25 Easiest College Majors That Pay Well

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In this article, we shall be liberating on the 25 Easiest College Majors That Pay Well. These majors are widely recognized and are essential for the upkeep of a society’s status. Each course has its duration for study and they are open to anyone willing to acquire the knowledge.

We must comprehend that no knowledge is insurmountably difficult to obtain, provided one is passionate about doing so and puts in the necessary effort. Everyone excels in their chosen field and has strong willpower or interest in it, therefore success in the field of study is easy to obtain.


Sometimes, it may be challenging for students to pick a course of action when there are so many possibilities available.

When choosing a college major, keep the following things in mind:

  • Career Ambitions:

When selecting a major, take your career ambitions into account. It’s crucial to examine the prerequisites for the jobs you’re interested in applying for because some professions may call for particular degrees or certifications.

  • Personal Interests:

It’s critical to select a major in line with your passions and interests. Your motivation and engagement in your studies will likely increase, which will help you pursue a more meaningful profession.

  • Flexibility:

Keep in mind that changing majors throughout college is a typical occurrence for students. Think about picking a major that is flexible and enables you to investigate many interests.

  • Job Market:

Choosing a major that you are enthusiastic about is vital, but you should also take the job market into account. Examine the hiring trends and income possibilities for positions in your subject of interest.

  • College Resources:

Research the tools your college provides to assist you in your major. This could entail having access to research opportunities, internships, and help to find employment.

With this list of points, choosing a course would be less difficult and there would be great productivity afterward.

List of the Easiest College Majors That Pay Well

Below is a list of the easiest college majors that pay well:

  1. Healthcare Administration
  2. Human Resources
  3. Information Technology
  4. Safety Science
  5. Commerce
  6. Global & International Studies
  7. Psychology
  8. Criminal Justice
  9. International management
  10. Education
  11. Religious Studies
  12. Social Work
  13. Sociology
  14. Communications
  15. History
  16. Anthropology
  17. Supply Chain Management
  18. Humanities
  19. Business management
  20. Fine Arts
  21. Biology
  22. Foreign Language
  23. Marketing
  24. Finance
  25. English degree.

25 Easiest College Majors That Pay Well

1. Healthcare Administration

Average Earned: $47,300

Health Administration is one of the 25 easiest majors that pay well. It is frequently associated with more complex academic fields and stressful, demanding professions like those of doctors. Our health and well-being depend on the work done by surgeons and other top medical professionals.

To produce better results, healthcare is constantly growing and collaborating with other industries. Technology use has greatly enhanced healthcare, and it is expected that this trend will continue in the future.

A degree in healthcare administration broadens one’s knowledge and abilities in management, business, and medicine. Graduates are qualified for positions in medical facilities such as hospitals, private practices, and short- and long-term care facilities.

The in-depth understanding of anatomy that medical students struggle with daily is not necessary for many health professions.

By working in health administration, you can encourage people to lead healthier lifestyles and educate people about proper hygiene.

2. Human resources

Average Earnings: $47,300.

Between a company’s needs and those of its employees, human resources serve as a vital link. They render human resources crucial to a company’s success, resulting in a highly stable career.

The best talent for the company must be attracted and kept by the departmental leaders. This is accomplished through a variety of activities, such as hiring, training, pay, and benefits.

3. Information Technology

Average Earnings: $64,300

Students who enroll in information degree programs learn how to manage, secure, retrieve, and transmit data using computing technology. It is a broad professional category that includes duties like setting up communication networks, protecting data and information, and resolving computer issues.

systems that run on both hardware and software with applications. They are one of the 25 colleges

4. Safety Science

Average Salary: $62,400

Safety International research in the science and technology of human safety is conducted through science.

They provide thorough multidisciplinary knowledge of systems analysis, management, engineering, and occupational safety as they prepare students for careers in the safety, health, and environmental sector.

5. Commerce

Average Earnings: $66,800.

Where there is an exchange of goods and services between two or more entities, it is referred to as commerce. Typically, it entails purchasing and selling valuable items. Commerce can occur between consumers, businesses, or both consumers and businesses.

The Bachelor of Commerce degree is taught in other to give students a broad range of managerial skills and business domain knowledge.

Most colleges structure their degrees so that students take courses in accounting, finance, economics, business management, human resources, and marketing in addition to their majors, giving them exposure to general business principles.

6. Global & International Studies degree

Average Earnings: $50,000

For students who want to learn about significant global issues, international relations is a good major. Research shows that the demand for those with this degree is only going to increase, given the unprecedented changes and events taking place in the world. They place a strong emphasis on the formation of a global perspective through academic study, research, international communication, and international experience

The goal of global and international studies is to understand how the idea of “One World” defines human cultures and communities.

7. Psychology

Average Earning: $60,000.

One way of learning that comprehends the distinctive mental behaviors, attitudes, or forms while seeking the real meaning of life is philosophy.

The scientific study of the human mind and behavior is what psychology degrees entail. a psychologist’s study and understanding of the mind, the brain, and behavior.

A psychology degree could prepare you for work in the arts or sciences, depending on your interests. There are various options in the fields of education, mental health support, social work, therapy, and counseling, as well as in public and private healthcare.

8. Criminal Justice

Average Earnings: $42,800

A criminal justice degree is a bachelor’s or master’s degree that includes coursework on various aspects of the criminal justice system. Law enforcement, courts, and corrections are its disciplinary systems.

Homeland security, cybersecurity, and law enforcement are just a few of the many professions that each of these encompasses. In contrast, the court system employs professionals in law, forensic psychology, and court administration.

Numerous degree specializations and job opportunities are available in criminal justice. According to the statistics in the following section, the majority of criminal justice careers have a promising job outlook.

They are frequently lucrative, diverse, and energizing. These degrees also help graduates increase their employment security because there is a growing need for specialists in the field of criminal justice. Degrees in criminal justice (CJ) can increase one’s employment options, earnings potential, and job performance.

9. International Management

Average Earnings: $54,100

International management entails developing global business strategies, guiding change in multinational corporations, and comprehending international economics.

Your options in global management are expanded thanks to the International Business and Management program. The program’s core ideas and theories emphasize strategic perspectives and significant elements of modern international business.

10. Education

Average Earning: $44,100

Education is the study of the process of receiving and providing organized instruction. the act or process of imparting or acquiring general knowledge, developing the powers of reasoning and judgment, and generally preparing oneself or others intellectually for mature life.

As a degree and one of the Easiest College Majors that pay well, Education Major is a comprehensive educational path that enables qualified students to use their acquired abilities to teach and improve the world. Teachers are with us for the whole of our education and can influence how our education develops and how we develop as individuals.

They inspire us to participate in a variety of activities and projects while sharing information without ulterior motives. Depending on your goals, becoming a teacher can be both easy and difficult, but it is one of the highest-paying professions.

11. Religious studies degree

Average Earned: $43,900.

Students enrolled in religious studies programs learn to understand the implications of religion. Students focus on global theology to understand others and the variety of world religions.

Religious studies majors frequently participate in stimulating discussions and debates with other scholars. They are given the chance to hear various points of view before discussing them in groups. You have the chance to research various nationalities, religions, and cultures to understand how they all affect your life.

Religious studies undergraduates and graduates may also have a variety of travel opportunities, which may expose them to cultures other than their own.

12. Social Work

Average Earned: $38,600.

Being among the 25 Easiest College Majors that pay well, Social workers are taught how to remain calm and build relationships with people even in tense circumstances, as well as how to quickly grasp new information, such as legal or financial details, and how to help people live as happy of lives as they can.

This career path may be ideal for you if you are passionate about eradicating social or emotional disadvantage, prejudice, poverty, trauma, and other issues related to these issues.

13. Sociology

Average Earned: $46,200.

Sociology is a branch of social science that examines society, human social behavior, social interaction patterns, and aspects of everyday culture.

Human services, business, education, and other fascinating fields can all be entered with a sociology degree as a solid foundation. It is one of the top 25 most straightforward majors for college. A bachelor’s in sociology program will include coursework on inequality, family dynamics, and community development.

They affect actions and choices made in both private and public spheres, so the lessons covered in this curriculum can be used in a variety of situations.

14. Communications

Average Earnings: $60,500

Communication is an interactional process whereby people communicate with one another using a shared set of signs, symbols, or actions.

Media, technical, and advertising are all topics covered by communication majors. Press releases, lengthy essays, and technical documentation writing are among the writing skills they are taught.

Obtaining a degree in communication can also help you find employment in the media, including online and print marketing, journalism, and public relations. It is also one of the 25 Easiest College Majors that pays well.

15. History

Average Earning: $47,800.

All facets of human society are studied in the field of history, which is the study of change over time. It involves more than just recalling historical details. It also entails assessing how historical occurrences, patterns, and artifacts have affected society at large, such as how numerous revolutions and civil wars have shaped the governments of some nations into what they are today or how a belief system has developed to have an impact on contemporary thought.

It is very effective at developing the necessary research and critical thinking skills.
History Prominent Positions Paying Well. You will typically be graded on written assignments that require you to consider a variety of viewpoints, frequently in response to a thesis statement.

In your dissertation, which will focus on a particular field of study, you will be required to provide an in-depth discussion and analysis of a predetermined topic.

16. Anthropology

Academy Earnings: $46,400.

The study of the beginnings and progression of human societies and cultures is known as anthropology. It is among the 25 Easiest College Majors with Good Pay that can prepare students for careers in archaeology, college teaching, environmental anthropology, medical anthropology, and museum curation. pictures, photos, and images with a focus on anthropology

For this role, there are numerous business options. Students who complete this degree are also prepared for careers in public relations, history, research, and education. Many job openings are currently available.

Anthropology looks into the processes that helped humanity evolve. Statistical information is used to forecast anthropology’s future trends. They assist you in having an impact on the teams working on advertising, diversity, human resources, user experience, and social justice.

To depict the activities of the time, it looks into topics like archeology and analyzes artifacts found throughout history.

17. Supply Chain Management

Average Earnings: $61,700.

Supply chain management is the proactive control of supply chain operations to increase obtain value and obtain a long-term competitive advantage.

These skills are taught along with those for planning, solving problems, and critical thinking. In this field, relationships between people and communication are crucial.

18. Humanities

Average Earnings: $48,500

The humanities is a field of study that focuses on people and their cultures, as well as analytical and critical methods of inquiry that are inspired by respect for human values and the singular capacity of the human spirit to express itself.

Majors in humanities study important literary works, difficult philosophical issues, and prehistoric civilizations. Students who major in humanities develop their analytical, communication, and critical thinking skills.

19. Business management

Average Earnings: $48,900.

Coordinating and organizing business activities is the main essence of business management. Operations are monitored, and managers support staff in achieving maximum levels of productivity.

Business management is one of the 25 Easiest College Majors that Pays Well and teaches students a range of administrative, marketing, and accounting tasks. It also teaches them how to collaborate with a team and develop the skills required to manage a business or organization successfully.

20. Fine Arts

Average Earnings: $43,200.

Another 25 Easiest College Majors that pay well is Fine Art. Fine art is an art field that includes painting, sculpture, drawing, watercolor, graphics, and architecture. It is thought to have been produced primarily for aesthetic and intellectual purposes and is evaluated for its beauty and significance. A degree in fine arts is obtained by students who want to work in the visual or performing arts.

A fine arts bachelor’s degree qualifies graduates for work in the arts and related professions like performing and creative writing. Learn more about the different types of fine arts degrees, the levels at which they are offered, and the professions they prepare students for by reading on.

21. Biology

Average Earnings: $47,100.

The study of living things is done by the natural science field of biology. It is a highly respected field of study that enables students to become thoroughly familiar with every aspect of human, animal, and cellular life.

They are a good option for aspiring scientists because the degrees offer a wide variety of modules, allowing you to study a subject that genuinely interests you.

22. Foreign Language

Average Earnings: $50,000

Languages that are not frequently spoken or used by the populace of a community, society, or country are considered foreign languages. To put it another way, it alludes to any language that is not spoken by a particular region’s inhabitants.

Foreign language bachelor’s degree programs offer an in-depth study of the target language as well as the literature and culture of the region or nation. To be certified as a teacher, a bachelor’s degree in the arts may be combined with a minor in foreign language education.

23. Marketing

Average Earnings: $51,700.

The process of developing, delivering, communicating, and exchanging valuable offerings is known as marketing.
It is one of the 25 Easiest College Majors that Pays Well and qualifies graduates for jobs in sales, marketing, advertising, and public relations. Advertising agencies, public relations firms, and marketing companies are among the employers of marketing majors.

They work as managers and supervisors in marketing as well.

24. Finance

Average Earnings: $60,200.

The study of money, money systems, and capital assets is known as finance. It is focused on both the art and science of financial management.

Students who earn a degree in finance are well-versed in banking, trade, and economics. The study, procurement, and management of investments are also included. Economic theories and practices are used to guide the operations of the banking, credit, debt, and capital markets.

25. English degree

Average Earnings: $51,000

English, being one of the 25 easiest majors that pay well aid student with full knowledge and understanding of grammar, literary analysis, and writing. It involves reading and evaluating many tales, essays, poems, and other texts to improve students’ English language competence as well as their creativity, critical thinking, and research abilities.

FAQ on the Easiest College Majors that Pay Well

How do I know which major will be good for me?

For you to know the major would be good for you, You will have to check for the following;

  • Explore what you are interested in or what you find yourself doing.
  • Consider your strength capacity on any course you want to study if you can handle it and your performance.
  • Talk with people who are ahead of you in your course of interest for better understanding. Also, do some research work.

Is my major going to determine my success in the job market? 

While it is true that your major can influence your career path and employment opportunities, it is not the only factor that will determine your success in the job market. You have an additional skill that you succeed in that is not your major.

When I start college, do I have to declare a major?

No, when you enroll in college you are not required to choose a major. Many students who enroll in college as “undeclared” or “undecided” have not yet decided on a major. This is a typical and quite appropriate strategy.

In order to provide students the opportunity to study several academic topics and identify their interests, some schools, and universities mandate that students take general education courses in a range of subjects before declaring a major.



It’s crucial to keep in mind that what constitutes the 25 easiest college majors that are listed in this article is arbitrary and can change depending on a student’s unique talents, interests, and learning preferences. You are more likely to succeed academically and in your future profession if you choose a degree that fits your interests and abilities. Follow what you are passionate about and specialize in it. You would be able to earn far more than an average person with little or no interest.

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