30 Best Online Psychology Courses That Are Accredited

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The 30 best online psychology courses that are accredited are programs with a high-quality education. They give out degrees or certificates that are recognized by employers and licensing boards. It is an excellent option for anyone interested in pursuing a career in psychology or learning more about mankind’s behavior and thinking.

In this article, we will be talking about accredited psychology courses with high reputation and engagement.  They are very helpful and adventures 

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The study of psychology focuses on the inner workings of the human mind and behavior. There are currently a large number of recognized online psychology courses that provide flexible and easy options to study this interesting topic, thanks to the growth of online learning.

Benefits of Online Psychology Education

Flexibility: You may study at your speed and according to your schedule while taking online psychology courses, which makes it simpler to juggle your education with other responsibilities like a job.

Cost-effectiveness: Online psychology programs frequently cost less than conventional on-campus ones, and many of them provide financial assistance and scholarships to offset the expenses.

Accessibility: People in distant or underserved locations may now more easily attend higher education thanks to the availability of online psychology courses from any place with an internet connection.

30 Best Online Psychology Courses That Are Accredited

The following is the list of the 30 best online psychology courses that are accredited:

Best Online Psychology Courses That Are Accredited

1. Introduction to Psychology Online Course.

Accredited By: The Higher Learning Commission (HLC).

Introduction to Psychology is a survey of the scientific study of behavior and mental processes, with consideration of psychology as a science and a profession.

It provides you with an intensive overview of the field of psychology and the breadth of topics that comprise the field of psychology.

An overview of psychology, human behavior, and mental capacity, is a major aspect of the course lessons. It is the best online psychology course that is accredited.

The University of Dakota and Yale University offer this online psychology Course. It is a great opportunity. The course teaches the basis of psychology, thereby, making it a prerequisite to other courses related to the field.

2. Online Bachelor of Science in Psychology -addiction

Accredited By: Higher Learning Commission (HLC).

It is a four-year program that trains students for general careers in education, research, counseling, and human resources.

It is a real adventure and knowledgeable course to study and one of the 30 best online psychology courses that are accredited with many theories to unfold.

The program is also accredited by NASAC at Purdue.

3. Bachelor of Arts in Psychology Online

Accredited By: Higher Learning Commission (HLC).

The Bachelor of Arts in Psychology program is an exciting exploration of the broad field of social science and psychology, supported by a special research sequence to assist you in narrowing your interests and gaining practical experience in the area.

It is one of the 15 best online psychology courses that are accredited which equips students with in-depth knowledge as well as a foundation for a career in any area of psychology, whether they choose to pursue it initially or later.

The Loyola University of Louisiana is rated as the second-best college in Louisiana for studying psychology and offers excellent, highly adaptable online psychology courses leading to degrees.

4. History and Systems in Psychology

Accredited By: Higher Learning Commission (HLC).

A survey of psychology’s development and philosophical underpinnings is provided in this course. We get to investigate where contemporary psychological theory and practice first emerged.

Students are lectured on the history and contemporary applications of psychology in the course. This online course is made available by the University of Phoenix.

Only five weeks are spent in this three-credit course. In the five weeks of instruction, students taking this course will learn structuralism, functionality, the history of psychology, psychoanalysis and contemporary developments, Gestalt, and cognitive psychology.

5. Statistics Method in Psychology

Accredited By: Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC).

Statistical theory and methods for modeling psychological data are developed and applied in statistical methods for psychology. Students in this program learn how to analyze psychological research projects using statistics.

The course and a five-month independent, self-paced online psychology course are both offered by the University of Texas at Austin.

6. Bachelor of Science in Psychology

Accredited By: Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACS).

Bachelor of Science in Psychology, being one of the 30 best online psychology courses that are accredited aims to understand the way a human thinks, acts, and interacts daily.

Students acquire a wealth of background information in this area and develop an understanding of the nature of human instinct.

7. Online Master in Educational Psychology

Accredited By: Higher Learning Commission (HLC).

Students that wish to use psychological concepts to improve learning and instruction can pursue a Master in Educational Psychology program.

It is a one-year online program in educational psychology

This course will be useful to you if you want to work in the educational field. The best ways to learn and retain information will be made clear to students as they study psychological science to support learning.

8. Online M.S Business Psychology

Accredited By: Higher Learning Commission (HLC).

This M.S Business Psychology is a program that is available at Franklin University and it is one of the 30 best online psychology courses that are accredited which teaches you how to comprehend and affect the behavior of customers.

Try this online psychology course if you’re a business-minded person. You will always have an advantage in the job market if you understand business psychology.

9. Online Master in Industrial and Organizational Psychology

Accredited By: WASC Senior College and University Commission (WSCUC).

The Master of Industrial and Organizational Psychology program offers both a recognized certificate in industrial and organizational psychology and knowledge on how to succeed in the workforce.

Your degree will prepare you to help businesses find, keep, and develop the best employees. You need one year of commitment to be exceedingly great in this field.

10. Online Health Psychology MSc

Accredited By: EQUIS, AACSB, and AMBA

A health psychology MSc course examines the psychological procedures necessary to maintain health, the pathological reactions to stress and illness, and the promotion of well-being in those who are physically ill.

It is one of the 15 best online psychology courses that are accredited for students with an interest in the health profession to engage.

The course is also provided by the renowned University of Liverpool. A master’s in online health psychology from the University of Liverpool can be earned in three years.

11. Online A-Level Psychology

Accredited By: Further the Education and Training Awards Council (FETAC).

A-Level Psychology is an online psychology course that was created to give students a broad overview of the field and character of psychology as a science.

They provide in-depth knowledge on the workings of the brain, the causes of phobias, depression, and other human behaviors, as well as how the human mind operates.

Students who complete this program receive an AQA A-Level Psychology diploma after two years.

12. Online Criminal Psychology and Psychological Profiling QLS Level 3

Accredited By: Further the Education and Training Awards Council (FETAC).

Online Criminal Psychology and Psychological Profiling QLS Level 3 is a course that looks at theories of criminal behavior and how social and biological factors can affect the urge to commit crimes.

This online course has a two-year duration. A Certificate of Achievement in Criminal Psychology at Level 3 will also be awarded.

13. Online Psychology MSc

Accredited By: AACSB, AMBA, and EQUIS

An online MSc in psychology program will teach you about biological, developmental, cognitive, and social psychology. Most people who wish to switch from another subject to psychology do so.

A psychology master’s degree program, being one of the 30 best online psychology courses that are accredited is made available online through the University of Liverpool. It imparts knowledge of social, mental, and emotional behavior in people.

14. Online BSc Psychology Program

Accredited By: Further the Education and Training Awards Council (FETAC).

The BSc psychology program is a course that examines how human minds work. You will become a licensed psychologist with Open Study College accreditation after completing this course in 3 to 9 years of study. You’ll receive a certificate that has been approved by the British Psychological Society. (BPS).

15. Online Psychology Studies

Accredited By: Further the Education and Training Awards Council (FETAC) and Accredited Counsellors, Coaches, Psychotherapists and Hypnotherapists (ACCPH).

Online Psychological Studies is one of the 30 best online psychology courses that are accredited. It is a four-year online course that gives trained personnel four Certificates of Achievement from a Learner Unit Summary and the Quality License Scheme after the program ends.

16. Master of Science in Experimental Psychology

Accredited By: The University of West Alabama

The online master’s in experimental psychology is a degree that aims to give a foundation in psychology-based statistics and research to students.

It is a course that requires two years of study. Critical thinking and research skills are essential for this course and they can be developed during the study process.

17. Online BA in Applied Psychology

Accredited By: Loyola University Chicago

Online BA in Applied Psychology is an online degree that educates students on the principles of business, personality psychology, industrial psychology, and social psychology. They is a high potentiality of being successful in leadership career and management, career development, training, worker productivity, coaching, and human services after studying this course. 

18. Master of Arts Psychology Online

Accredited by: Adler University

Students are given the opportunity to study an online M.A. in psychology at Adler University from any location. The course help enlighten you about a range of socially conscious employment in public and nonprofit institutions.

19. Master’s in General Psychology Online

Accredited By: Roosevelt University

Roosevelt University has accredited a fully online master’s in general psychology for individuals that specialize in areas like counseling and social work and who desire to broaden their knowledge. If you want to acquire Ph.D. studies, it will be beneficial to enroll in this one-year online program.

20. Online MA Media Psychology

Accredited By: Fielding Graduate University

Fielding Graduate University offers an online masters in media psychology. It is a two years online program for any individual that meets up to the necessary requirement.

The course explains how human characters and response are being influence by the media.

21. Master of Science in Counseling Psychology Online

Accredited By: California Baptist University

The online counseling psychology master’s degree is a program that is suitable for students who plan to become either family therapy or professional clinical counseling.

It is a course that can be pursued in the California Baptist University.

22. Master of Arts in Forensic Psychology Online

Accredited By: University of North Dakota

The University of North Dakota has set up an accessible part-time online master’s program in forensic psychology. The course material incorporates both law and psychology.

23. Educational Psychology Master of Arts: Teaching Applications Emphasis

Accredited By: University of Northern Colorado

The target audience for this program is instructors. It focuses on going through the different types of student motivation and discovering strategies to increase students’ self-assurance and desire to study. You may create connections that are significant.

24. Hybrid Master of Arts in Educational Psychology

Accredited By: Marist College

This is an online psychological degree that was accredited by Marist College.
Students with their first teaching certification who desire to continue their professional teaching certification have a fantastic option in the hybrid master of arts in educational psychology.

25. MS in Applied Behavior Analysis & Autism

Accredited By: NYSED

Russell Sage College offers an online psychology degree program called the MS in Applied Behavior Analysis and Autism.

It is a learning program for people with various interests worldwide. It has been authorized by NYSED as a behavior analyst license preparation course in New York.

26. Master of Science in Human Factors

Accredited By: University of Idaho

Master of Science in Human Factors is an online psychological program that examines why individuals respond in certain ways.

It is a course with a strong research component that aims to combine classic psychological concepts with cutting-edge engineering ideas.

27. Master of Education in Clinical Mental Health Counseling Online

Accredited By: SACS

Master of Education in Clinical Mental Health Counseling Online is a course that offer students the knowledge about how to foster resilience, prevention, and mental wellbeing in both people and communities. It is an online program that is accredited by SACS given students the opportunity to become Licensed Professional Counselors.

28. Master of Liberal Arts, Psychology

Accredited By: Harvard University

online Master of Liberal Arts degree in psychology is a branch of psychology that aims to comprehend how people behave.

Student working in the field of mental health and allied professions have a lot of benefit from studying this course.

29. Online Master of Science Program in Educational Psychology and Research

Accredited By: The University of Memphis

An online psychology degree that gives privilege to students looking to increase their current employment options is the online master of science in educational psychology and research. Students’ diverse origins provide the curriculum more depth and diversity.

30. Master of Science in Applied Behavior Analysis

Accredited By: Western Connecticut State University

The online Master of Science in Applied Behavior Analysis program equips students with the abilities and information required to become Board Certified Behavior Analysts.

It prepares an individual on how to do applied behavior analysis on the field.

FAQ on the Best Online Psychology Courses that are Accredited.

It is okay to study psychology courses online?

Yes, taking psychology classes online is acceptable. Numerous universities and educational institutions offer psychology courses online, and these courses are just as rigorous and valid as those taken in a traditional classroom setting.

What are the requirements for an online psychology course?

The requirements for an online psychology course are dependent on the psychology programs you want to study. However, the basic requirement for any online psychology course would be: A Good internet connection Time management Completion of coursework and assignment A good computer or mobile device Communication Course material

Can I get a master's degree from an online psychology course?

Yes, you can get a master's degree in psychology through an online program which is usually recognized by the American Psychological Association (APA) or the Council for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Programs (CACREP).



The 15 best online psychology courses that are accredited offer a flexible and cost-effective method to study this interesting subject and offer a variety of courses that cover a wide range of psychological topics. You may increase your knowledge and learn more by enrolling in an online course.

It’s also crucial to keep in mind that accreditation may differ based on the individual program or concentration within a certain institution, so it’s always a good idea to do your homework and make sure the program you’re interested in is approved by a reliable certifying organization.

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