30 Pharmacy Schools with the Easiest Admission Requirements

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Pursuing a degree in one of the pharmacy schools with the easiest admission requirements is essential to increase your chance of admission as well as reduce admission stress.

According to BeMo Academic Consulting, pharmacy school acceptance rates in the US have been trending upward in recent years, with an average acceptance rate of 89% across US pharmacy school programs.

In the next section, we will talk about what a Pharmacy degree is.

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What is a Pharmacy Degree?

A pharmacy degree is a program that prepares graduates to work as pharmacists, overseeing pharmaceutical facilities and providing medicine and medical advice to patients.

These programs can also train students in research positions, developing and testing new medical treatments.

Pharmacy degrees can last up to six years, including subjects like toxicology, pharmacology, and chemistry.

Graduate-level degree studies are required for a licensed pharmacist.

Why have a Pharmacy Degree?

A pharmacy degree offers numerous benefits, including the ability to treat and prevent diseases globally, gain patient-centered responsibilities, participate in scientific research and development opportunities, develop advanced knowledge and skills, and enjoy job stability.

98% of pharmacy students are employed within six months of graduating, and graduates can pursue various career paths, such as research scientist, medical science liaison, pharmacologist, or toxicologist.

Pharmacy graduates can also enter various industries, such as healthcare, business, sales, financial, childcare, health, and education.

The profession is highly adaptable, with 98% of students in employment within six months of graduation.

List of the 30 Pharmacy Schools with the Easiest Admission Requirements

Below is a list of the 30 Pharmacy schools with the easiest admission requirements:

30 Pharmacy Schools with the Easiest Admission Requirements

1. University of Incarnate Word

  • Founded: 1881
  • Location: San Antonio, Texas

The University of the Incarnate Word is a private, Catholic, co-educational university located in San Antonio, Texas.

The university offers undergraduate, graduate, and professional degree programs rooted in academic excellence and Christian service.

The Feik School of Pharmacy is part of the University of the Incarnate Word and provides pharmacy programs for the university.

The school’s curriculum is focused on training pharmacists to practice in varied multilingual and multicultural settings using evidence-based therapeutic and managerial principles.

The Feik School of Pharmacy has received the Health Professions HEED Award for its commitment to diversity. It is one of only three pharmacy schools in the nation to receive this award.

2. University of New Mexico

  • Founded: 1889
  • Location: Albuquerque, New Mexico

The University of New Mexico College of Pharmacy is located in Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA. It was established in 1945 and is the first health profession college of the University of New Mexico.

The college is a national leader in modeling best practices in pharmacy education, research, and practice.

It offers a Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) program, PharmD/MBA Dual Degree Program, Pharmacist Clinician Certification, Biomedical Sciences Grad.

3. University of Wyoming

  • Founded: 1886
  • Location: Laramie, Wyoming

The University of Wyoming School of Pharmacy is located in Laramie, Wyoming, USA. The school offers a four-year program leading to the Doctor of Pharmacy degree.

The curriculum is designed to prepare students for the challenges they will face in their fulfilling careers.

The school is committed to supporting its students through excellence in teaching, research opportunities, service, and pharmacy practice.

4. South Dakota State University

  • Founded: 1881
  • Location: Brookings, South Dakota

The College of Pharmacy and Allied Health Professions at South Dakota State University is nationally recognized for excellence in preparing students to provide high-quality patient-centered care.

The college offers a wide range of academic programs, including Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Respiratory Care, Medical Laboratory Science, Public Health, and Community Pharmacy Residency.

The college’s academic programs provide a student-centered education in state-of-the-art facilities.

5. University of Montana

  • Founded: 1893
  • Location: Missoula, Montana

The University of Montana Skaggs School of Pharmacy is located in Missoula, Montana, USA.

The school offers a Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) program that emphasizes skills for providing care, population health and outreach, and rural and underserved health.

The program combines rigorous pharmaceutical science education with extensive clinical experiences that begin your first semester.

6. University of Louisiana at Monroe

  • Founded: 1931
  • Location: Monroe, Louisiana

The University of Louisiana at Monroe (ULM) offers a College of Pharmacy that provides comprehensive pharmaceutical education, research, and service.

The college is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and offers a challenging and forward-thinking education that combines classroom learning, practical application, and experiential training.

The college offers a Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) program that prepares students for careers in community and health-system pharmacies, clinical practices, managed care groups, academia, the pharmaceutical industry, and a wide variety of other settings.

7. University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences

  • Founded: 1879
  • Location: Little Rock, Arkansas

The University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (UAMS) has a College of Pharmacy that offers a Doctor of Pharmacy program. The college also provides multiple scholarship opportunities and specialized post-graduate residency programs.

The Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences at UAMS College of Pharmacy offers MS and Ph.D. options in Pharmaceutical Sciences with the UAMS Graduate School, MPH (Masters of Public Health).

8. University of Mississippi

  • Founded: 1848
  • Location: Oxford, Mississippi

The University of Mississippi School of Pharmacy is a renowned institution that aims to improve the health, wellbeing, and quality of life of individuals and communities by educating students, practitioners, and scientists, conducting research, and engaging in service.

The school has been serving the state’s pharmacy educational needs since 1908 and consists of four academic departments – BioMolecular Sciences, Pharmaceutics and Drug Delivery, Pharmacy Administration, and Pharmacy Practice – and a Research Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences.

9. University of Kansas

  • Founded: 1865
  • Location: Lawrence, Kansas

The University of Kansas School of Pharmacy is a world-class research institution and one of the country’s premier pharmacy schools.

It offers a Doctor of Pharmacy degree (Pharm.D) program that prepares students to become pharmacy practitioners in a wide variety of settings, including community and retail pharmacies, hospitals, and many more.

The school also offers graduate degrees in Medicinal Chemistry, Neuroscience, Pharmacology and toxicology, and Pharmaceutical Chemistry, as well as residencies in Pharmacy Practice.

10. University of Arizona

  • Founded: 1885
  • Location: Tucson, Arizona

The R. Ken Coit College of Pharmacy is located at the University of Arizona in Tucson and Phoenix.

The college offers a range of academic degrees including a Bachelor’s in Pharmaceutical Sciences, a  Doctor of Pharmacy, a  Master of Science, and a Doctor of Philosophy.

The college is ranked #6 among U.S. schools of pharmacy in NIH funding.

11. Drake University

  • Founded: 1881
  • Location: Des Moines, Iowa

Drake University is a private university in Des Moines, Iowa, United States.

The university offers a four-year Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D) degree program through its College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences.

The program prepares students for successful careers in community pharmacy practice, institutional pharmacy practice, post-graduate education, and many other opportunities for practicing pharmacists.

12. University of Michigan

  • Founded: 1876
  • Location: Ann Arbor, Michigan

The University of Michigan College of Pharmacy is a pharmacy school located in Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA.

It was established in 1876 and became the first pharmacy school in a public university.

The college offers various programs such as PharmD, PhD in Clinical Pharmacy, PhD in Medicinal Chemistry, MS in Integrated Pharmaceutical Sciences, BS in Pharmaceutical Sciences, and more.

13. Texas Southern University

  • Founded: 1927
  • Location: Houston, Texas

Texas Southern University (TSU) is a public historically black university located in Houston, Texas.

The university has a College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences that offers a Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) degree program.

The college is known for producing the highest number of African-American pharmacists in Texas.

14. Ferris State University

  • Founded: 1884
  • Location: Big Rapids, Michigan

Ferris State University is a public university in Big Rapids, Michigan, USA.

The university has a College of Pharmacy that offers a Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) program accredited by the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education (ACPE).

The college provides students with a scientific foundation combined with ample hands-on experience needed to become innovative healthcare leaders whose principal aim is to improve the therapeutic outcomes of their patients.

15. Idaho State University

  • Founded: 1901
  • Location: Pocatello, Idaho

The L. S. Skaggs College of Pharmacy at Idaho State University offers a Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) which prepares students to become pharmacists.

The PharmD program is delivered synchronously in Pocatello and Meridian, Idaho, as well as Anchorage, Alaska.

16. West Virginia University

  • Founded: 1867
  • Location: Morgantown, West Virginia

The West Virginia University School of Pharmacy has a rich history, spanning over a century.

It is the oldest school of pharmacy in West Virginia, and it has been dedicated to providing quality pharmacy education and advancing pharmacy practice.

WVU’s School of Pharmacy contributes to cutting-edge research, earning recognition as an R1 Research Campus.

17. Southwestern Oklahoma State University

  • Founded: 1901
  • Location: Weatherford, Oklahoma

Southwestern Oklahoma State University (SWOSU) offers a Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D.) degree program.

This program follows a 2 + 4 structure, where students complete 2 years of pre-professional study that includes general education courses and foundational courses in biology, chemistry, physics, and math.

Afterward, they proceed to the 4-year professional pharmacy curriculum.

18. Midwestern University-Glendale Campus

  • Founded: 1900s
  • Location: Glendale, Arizona

The College of Pharmacy at Midwestern University, Glendale Campus, offers an innovative three-year Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D.) program.

This comprehensive program equips students with both scientific and professional skills to become successful pharmacists.

The curriculum emphasizes patient-centric care and provides hands-on experiences and interactions.

19. Union University

  • Founded: 1823
  • Location: Jackson, Tennessee

The Union University College of Pharmacy is committed to excellence and a Christian worldview.

It offers a Doctor of Pharmacy program where academically qualified students study under some of the finest Christian scholars in the field.

20. Sullivan University College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences

  • Founded: 1962
  • Location: Louisville, Kentucky

The Sullivan University College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences offers a unique and accelerated Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) program.

This three-year year-round course of study allows students to complete their education a year sooner than most other U.S. colleges and schools of pharmacy.

21. St John Fisher College Wegmans School of Pharmacy

  • Founded: 2006
  • Location: Rochester, New York

The Wegmans School of Pharmacy at St. John Fisher University is committed to preparing pharmacists for lives of intellectual, professional, and civic integrity.

Their Pharm.D. program provides a strong foundation in the sciences, clinical skills, and administration while emphasizing professionalism, integrity, and diversity.

22. Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine School of Pharmacy Bradenton Campus

  • Founded: 2002
  • Location: Bradenton, Florida

The Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine (LECOM) operates a School of Pharmacy with two locations.

Here are the pathways they offer for the Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) degree:

Three-Year Accelerated Pathway (Erie, PA): LECOM’s innovative curriculum allows students to complete the professional program in pharmacy in three years instead of four, enabling them to enter the job market or residency one year earlier.

Four-Year Florida Pathway (Bradenton, FL): This pathway emphasizes pharmaceutical sciences in the first year, followed by core curriculum and clinical sciences training.

23. Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences

  • Founded: 1881
  • Location: Albany, New York

Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences is a private, independent college with campuses in Albany, New York,k and Colchester, Vermont.

It is home to approximately 1,400 students and 115 full-time faculty.

The college offers various degree programs designed to help students succeed in pharmacy and other health-related fields.

24. Loma Linda University School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences

  • Founded: 1905
  • Location: Loma Linda, California

The Loma Linda University School of Pharmacy offers a Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) program.

Their mission is to educate competent and compassionate pharmacists who are dedicated to whole-person care as integral members of a healthcare team.

25. Pacific Northwest University of Health Sciences

  • Founded: 2005
  • Location: Yakima, Washington

Pacific Northwest University of Health Sciences (PNWU) is a private medical school located in Yakima, Washington.

It was the first new medical school to open in the Pacific Northwest in sixty years.

PNWU grants the Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (D.O.) degree and has been accredited by the American Osteopathic Association’s Commission on Osteopathic College Accreditation.

26. Manchester University College of Pharmacy, Natural & Health Sciences

  • Founded: 2012
  • Location: Fort Wayne, Indiana

Manchester University’s College of Pharmacy, Natural & Health Sciences is a part of Manchester University located in North Manchester, Indiana, USA.

The college offers undergraduate and graduate programs in pharmacy, natural, and health science. The college is known for its experiential education that prepares students to excel in research, scholarship, practice, and service.

The college has two campuses, one in North Manchester and the other in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

27. Shenandoah University Bernard J Dunn School of Pharmacy

  • Founded: 1995
  • Location: Winchester, Virginia

Bernard J. Dunn School of Pharmacy at Shenandoah University is renowned for its genetics-based pharmacy education, and commitment to training ethical practitioners who effectively meet patients’ needs.

The school offers a Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) program with several pathways.

28. Touro College of Pharmacy

  • Founded: 2008 
  • Location: New York City, New York

Touro College of Pharmacy is a graduate school located in Manhattan, New York.

It offers a Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) program with several notable features including an impressive 8:1 student-faculty ratio, students receive personalized support from caring faculty.

29. Wilkes University Nesbitt School of Pharmacy

  • Founded: 1996
  • Location: Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania

The Nesbitt School of Pharmacy at Wilkes University is dedicated to training and preparing future leaders in the field of pharmacy.

The school has been awarded full, eight-year continued accreditation by the American Council for Pharmacy Education.

30. Wingate University School of Pharmacy

  • Founded: 2003
  • Location: Wingate, North Carolina

Wingate University School of Pharmacy is part of Wingate University and offers a four-year Doctor of Pharmacy degree (Pharm.D).

The program focuses on experience, pharmacotherapy, professionalism, and pharmaceutical sciences.

It aims to train the next generation of pharmacy practitioners, leaders, and innovators.

FAQs on Pharmacy Schools with Easy Admission Requirements

Will attending a pharmacy school with easy admission criteria limit my career prospects?

Your career prospects are influenced by various factors, including your dedication, performance during your studies, and networking. Attending a school with accessible admission criteria does not necessarily limit your career potential.

How can I determine if a pharmacy school is the right fit for me beyond admission requirements?

Look beyond admission criteria and consider factors such as location, curriculum, faculty expertise, available resources, and career support services when choosing a school.

What other factors should I consider when applying to pharmacy schools?

Consider factors like the school's accreditation, internship and research opportunities, financial aid availability, and student-to-faculty ratio.

How should I prepare my application for pharmacy school?

Focus on presenting a well-rounded application, including a strong personal statement, letters of recommendation, and any relevant experience or extracurricular activities.


You can visit the official websites of the schools, contact their admissions offices, and consult relevant academic resources to gather detailed information about each institution.

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