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This page includes a thorough list of free online computer courses with certificates that anyone may take right now to advance their skills and value in society.

You will receive a certificate that’s accredited and recognized worldwide immediately after you complete these free online computer courses with certificates in this post.

Is it Possible to Get A Certificate for Free Online Computer Courses?

Of course, it is! We are all aware of how much technology has made it possible, including the ability to study from home and receive a credential.

As long as you have a device that can connect to the internet, like a smartphone or laptop, you can take the free online computer courses and classes covered in this article at your own pace.

Due to its lower cost, ease of use, and reduced stress, online education has recently emerged as one of the most important ways for people to obtain certifications and degrees.

Some of the websites through which you can get free online computer courses with certificates are:

  1. Udemy
  2. Edx
  3. Coursera
  4. Swayam
  5. Futurelearn

Reasons to Take Free Online Computer Courses With Certificates

Being knowledgeable in a computer-based subject is among the best things that can happen to somebody. Nearly everything has gone digital, therefore learning computer skills is essential if you want to stay extremely beneficial in the technology industry.

One advantage of having computer skills is that large companies will want to hire you, and if you were already employed by a company before learning the skill, you’re certain to get promoted and offered other types of rewards as you have increased your value to the organization.

You should prioritize enrolling in the free online computer courses with printable certificates that we have covered in this post, along with the official link where you can find these courses, as virtually every organization requires its employees and future employees to be computer literate.

List of Free Online Computer Courses With Certificates

Below is the list of free online computer courses with certificates:

Free Online Computer Courses With Certificates

  1. Introduction to Computer Science

  • Course Duration: 52 hours

This course is one of the key free online computer courses for beginners or those with no prior programming experience. You will be motivated to comprehend fundamental computer and computing ideas after taking this course.

When you’re done with this course, you will have a better understanding of Java fundamentals, software development, user-defined methods and object-oriented programming.

  1. iOS 10 Developer’s Guide

  • Course Duration: 49 hours

You may become the best developer, freelance contractor, and company proprietor you can be, according to the Full iOS 10 Developer course, it is said.

To develop iOS applications for the course, you’ll need a Mac running OS.

This free online computer course with a certificate claims to educate developer skills in addition to having a full section on launching a business.

  1. IBM Professional Certificate in Data Science

  • Course Duration: 5 months

People who are considering a professional life in data science or machine learning can receive information and expertise that will be beneficial in their industry with the aid of this professional degree from IBM.

For this course, there is no prerequisite in computer science or programming. This course will equip you with the skills, knowledge, and portfolio needed to perform the duties of a beginning data scientist.

Nine free online computer courses leading to a degree make up this certificate program.

These courses include a range of tools and competencies, such as machine learning algorithms, databases, Python, databases, data visualization, data analysis, and statistical analysis.

  1. Android Development

  • Course Duration: 12 hours

You will be guided through every step of how to become an Android developer in this free online computer course. After completing the course, you can create Android applications from the start even if you don’t know how to program.

Your newly gained abilities may allow you to take advantage of opportunities like working for large corporations or developing your profile in an effort to become an Android developer and receive consulting employment.

  1. Computer Science 50: Introduction

  • Course Duration: 12 weeks

This is also one of Harvard University’s free online computer courses with certificates, and it contains CS50: Introduction to Computer Science.

It provides a brief overview of the academic fields of computer science and the craft of programming that benefits majors and non-majors.

This 12-week course is fully free, self-paced, and offers the option to upgrade.

Students who successfully finish a final task and nine programming tasks are eligible for a certificate. You can join this course even if you lack any programming experience or understanding.

  1. Professional Google IT Automation with Python Certificate

  • Course Duration: 6 months

This training aims to equip IT workers with highly sought-after Python, Git, and IT automation abilities.

In order to learn Python programming as well as how to automate common system administration tasks, this course draws on your past IT experience. This course teaches you how to utilize Git and GitHub as well as how to troubleshoot and debug complex issues.

Within the first eight months of your study, you will discover how to make use of configuration management and the Cloud to do automation at scale.

  1. Google Analytics

  • Course Duration: 4 – 6 hours

Google offers computer-based training here for anyone interested in mastering Google Analytics.

This free online course teaches you how to use tracking codes, generate and handle accounts, set up data filters, and other computer-based skills.

Once finished, you can use your abilities in a variety of industries, including online publishing, lead generation sites, and support sites.

  1. Specialization in Python

  • Course Duration: 8 months

Also one of the certificated free online computer courses. The fundamental concepts of programming will be covered in a specialization course titled “Python for Everyone.” You will study databases, networked APIs, and data structures while learning the Python programming language.

Additionally, it offers Capstone Projects that let you create your personalized data extraction, processing, and visualization applications using the tools and methods you learned during the Specialization.

  1. Web Application Development

  • Course Duration: 2 months

Before starting this course, you should be familiar with the fundamentals of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript in web design. In addition to teaching you how to use jQuery, JavaSript, and JSON features, this free online computer course teaches you how to develop web and database applications in PHP.

  1. Machine Learning

  • Course Duration: 56 hours

Making computers function without scripting is one of the greatest crucial applications of machine learning in data science. In order to put machine learning techniques to use for yourself or to solve problems, you will gain a practical understanding of them in this computer course.

  1. Google Adwords

  • Course Duration: 54 hours

One of the free computer courses available online with a degree teaches you how to utilize Google advertisements to market goods and services online, whether they are your own or those of other businesses. You’ll be able to design and generate Google promotional material that draws viewers and yields results.

  1. Frontend Web Development with React Specialization

Course Duration: 7 months

Front-end frameworks like Bootstrap 4 and React are covered in the course. It also explores the server side, teaching you how to build NoSQL databases with MongoDB.

You will also make use of the Express framework and the Node.js environment.

You will interface with the client side using a RESTful API. Every student is required to be proficient in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. The Hong Kong University of Science & Technology offers this program.

  1. Data Structures and Algorithms

  • Course Duration: 3 months

You will learn the necessary methods in this free online computer course that will enable you to implement roughly 100 coding-related algorithm problems in the programming language of your choice.

After completing this course, you can utilize your newly gained abilities to practice medicine, and major technological businesses are interested in hiring you.

  1. Web Design Fundamentals

  • Course Duration: 2 months

This course will be suitable for you if you’re seeking an introduction to web design. You’ll pick up some website design skills. You will be able to create websites with top-notch graphics, animations, content, etc. after completing these courses.

  1. C# Basics for Complete Beginners

  • Course Duration: 8 hours

In this course, you will develop the abilities required to write code, look into adjustments, and debug features. It is offered by Microsoft. What you will learn about installing a C# program in Visual Studio. Understanding of data types. Plus a lot more.

  1. Introduction To Cloud Computing

  • Course Duration: 56 minutes

You must have a fundamental understanding of IT before beginning this course. Cloud computing can be summed up as the storing and accessing of data and software through a cloud-based system that relies on the Internet rather than computer hard drives.

The free computer course you may take online can help you create apps and adverts.

  1. Digital Marketing

  • Course Duration: 40 hours

You will learn how to use computers and other digital devices in this free online computer course to advertise and promote your goods and services online.

One of the free computer courses available online makes claim that it will teach you how to create high-quality content that will appeal to readers and buyers.

  1. A Primer On Programming And Computer Science

  • Course Duration: 56 hours

Python programming and Introduction to Computer Science are recommended courses for those with little to no programming expertise.

It helps students understand how computers may be used to solve problems.

It aims to offer pupils the self-assurance they require so they can create quick programs that let them accomplish realistic objectives. The course uses Python 3.5 as its programming language.

  1. Artificial Intelligence

  • Course Duration: 4 weeks

You will learn how to use artificial intelligence in your organization by taking this computer course, which will also teach you how it functions.

  1. Coding For Designers

  • Course Duration: 60 hours

You should have prior graphic design expertise, which is crucial, but it’s not necessary to be familiar with coding or the web in order to be admitted to this free online computer course. The fundamentals of HTML, JavaScript, and CSS are covered in this free, modular computer course on coding for designers.

You can learn how a designer can integrate programming and design in this free online computer course, which will enable you to totally design and develop a website.

  1. Build a Modern Computer from Scratch

  • Course Duration: 6 weeks

One of the best free certificated online computing courses is available through Coursera from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. In this course, you’ll master a wide range of skills, such as hardware description language, logic gates, assembly languages, computer architecture, and a lot more.

Furthermore, it will give you the chance to act and complete activities that will help you understand the primary options present in real life.

  1. Human-Computer Interaction III: Needs Identification, Ethics, and Prototyping

  • Course Duration: 6 weeks

Attending one of the free, credentialed online computer courses will teach you about ethics in research, its worth, and its relevance. In this course, you’ll discover the benefits of conducting a needs analysis, creating a prototype, having a brainstorming session, and evaluating research ethics.

Additionally, you will discover the function and obligations of Industrial Review Boards, organic engagement and hacker investigation, data inventory so that applicants may appreciate the problems of users and more.

  1. Deep Learning

  • Course Duration: 60 hours

This is a free computer course that can be taken online and is regarded as a part of machine learning.

Participants in this course will gain an understanding of the way artificially generated neural networks and learning mechanisms, which are modeled after the human brain, acquire knowledge from a variety of sources. After completion, the course has a unique certificate of completion.

You will learn how to use deep learning to program machines to tackle challenging problems after completing this course.

  1. Evaluation, Agile Methods, and Beyond in Human-Computer Interaction IV

  • Course Duration: 6 weeks

You will discover a variety of techniques for qualitative evaluation in this additional one of the greatest free online computer courses with a certificate from the Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta via edX.

You’ll learn about problem-solving strategies in this course, including retrospective interviews and studies performed aloud. You will learn the foundations of empirical evaluation as well, enabling you to do computations and evaluations on a professional level.

Additionally, “hypothesis testing” will be covered so that program files can be created.

  1. BCOS-183: Business Computer Applications

  • Course Duration: 12 weeks

One of the best free computer courses available online with an IGNOU degree through Swayam teaches you basic principles of computers, software, hardware, and computer applications.

For B.Com students under the CBCS program, it is a 4 credit elective course in skill development.

In the free computer course with a certificate, you will study word processing, multimedia and its business applications, office suite software, internet services, database management systems (DBMS), information and enterprise applications, and database management systems.

Frequently Asked Questions on Free Online Computer Courses With Certificates

Can I take a computer class from home?

You can enroll in a free online computer course certificate program or a more challenging curriculum that covers a variety of subjects like coding, programming, hardware, and software maintenance.

Can I use certifications I get online?

Yes, indeed. But how much that certificate is worth will determine this. Additionally, performance is more important to employers than academic credentials in most cases. But obtaining the proper credentials is the initial step in getting accepted into a company.

Which website offers the greatest courses for online certification?

Some of the Best Online Certification Courses Providers are: Udemy. 3321+ Courses. Edx. 1986+ Courses. Coursera. 1647+ Courses. Swayam. 1511+ Courses. Futurelearn. 1074+ Courses.

What prerequisites must I have in order to study computers?

A Senior Certificate or an equivalent credential that includes English and math and has an E at Higher Grade or a D at Standard Grade.

What is the best website to get certificates in it?

The 3 Best websites for Online IT Certifications are: Udemy — IT for Recruiters and Talent Management Professionals — Best for Non-IT Professionals. Coursera — Technical Support Fundamentals — Best for Professional Outcomes. Skillshare — IT Project Vision and Scope Definition — Best for Business.

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Your comprehension of computer-based (digital) skills will increase by taking a variety of free online computer courses with the certificates listed above. You won’t be a novice or beginner anymore once you’ve completed your desired computer skills course.

You will advance in professionalism as a certificate holder not just because of the document itself but also because of the knowledge it represents.

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