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In this exclusive research article at Start Skool, we’ve brought you the best study abroad Companies for students all over the world who wants to study abroad.

Let’s get to it with this piece of information shared by another student like you.

I’ve always had this dream of furthering my master’s program abroad. This is prior to the instability in the educational system in my country. The issues that arise on a daily basis such as strike, insecurity, etc which has made studying in my country somewhat difficult.

After my university education, I knew it was time to actualize my dreams but I had a major challenge. I had no idea on how to source out schools that would offer me admission and my preferred course. I had no idea of the suitable country to go for and their mode of operation. I didn’t even know what agencies to look upon the internet that offers these study abroad services. This became a major source of concern to me…

Have you ever been in this kind of situation where you desire to study abroad but have no idea how to go about it? I’m gladly here to tell you that the search is over. Reading this blog post would help you learn about fifteen(15) best study abroad companies ready to help you process your recruitment in any foreign university of your choice.

Let’s go on.. shall we!


What Are Study Abroad Companies?

Study abroad companies are companies established to ensure that the demands of students and International services are met.

These companies provide marketing, advertisement, application, and recruitment services for education seekers internationally.

Study abroad companies also help in ensuring that efforts put in the application process and visa guidance doesn’t seem futile and abortive.

Study abroad companies is located and established across different parts of the world.

Benefits Of Study Abroad Companies

Study abroad companies are very beneficial to international education seekers. These benefits include:

1). Study abroad companies help you to save time and hurdles.

2). They offer consulting services to aspirants who are confused about studying abroad.

3). They also offer counseling services for intending students on how to choose their preferred course and the suitable country for the course.

4). They offer visa interview training and cheap flight tickets.

5). They help students register for different English tests such as TOEFL, IELTS, etc, and assist them to prepare for these tests for an excellent and acceptable result.

15 Best Study Abroad Companies

There are so many companies that offer study abroad opportunities. Below are the top fifteen(15) study abroad companies.

1.  Mainbrain International Global Education

If you’re planning towards foreign admissions, Mainbrain International Global Education is the perfect company to consult. With them, you’re sure of all the assistance needed from registration to travel services to admission processing.

2.  Imperial Educational Services

The imperial educational system is another trustworthy consulting company that helps you secure your admission into various foreign universities in countries like Ghana Canada, Cyprus, and United States. It was initially commissioned in the year 2011 to help students seeking foreign admissions.

3.  Student Travel International

Student travel international is a company that was birthed from the Student Travel Centre. This company delivers with excellence and expertise. They partner with a host of foreign universities in countries like Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Malaysia, South Africa, the United States, and Dubai. Want more inquiry? You could look them up.

4.  Lekkside Educational Consultants

This consultant is counted among successful study abroad agencies in Nigeria. They offer different services such as recruitment and guidance to prospective international students towards their desired and appropriate educational opportunities.

5.  Preparation For Life (Pfl)

PFL is one of the UK-owned and managed student placement companies established in 1997. It is a multinational company operating in two (2) continents of the world in Asia, Europe, Australia, and Africa. It centers on providing Nigerian students with foreign educational opportunities across the world with available courses and quality universities and study institutions.

6. Goldenchips Educational Services International

Goldenchips educational services international is a registered company which is established with the sole aim of offering educational services in foreign countries. These services include counseling services, marketing services, and recruitment services for international education providers.

7.  Emion Placement Resources Limited

This is a company established for people looking out for educational opportunities in foreign universities in countries like India, Russia, Sweden, Finland, Cyprus, Malaysia, United Kingdom, Netherlands, etc. Emotion placement is one of the trusted educational companies in Nigeria. To know more about them, you can look them up.

8.  Morgan Consultancy Services

This consultancy is specifically for the Canadian country. Before now, morgan consultancy services has built a name and has stood the test of time when it comes to processing Canadian university admissions. This consultancy is strongly recommended for individuals seeking for admission into any Canadian university. You can look them up and learn more about them.

9.  E-Global International Education

One of the best companies that offer the best study abroad consultants in Nigeria. With about one hundred and fifty(150) universities partnering with them, be rest assured of the necessary assistance into gaining admission in foreign universities. For more inquiries, you can visit them.

10.  Avail International Consults

Although they offer different educational services in foreign universities, they major in processing admissions into the United Kingdom(UK). Avail international consults are best recommended for individuals with the sole interest of getting admitted into universities like Oxford, Newcastle, Birmingham, Manchester, etc. With their assistance, you are sure of processing your admission from Nigeria into the United Kingdom (UK) with ease. To learn more about them, visit their official website.

11.  SB Consults

This company is an overseas educational placement consultancy established mainly for the assistance of intending international students into completing their application processes with less trouble and also counseling them on their choice of courses and study destinations that best suit.

12.  Easylife Preparation Resource Limited.

Easylife preparation resource-limited is a travel agency. It is also a study abroad assistance firm. This agency offers different kinds of assistance such as loan assistance, scholarship assistance, and immigration assistance. They also offer registration for English tests and student visa processing in both undergraduate and postgraduate levels in the United States(US), United Kingdom(UK), Canada, New Zealand, Asian countries, and the Middle East.

13.  Excel Career Plus

This study abroad company gives numerous assistance to individuals such as meeting up with the specified admission requirements, flight travels and bookings, pre-departure and post-arrival services, English tests, etc. This abroad study company covers any country.

14.  Crownhub Education Consulting Company

Students in Nigeria can consult this company. Crownhub education consulting company is a company that have their tentacles spread across Denmark, Ireland, New Zealand, Germany, Canada, and United States.

15.  Xumen Solutions Consult

This consulting company offers varied services like securing admissions internationally, providing scholarship assistance, visa assistants, International English tests, study tutoring, etc.

How To Choose The Best Study Abroad Companies

It is with no doubt that there are some many study abroad companies who offer different services like marketing, admission, and recruitment services. Reading through would give you a guide on how to choose the best study abroad companies.

1.  Select Your Desired Discipline.

When choosing a company that offers best study abroad services, the first factor to bear in mind is the course to study. Have a clue about what you intend to study.

2.  Decide Where You Would Like To Study.

After making inquiries and sourcing out your preferred course, the next thing would be to find a place that offers your desired choice and the country in which the foreign university is located.

You can also check this guide on what to consider when choosing a college for studying.

3.  Use E-Search Engine For Study Abroad Companies.

When choosing an ideal foreign university, the best way to manage this rigorous process is by using search engines to discover professional study abroad companies and subsequent web navigation for education purposes.

4.  Check Out For International University Rankings.

This 21st century has provided so many diverse ranking systems which makes use of metrics to measure the top-ranking study abroad companies. This is a very effective and efficient way of choosing best study abroad companies.

5.  Research The Most Affordable Courses.

Studying in a foreign university incurred high cost and can be very expensive. This is why this factor is put in place to effectively ensure that a minimum cost can be reached. When choosing foreign study programs, it is recommended that you look out for institutions that offer substantial amount of money which includes low tuition fee, no tuition fee, low cost of living, etc.

6.  Asking Questions, Getting Feedbacks And Learning From Other People’S Experiences.

Asking questions and getting feedbacks would help you make better decisions when sourcing out for which companies to consult. Searching for people who have dealt with the same challenges you’re going through right now would give you an edge by giving you specific tips and counsel on how to choose a suitable study abroad company.

In conclusion,

It all begins with the bold step of consulting one or more of these companies. Why limit yourself academically when there is the best study abroad companies ready to help you actualize your dream of studying in a foreign university? Remember, a dream is still a dream until you take bold steps to actualize it.

Thanks for taking out time to read till this point. I hope you found this article helpful. Which point(s) made the most sense to you? Kindly comment below.

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