20 Easiest Degrees to Pass in 2023

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We get that schoolwork can be cumbersome and you would want to make it easier by searching for the easiest degrees to pass especially in 2023.

In this article, we have listed 20 of these degrees and given you a few details about them individually. But is that all embedded in this piece of write-up? Find out more

Where Can One Get Access to the Easiest Degrees to Pass in 2023?

There’s no specific place (state, country, or educational institute) where you can study the degrees below. These easiest degrees to pass in 2023 pans across various institutions and countries as long as there is a degree to offer.

All you have to do is to get to pick an institution, research the degrees offered, and send an application.

We have put together 20 easiest degrees to pass in 2023 in this article, to help you narrow down your choices. So let’s dive straight into it, shall we?

Why Did We Choose These Degrees?

They give you skills that you use daily. These skills are;

  • Easy-flowing communication,
  • Writing skills
  • Analytical skills
  • Technology

As you read further, you’ll get to understand not just the above reason but more reasons why these degrees were chosen.

List of the 20 Easiest Degrees to Pass

Below is a list of the easiest degrees to pass in 2023:

20 Easiest Degrees to Pass

Now let’s dive deep through these degrees which were listed above

1. Anthropology

To begin our list of 20 easiest degrees to pass in 2023 is anthropology. Are you curious about human evolution, social institutions, and various cultures?

Then acquiring an anthropology degree might be just right for you. Anthropology examines humanity, with courses on archaeology, linguistics, and cultural anthropology.

This major helps you develop strong analytical and writing skills that lead to careers in museum studies, the public sector, and community services.

2. Business

Business isn’t just one of the easiest degrees, it is also the most popular major. Core topics like accounting, management, and organizational behavior are studied in this course major.

You can hone the skills obtained with upper-level courses in logistics, training and development, or entrepreneurship. With a bachelor’s in business, you can aim for lucrative careers in finance, marketing, and human resources.

Many business programs embody hands-on training through an internship and career support. There are also career parts with an associate degree or a Ph.D. in business.

3. Communications

Communications is among our list of 20 easiest degrees to pass in 2023. A lot of people are fascinated by the media and the news industry. Are you one of them?

If you are, then a communications degree must be a great fit. Communications majors study public relations, mass media, journalism, and business communication. Or, you can move into technical fields by studying technical writing. You’ll foster strong writing and analytical skills in this major.

You can take interesting classes like visual storytelling and multiplatform content creation as part of your degree, specialize your degree with concentration options like public relations, journalism, or technical writing, and focus on analytical, writing, and research skills to pursue careers in business, marketing, or other high-paying fields.

4. Computer Science

Do you know the tech industry offers some of the highest salaries? If you’ve got strong technical skills, you can venture into computer science as it might be the easiest major with the highest ROI. Ensure you’re prepared for programming, math, and engineering classes before declaring an interest in computer science as a major.

You should also know that there’s a strong demand for computer science professionals, with the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projecting 418,500 job openings annually from 2021-2031 and most entry-level computer science careers only require a bachelor’s degree, so you don’t need to earn a graduate degree.

5. Creative Writing

Are you a creative person? You can focus on your creative side with creative writing as a major. Genre writing, and analyzing texts can be studied, and how to create a writing portfolio will be dealt with. With a creative writing degree, you will also learn to hone your writing skills while also learning about storytelling and building research skills.

Studying creative writing will help you strengthen in-demand skills like writing, research, and critical thinking and graduate with a portfolio to market your writing and launch your career in a creative field.

6. Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice is the next course in this list of 20 easiest degrees to pass in 2023. Law enforcement, criminology, and the legal system are some of the topics learned in this major.

Acquiring a bachelor’s in criminal justice can help you become a federal law enforcement officer, paralegal, or forensic science technician. Criminal justice is also a good major to launch a criminal justice, public policy, or law career.

There are best schools where one can study law, with criminal justice as a major.

7. Education

Do you have a love for learning and teaching? You can venture into an education major as it might be the easiest and easiest degree. With a bachelor’s in education, you can become an elementary school teacher, or high school teacher, or even a special education teacher. An education degree prepares you for opportunities in training and development.

Studying education is also practical as you’ll gain hands-on classroom training through a student teaching experience that can enhance job opportunities.

8. English Language

English language as a major is one of the 20 easiest degrees to pass in 2023. As an English major, you can study literary criticism, rhetoric, and writing.

As a humanities major, you can venture into many fields including; business, education, the nonprofit sector, social services, or public relations.

These are possible after honing communication, analytical, and research skills.

9. Foreign Language

There are a lot of languages spoken around the world and it brings curiosity to some individuals. Are you one of them? Do you wish to learn a certain language?

Then a foreign language major might be one of the 20 easiest degrees to pass in 2023 for you. In today’s global economy, studying foreign languages and cultures gives a major advantage in the job market. In addition to careers in translation, your language skills will be needed in business, education, or healthcare.

10. Health

Interested in healthcare? Then a health major might be a great investment and luckily for you, it is one of the 20 easiest degrees to pass in 2023.

The healthcare field is one of the fastest-growing areas in life, according to the BLS. Within health, there are various programs you can major in, such as nursing, healthcare administration, health science, or nutrition.

A bachelor’s degree in nursing trains you for high-paying, in-demand jobs with many opportunities for career growth.

11. History

History is one of the 20 easiest degrees to pass in 2023. Learning history as a major will enable you to strengthen your analytical, research, and writing skills.

There are a lot of histories you will study during a bachelor’s in history, such as U.S. history, world history, and ancient history. With a history degree, you can work in education, business, media, or marketing sectors respectively.

There are also interesting subjects to study like the history of science, environmental history, and medieval Europe. One advantage of acquiring a history degree is the gain of in-demand skills like critical thinking, analysis, communication, and research.

12. Humanities

You can acquire an interdisciplinary degree with a humanities major. Getting a degree in humanities is a great way to take English, philosophy, history, and religious studies courses.

And it’s one of the 20 easiest degrees to pass in 2023 if you already have transfer credits. Humanities students apply their critical thinking and writing skills to fields like education, public relations, and publishing.

Many humanities programs let the students personalize their degree by choosing courses from various disciplines. The humanities program examines interesting subjects like culture, literature, and human behavior.

13. Journalism

If you’re intrigued by mass media and have a nose for news, journalism might be the perfect major to choose as it makes it one of the 20 easiest degrees to pass in 2023.

Studying for a degree in journalism will teach you how to interview sources and report the news ethically. You’ll also learn editing and broadcasting while honing your investigative skills.

There are cutting-edge topics to be studied like data journalism and multimedia storytelling. You also gain lots of hands-on experience since journalism programs incorporate experiential learning.

14. Liberal Arts

Liberal arts is not just one of the 20 easiest degrees to pass in 2023, it is also a flexible and easy major. Liberal arts is a wonderful choice if you want an interdisciplinary degree.

When studying for a bachelor’s in liberal arts, you’ll learn courses in the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences. This all-rounded education can lead to great careers in social services, business, education, or many other fields.

You can personalize your degree by taking courses in psychology, English, history, and other liberal arts disciplines. Liberal arts is a great option for anyone with prior college experience because it helps maximize your transfer credits.

15. Linguistics

You can study language scientifically as a linguistics major. You will be able to learn about language acquisition, the structure of languages, and how languages evolve. Studying this major helps you strengthen your analytical and logical skills while earning a linguistics degree.

Linguistics majors benefit from some surprising job opportunities in tech — their training makes them well-suited for machine language learning roles. Linguistics graduates work in cutting-edge tech fields like artificial intelligence and natural language processing.

16. Music

Music is an exciting and entertaining industry. Acquiring a music degree can help launch your career. With a music major, you’ll study the theory, composition, and business side of music.

Many programs offer concentrations in music business, songwriting, or music production. You can also prepare for teaching career paths with a degree in music education. You will be able to gain performance and composition experience while studying music, as it is a hands-on degree.

17. Religious Studies

Religious Studies is one of the 20 easiest degrees to pass in 2023. Choosing religious studies as a major, enables you to study comparative religion, religious history, and religious art.

You’ll also strengthen analytical and critical thinking skills while examining religion, culture, and society. With a religious studies degree, you can work in religious-based careers or as a counselor, community services professional, or social worker.

You will take a variety of courses, including history, art, philosophy, sociology, and literature.

18. Social Work

Are you interested in community services and social justice? Then a social work degree might be the perfect fit. A social work degree is considered one of the 20 easiest degrees to pass in 2023, especially if you’ve got strong communication and interpersonal skills.

With a social work degree, you can work for government agencies or nonprofits that are focused on social and community services. Social work majors gain valuable skills for careers that interact with the public or include advocacy or assessment.

19. Sociology

Sociology explores human behavior and social institutions.

Then a sociology degree might be the easiest degree to acquire. You can explore interesting subjects like family sociology, organizational behavior, and social inequality.

Learning sociology will help you gain analytical and critical thinking skills which are high in demand. Graduates of sociology pursue great careers in business, marketing, human resources, and community services. This is one of the 20 easiest degrees to pass in 2023.

20. Visual and Performing Arts

Are you creative and do you want to explore your creative side? Then you should think about getting a degree in visual and performing arts as a major. This might be one of the 20 easiest degrees to pass in 2023 for you. Within this field, you can study everything from theater to graphic design.

There are other art majors including animation, interior design, web design, and media management. Acquiring a degree in visual and performing arts helps strengthen your critical analysis and creative thinking skills with a visual and performing arts major.

Frequently Asked Questions on the Easiest Degrees to Pass

1. How many degrees are easy to pass?

In as much as we have listed the 20 easiest degrees to pass in 2023, the list isn’t limited as it goes on.

2. Are the requirements the same for the degrees listed above?

The requirements differ from one degree to another and it depends on the school in which you choose to study and the country in which you want to be an international student.

3. Are these degrees affordable?

Being an easy degree to pass does not necessarily mean it would be cheap or affordable. Again this depends on the institution in which you choose to study.


Which of the above 20 easiest degrees to pass in 2023 interests you? You can apply for it at any university of your choice. We wish you success in your future endeavors.

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