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Despite the fact that the cost of education is rising daily, free online universities nevertheless allow students to enroll in online courses for free. Keep reading to see The list of the best free online universities. 

Do you have trouble paying your tuition as an upcoming or present online student? Do you realize there are free online universities? The list of the best free online universities included in this post provides totally free online courses and programs.

Numerous free online courses and programs are offered by some of the top universities in the world in a wide range of subject areas, including business, healthcare, engineering, the arts, and social sciences.

There are a few completely free online universities, but the majority provide financial aid that is capable of covering the cost of tuition. Through online education platforms like edX, Udacity, Coursera, and Kadenze, some colleges also provide free Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs).

How to Get Free Education at Online Universities

The following are options through which you can get free online education:

  • You can attend a tuition-free school

There are several online universities that don’t charge tuition. Students exempt from attendance may come from a certain area or state.

  • You can attend online schools that provide financial aid

To those who qualify, several online colleges offer grants and scholarships as forms of financial aid. These funding options can be used to cover tuition and other necessary costs.

  • Apply for FAFSA

Some of the online institutions that take the FAFSA are covered in this article.

FAFSA determines your eligibility for any federal financial assistance. Tuition and other essential costs can be paid for with federal financial help.

  • You can apply for Work-study Programs

Work-study programs are offered by a few online colleges, allowing students to work and make some money while they are learning.

The cost of tuition may be covered by earnings from work-study programs. A work-study program is another option for gaining real-world experience in your area of study.

  • Enrolling for Free Online Courses

Free online courses aren’t really degrees, but they’re nevertheless helpful for students who want to know more about their field of study.

Through online learning platforms like edX, Coursera, Kadenze, Udacity, and FutureLearn, many institutions provide free online courses.

After finishing an online course, a certificate is also available for a small fee.

List of the Best Free Online Universities

Below is a list of the Best Free Online Universities:

Best Free Online Universities

Some of the best free online universities, those that provide free online courses, and those that accept the FAFSA are listed below categorically:

Tuition-Free Online Universities

Tuition is not paid at these universities. Only application, book and supply, and other fees associated with online learning will be required of students..

1. University of the People

The first accredited tuition-free online university in America was established in 2009 and received accreditation from the Distance Education Accrediting Commission (DEAC) in 2014.

University of the People provides completely online programs in:

  1. Business administration
  2. Computer Science
  3. Health Science
  4. Education

The University of the People does not charge tuition, however, there are additional fees that students must pay, such as an application fee.

2. Open University

In 1969, the UK’s Open University was established as a distance learning institution. Only English citizens with family incomes under £25,000 are eligible for free tuition at the Open University.

For students, there are numerous scholarships and grants available.

Online and remote learning courses are offered by the Open University in a variety of subject areas. Everybody can find a program at the Open University.

Top Universities offering free online courses

Free online courses are available from a number of reputable colleges on websites including edX, Coursera, Kadenze, Udacity, and FutureLearn.

These institutions don’t offer tuition-free courses, but they do offer students quick courses that can help them learn more about their subject of study.

The best colleges that provide free online courses are listed below:

3. Columbia University

Private Ivy League research university Columbia University offers online courses through Columbia Online.

Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) were first made available by Columbia University on Coursera in 2013. On Coursera, Columbia University offers online specialties and courses in a range of subjects.

In order to offer a variety of online programs, including Micromasters, Xseries, Professional Certificates, and individual courses on a range of topics, Columbia University joined edX in 2014.

Several online courses from Columbia University are accessible on several platforms for online learning:

  1. Coursera
  2. edX
  3. Kadenze

4. Standford University

Private research university Stanford University was established in 1885 and is located in Stanford, California, in the United States.

Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) are free to take through the university’s website. Additionally, Stanford University offers free courses on YouTube and iTunes.

5. Harvard University

Through edX, Harvard University, a private Ivy League research institution, provides free online courses in a range of subjects.

Harvard Institution, founded in 1636, is the oldest college or institution in the nation.

6. University of California, Irvine

A public research institution in California, the United States, the Institution of California-Irvine offers land grants. Through Coursera, UCI provides a variety of career-focused, on-demand classes. The UCI campus offers roughly 50 MOOCs through Coursera.

The University of California, Irvine, is an active participant in the Open Education Consortium, previously known as the OpenCourseWare Consortium. In November 2006, the university began offering open access to its courses.

7. Georgia Institute of Technology

The public research organization Georgia Institute of Technology is situated in Atlanta, Georgia.

A variety of areas, including ESL, engineering, and computer science, are covered through more than 30 online courses. The first MOOCs were introduced in 2012.

MOOCs provided by the Georgia Institute of Technology are:

  1. edX
  2. Coursera
  3. Udacity

8. Ecole Polytechnic

Ecole Polytechnic is a public university and research center in Palaiseau, France, that was established in 1794. Numerous online on-demand courses are offered by Ecole Polytechnique.

9. Michigan State University

The public land-grant university Michigan State University is located in East Lansing, Michigan, in the United States. When Coursera first launched in 2012, Michigan State University began offering MOOCs.

Various courses and specializations are presently available on Coursera through MSU.

One of the online universities, Michigan State University, also accepts the FAFSA. This implies that you can use financial aid at MSU to support your online education.

10. California Institute of Arts

The private art school California Institute of Arts was established in 1961. The first degree-granting school of higher learning in the US designed specifically for students of the performing and visual arts was CalArts.

Micro courses and credit-eligible online courses available through the California Institute of the Arts are:

  1. Coursera
  2. Kadenze

11. Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Peninsula, Hong Kong is home to the public research institution known as Hong Kong Institution.

The esteemed international research center is a pioneer in commerce, technology, the humanities, and social sciences. Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) were first made available by HKU in 2014.

At the moment, HKU provides complimentary online courses and Micromasters programs through:

  1. edX
  2. Coursera

12. University of Cambridge

In Cambridge, England, there is a college research institution known as the Institution of Cambridge.

The University of Cambridge is the second-oldest institution in the English world and the fourth-oldest overall. It was founded in 1209. A variety of online courses, Micromasters, and professional credentials are available from Cambridge University.

There are online courses available through:

  1. edX
  2. FutureLearn

13. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Cambridge, Massachusetts is home to the private land-grant Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

MIT offers free online courses through MIT OpenCourseWare. Web-based publishing of almost all MIT course materials is called OpenCourseWare.

Through edX, MIT also provides online programs including the XSeries and Micromasters.

14. University College London

In terms of enrollment, institution College of London is the second-largest public research institution in the UK. It is located in London.

Around thirty online courses from UCL are available on FutureLearn in a variety of areas.

15. Yale University

An educational program called “Open Yale Courses” was started by Yale University to provide open, free access to a number of beginning courses.

There are numerous liberal arts disciplines, including the humanities, social sciences, and physical and biological sciences, that provide free online courses.

The lectures are supplied as downloaded videos and in an audio-only format. Each lecture also has a searchable transcript available.

Yale University offers free online courses on Coursera and iTunes in addition to Open Yale Courses.

Best Free Online Universities that Accept FAFSA

FAFSA is another resource that online students can use to discover their online education.

To apply for financial help for graduate or undergraduate studies, complete the Free Application for Federal Student Help (FAFSA). For FAFSA, only US students are eligible.

16. Southern New Hampshire University

Southern New Hampshire University is a private, nonprofit institution located in Manchester, New Hampshire, in the United States.

With affordable tuition, SNHU offers more than 200 customizable online programs.

17. University of Florida

The University of Florida, a public research university, is located in Gainesville, Florida.

For its online students, the University of Florida provides a range of institutional, state, and federal financial aid opportunities. These consist of grants, loans, work-study positions, and scholarships.

More than 25 majors are available through the University of Florida’s moderately cost, entirely online degree programs.

18. Pennsylvania State University World Campus

A public research university in the US city of Pennyslavia, Pennyslavia State University was founded in 1863. Pennsylvania State University’s online campus, the World Campus, was established in 1998.

The more than 175 online degrees and certificates offered by Penn State World Campus are numerous.

In addition to receiving financial aid from the federal government, Penn State World Campus offers scholarships to its online students.

19. Purdue University Global

The public land-grant research university Purdue University was founded in 1869 as Indiana’s land-grant institution and is located in West Lafayette, Indiana, in the United States. From Purdue University Global, you can choose from more than 175 online courses.

20. Texas Tech University

Located in Lubbock, Texas, Texas Tech institution is a public research institution.

In 1996, TTU started providing courses through distance learning. Texas Tech University provides top-notch online and distance learning courses at a reasonable tuition price.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) the Best Free Online Universities

Which online university offers free tuition?

Since FOUN has no tuition, there are no additional fees or levies for books, course materials, or other expenses related to attending lectures at other universities.

Can I attend a university for free online?

Yes, that is achievable thanks to online/distance learning via a variety of tuition-free online universities. This article intends to provide you with information about several universities where you can study online for free and receive a degree that is recognized around the world.

Is Harvard available for free online?

Everyone can access the free online courses offered by Harvard. These courses include both academic-only and career-focused topics. Students must commit 4-6 hours each week to their study over the 7–12 week course.

What is a free online course called?

Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) are open enrollment, free online courses. MOOCs offer a flexible and economical approach to enhance your career, learn new skills, and deliver high-quality educational experiences at scale.

Which nation is ideal for studying?

Germany. 46 of the 1029 universities listed in the QS World Rankings 2022 are located in the nation. Germany, one of the top destinations for study and employment, provides all undergraduate students with free tuition, with the exception of one state.


Make sure to check the online institution or university’s accreditation status before enrolling in a paid or free program. Before pursuing an online degree, accreditation is a crucial consideration.

Online education is transitioning from an alternative to the standard among students. Due to its flexibility, online learning is preferred to traditional education by students with hectic schedules. You can take online lessons while working in the kitchen.

All owing to technological advancements, you may obtain a quality degree from the comfort of your home with a high-speed internet connection, laptop, and limitless data. Make sure to go through the list of the best online universities listed above to make your choice.

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