowledge and skills needed to work in various fields of data science, from beginners to advanced users. The courses are self-paced and available for free, but can also be purchased for a certificate.

Alison’s data science courses provide a valuable resource for learners who want to upskill in data science and related topics.

6. Data Science for Everyone (Datacamp)

Datacamp is an online platform offering several courses taught by experts in data science and analytics. Data Science for Everyone is an online course from DataCamp that provides a comprehensive introduction to data science, with interactive exercises and interactive exercises to help beginners gain a better understanding.

It covers topics such as Python, SQL, data visualization, and machine learning.

7. Data Analysis and Visualization (Udacity)

Data Analysis and Visualization is a free course for learning data analysis and visualization. It requires some prior understanding of math and statistics and has 13 lessons with Guy Lebanon as the instructor. The course covers R Programming basics, Linear Regression and Logistic Regression, and Regularization. Quizzes and exercises are included.

8. Data Analytics Short Course (CareerFoundry)

CareerFoundy’s free data analytics certification short course provides a general overview of data analytics and prepares you to go deeper into the subject.

It covers everything from roles to tools and abilities, with no hidden expenses.

If you enjoy the course, CareerFoundry also offers a paid program to take you from beginner to job-ready data analyst, all backed by the CareerFoundry Job Guarantee.

9. Learn to Code for Data Analysis (OpenLearn)

Learn to Code for Data Analysis is an eight-week course offered by the OpenLearn platform.

It provides students with a comprehensive understanding of programming and data analytics, as well as the ability to develop basic analytical algorithms.

The course includes lectures, readings, interactive activities, and exercises to put what they’ve learned into practice. Upon completion, students will receive a free certificate of completion. The course is ideal for anyone looking to learn new skills without breaking the bank.

10. Introductory Data Science Courses (Dataquest)

Dataquest is an online learning platform that provides hands-on data science courses to help learners acquire practical skills in data science.

It has a monthly subscription model, but some of its content is free. Courses are organized by career and skill path, programming language, and practice problems.

Subscriptions provide access to additional resources, quizzes, live help, and personalized feedback.

FAQs on Best Free Data Analytics Certifications

What is a data analytics certification?

A data analytics certification verifies skills and knowledge in data analytics through a training program and exam. It indicates that an individual has passed an examination and met industry standards.

Why get a data analytics certification?

Certification in data analytics can improve job prospects, increase earning potential, demonstrate commitment, and provide a structured way to learn new skills and stay up to date with industry trends. Different certifications have different requirements, costs, and benefits.

Are there free data analytics certifications available?

Yes, Free data analytics certifications are available, but the best courses are premium and require payment.

What is the importance of data Analytics?

Analytics is important for businesses and organizations because it helps them gain insight into the large amount of data they collect and analyze it to generate numerical data and patterns that can lead to profitable improvement.

It also helps businesses optimize operations, improve efficiency, increase productivity, and make evidence-based decisions, leading to growth in organizational function and profits.


In Conclusion, Data analytics is becoming increasingly important in today’s world, with the demand for data analysts and scientists on the rise. Free data analytics certifications and courses are available online, allowing individuals to upskill and gain valuable knowledge.

Pursuing a free data analytics certification is a great way to boost knowledge and skills in the field, and potentially open up new job opportunities.

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