Top 15 Good Things to go to College for

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There are many good things to go to college for which will be very beneficial to you, lasting throughout your lifetime. In this article, some are these reasons will be dished out in great detail.

The Debate on Going to College

Nowadays, it has become necessary to explore the benefits of any activity before engaging in it. The same applies to going to college, one must examine the various good things to go to college for before moving forward.

There have been many heated debates about the worthiness of going to college ranging from its financial implications to the ease of acquiring a degree. However, these arguments have been greatly watered down as many countries now offer free education even to international students, bountiful scholarships are now accessible, not to mention the plethora of affordable colleges available, as well as the easy majors that have the potential of raking in a substantial pay after graduating. So, by many standards, there are many things to go to college for, however, in this article, we will be narrowing down those reasons to the top 15.

Without further ado, we will be delving into the subject matter, offering vital information that will strengthen your stance on the good things to go to college for.

Good Things to go to College for

Best 15 Good Things to Go to College for

The following are the top 15 good things to go to college for, they are sure to shape your expectations as well as give you targets to accomplish as you decide to go to college:

Top 15 Good Things to Go to College for

1. Exposure to Career Opportunities

College enables you to develop a career path from a range of majors which allows you to earn a living after graduating. Colleges offer admissions in majors such as medicine and surgery, engineering, law, etc., which you can choose from and start a career in that field.

Having a degree in your desired career opens opportunities for you to have among many things: be employable, get the required knowledge and skills to be self-employed, or develop yourself personally to boost your existing career.

Career opportunities always stand out as a good reason for individuals to get a college education. In the modern-day job market, having a bachelor’s degree or higher has become a benchmark qualification for many professions as employers usually use educational degrees as a means of selecting candidates for interviews and a job, and a college degree is frequently a prerequisite for entry-level positions.

2. Expand Your Network

Expanding your network is very crucial in getting the best out of life which going to college offers you. Networking usually occurs during interactions with people and college campuses serve as bustling hubs of diverse individuals and offer a unique environment for cultivating meaningful connections.

This is in contrast with what many think that college education is all about acquiring a degree after attending classroom lectures. One of the basic advantages of networking in any college is that it provides an avenue to build a robust professional support system.

Engaging with fellow students, professors, and others can foster relationships that will continue after graduation, potentially transforming into valuable collaborations or mentorships in the career of your choice.

Moreover, in the course of attending a college, there will be events such as career fairs, workshops, and alumni gatherings which often facilitate networking.

These events provide an enabling environment for students to interact directly with industry professionals, gain insights into specific fields, and even secure internships or job opportunities. The relationships established during these events can prove significant in opening doors to potential career paths and offering advice, and collaborations.

3. Social Skills Development

College campuses not only connect students through lectures but also host several events which creates an avenue for socialization.

These events serve as a means for you to express yourself by interacting with others. You can also have opportunities to be a speaker or host at any of the events. Social events anchored on your course of study will not only improve your social skills but also broaden your horizon in your field.

Furthermore, campuses have brought together people of diverse backgrounds to interact with one another. This makes it one of the good things to go to college for.

Being able to forge great relationships with others later in life can come from previous relationships on campus. Within the campus, our social interactions give rise to our friends and acquaintances giving us support as we grow older.

4. Increased Earning Potential

A college degree can be viewed as a wise investment and serves as one of the good things to go to college for, given that individuals with higher education generally accumulate greater earnings throughout their lifetimes compared to those with only a high school diploma.

Attending a college gives a good boost to your knowledge and also gives you an edge in job applications as you will be readily considered in comparison to your counterparts.

5. Improve Your Leadership Skills

Improving your leadership skills is one of the top 15 things to go to college for. Indeed, leadership is needed in every facet of life which enables you to give direction to those who believe in you.

The college community has a lot of leadership positions you can explore to give you the confidence and experience to lead others in the outside world.

Classes, group work, college clubs, and associations, among others, provide avenues for leadership within the college community and prove as a means of sharpening your leadership skills.

6. Rediscovering Yourself

Exposure to many available options within college campuses can give you the eureka moment that will cause you to rediscover yourself.

Many times, those who went to college have rediscovered by interacting with others, attending events & workshops, and joining associations, clubs, etc., which have made them become successful in society.

Your hidden talents and passions can be revealed in the course of attending college. Many people have discovered their talents and ultimately made a living out of it.

7. Global Awareness

Colleges function as a melting pot for many individuals from diverse backgrounds having different world views. You can easily observe the behaviors of others from different races, religions, cultures, and beliefs.

So, colleges can help us understand one another and bring about peaceful coexistence in the long run. This attribute cannot be overemphasized as it will be vital for our well-being in our various communities.

Furthermore, by interacting with other people aside from those from your community, you can improve your tolerance and broaden your perspective about others.

8. Personal Fulfilment

Being fulfilled is one of the best feelings anyone wishes for. For some people, going to college is one of the desires they wish to accomplish in life.

A lot of people have the desire to be doctors, lawyers, engineers, astronauts, bankers, or artists, and colleges allow them to do so. You should strive to fulfill your goals and ambitions because that is what truly makes your life worth living.

 9. Cultural and Artistic Exposure

Cultural and artistic events and displays come up in colleges more often than not and give exposure to the beauty of many unknown cultures and arts.

Students from many cultures of the world who attend colleges contribute their cultural heritage to events that will showcase the diverse cultures of students in the school. Thus, you can easily identify cultures and have more knowledge of the various aspects of those cultures.

10. Discover New Interests and Hobbies

Meeting with fellow students in any college leads to several things including the discovery of new interests and hobbies, thus, it is one of the good things to go to college for.

Sports such as football, basketball, tennis, etc., which can accommodate more than one player can form hobbies for those in colleges as friends, coursemates, and acquaintances can engage with one another during their academic pursuit.

Also, common interests such as politics, public speaking, and programming can be achieved in colleges which can forge long-term relationships among individuals. So, you can attend college and gain one or two new interests and hobbies which will be of great benefit to you throughout your lifetime.

11. Entrepreneurship Acquisition

One of the good things about going to college is the acquisition of entrepreneurial knowledge and skills. Colleges offer these skills as part of the means to provide job opportunities for those who wish to work for themselves and not depend on the corporate world for the means of their livelihood.

With the limited jobs available in various countries, you should not be only relying on ‘white-collar’ jobs to earn a living. Entrepreneurship also makes ends meet for many homes today and is worth giving a trial.

12. Specialized Knowledge

Since the job market is highly competitive, having a college degree gives you a competitive edge over other applicants when seeking employment.

Many professions, especially those in specialized fields, require that candidates possess a certain level of education before being offered employment, making a college degree a key factor in your career pursuit.

One of the basic advantages of attending a college is acquiring specialized expertise. Certain college programs offer in-depth knowledge and training which allows you to become an expert in your chosen field and make you a more desirable choice in the job market.

This specialized expertise enhances their understanding of the subject matter and positions them as valuable contributors to industries seeking well-qualified professionals in that field of study.

13. Promotion opportunities

Going to college gives you many advantages, with promotion opportunities being one of them. Certain professions and career paths require that you obtain certifications which is possible by going to a college.

By obtaining certifications after attending college, your knowledge base is boosted in your career and sets the stepping stone to your greatness. Some companies and establishments require that you have a certain degree of qualifications before being promoted, so, attending college at this point becomes a good reason to go to college.

14. Achieve Independence

Living on college campuses gives a great degree of freedom and independence which requires that you will be able to do what you deem fit for yourself. Achieving independence comes with its perks and limits as there’s the possibility of attaining privacy, and freedom of choice, to mention but a few.

After graduation, a greater independence awaits you. Financial independence is achieved when you get a good job and can buy whatever you wish.

15. Personal Growth

Keeping aside the financial considerations, attending college presents a valuable chance for self-discovery. The experience you will gain in college will facilitate personal growth by refining your character and better project you in achieving your career goals while enhancing your overall perspective.

For instance, critical thinking and problem-solving skills are greatly enhanced throughout going to college. It is therefore important to keep in mind what you wish to develop within yourself and gain personal growth as you go to college.

FAQs on the Good Things to Go to College for

The frequently asked questions on the top 15 things to go to college for are as follows:

Is Going to College Worth the Cost?

Going to college is definitely worth the cost as value is added to you in many aspects. Financially, you are more likely to get jobs than others with a high school diploma which will imply that all expenses incurred during going to college will be fully covered. It also sharpens your social and leadership skills, as well as gives you exposure to many cultures, and increases your global awareness.

How Do I Know that College Will Prepare Me for the Real World?

Going to college not only equips you with the required tools to make it in the real world but also provides an avenue for real-world scenarios. Colleges' curriculum incorporates internships and workshops that allow students to get first-hand experience in their fields; and provide industry connections as well as real-world projects, which proves its relevance to achieving real-world development.

Can I Survive Without a College Degree in Today's Job Market?

Although there are alternative paths to take to earn a living in the job markets, the role of having a college degree in today's job market cannot be overemphasized. A college degree not only improves your knowledge base in your career path but also increases the job opportunities that will be available to you.



The advantages of going to college far outweigh the demerits put out by my critics and skeptics. Having a college degree will drastically improve your life in many aspects: financially, socially, mentally, and otherwise. So, it’s advisable to go to college.

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