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Now, here is the article y’all waiting for- a complete guide to study in the USA. It’s an experience like no other. By reading through the article you’ll get to understand why USA holds the prestigious record of being the most popular destination for international students.

Studying in the USA is a wonderful opportunity an international student will love to have. It isn’t just about the high educational standards, many other factors drive international students into the US such as it’s diversity, flexibility, high level of competition which eventually brings out the best in you, flexibility of the system, excellent facilities that meet current demands etc.

Study in USA and it will be a life transforming experience.

Study in USA

The United States of America, commonly referred to as the United States or US is a country located in North America and consists of 50 states. It’s a place of freedom, freedom or speech, religion, rights etc, and welcoming to every international student.

There are lots and lots of abundant opportunities, you’ll gain as an international student in the USA, such as access to quality education, a unique curriculum, a multicultural environment, a place like home. Don’t miss any opportunity to study in the US.

Why Study in USA?

Of course, this can’t be overstress of the numerous benefits and opportunity one will gain as an international student by studying in the US. In order to refresh our minds we’ll list reasons many international students flock to US in other to further their studies.

1. International Reputation of US Degrees

You don’t need to be told of the strong reputation maintained by top universities in the US. The standards of universities in the USA are so highly upheld. Government of the United states of America invest a lot of funds in the universities. It is believed that human capital investment is the best investment for a country.

Because the US is intentional about it’s higher education it has not failed to maintain it’s high international reputation among other countries, while attracting more and more international students to it. It’s more like a dream for many international students to study in the USA.

Degrees gotten from US universities are unquestionable recognized and accepted in any other country. They are highly sought for, since these degrees tell of the high educational standards and rigorous requirements instilled in the bearer of the degree.

2. Get to Experience Cultural Diversity

The steady influx of international students to American Universities has been on the rise due to it’s recognized high quality. Study in USA and get the chance to meet various people from round the world, with different cultures and beliefs. It get interesting to meet people from different other nationalities.

Knowing you’re not new to this experience keeps you comfortable and allows international students adapt easily to the US environment.

As an international student who wants to study in USA, you’ll be opportune to acquiring the priceless virtue of tolerance. You get to visualize things broadly from other people’s perspective and not from a one-sided scope. What a opportunity to create a large network of friends from round the world, an experience like no other. Such a rare environment is enabled in the US.

3. Excellent Support Facilities for International Students

The Universities in the US are keenly interested in the welfare of their international scholars. At such they provide excellent support facilities for these international students in other to make transition to US universities easier.

These support comes in form of workshops, trainings, orientations, English Language practice courses, seminars etc., with the aim of preparing these international students for the classes and whatever is ahead of them

4. Flexibility in Education

Come study in USA and witness the amazing level of flexibility you don’t find anywhere else. This offers an ideal environment to meet the learning requirements for students, with the sole purpose of driving the students into what they should become.

Instructors purposefully shift the classroom structures, learning patterns and instructional methods in order that learning may be engaging to the students and relevant to the student’s domain. These are done after considering the strengths and weakness and goals of the student.

Here  education meets the demands and serves as a nearly perfect system that provides the needs.

5. Financial Support

Here is another reason most international students flood the US-financial assistance. There are lots and lots of financial aids available to international students to the US. These financial aids are in the form of grants, scholarships, loans etc.

Most students seek for scholarships and grants. Scholarships ranges from partial to tuition-free even to fully-funded(all expenses) scholarships. They are readily available to international students.

These scholarships are mostly available to international scholars who are high achieving and intelligent, and willing to study in the US but lack the financial support. Through careful application, they should be able to prove the former in the application process t study in USA.

6. Perfect Work/ Study Environment

Unlike many other countries, USA has a wonderful work-study environment, in that students can easily combine their studies with work and shifts.

It gives every international student the opportunity to further provide for the selves and support their cost of living in the USA. Through few hours of work, you can provide for some of your needs and daily expenses, without affecting your studies negatively.

7. Great Job Opportunities

Once you graduate from he university as an international student, you are legally permitted to work in the USA, for a period of one year. This is the opportunity to make some bucks as an international student in the USA before finally leaving after completion of studies.

During your stay in the US, you need apply for the optional practical training while you study in USA. Most international students eventually get inducted by the company that hires them during their OPT period.

Your employer could grant you a H1-B visa, which means you can work in USA without returning to your home country.

study in usa

Education in USA

USA is know for it’s high standards of education. Ever wondered why USA holds 58 places among the world’s top 100 universities? Now, you’ll be wondering what a massive amount it is. This accounts for the high influx of international students, which is on the yearly increase. Improved educational  system in the US can also be accounted for by the deliberate effort of the government to get a better education for its citizens. You can see it in the National Annual Budget which amounts to about $1.3 trillion.

Many ask what the educational system of the United states looks like. Schooling is compulsory for all citizens of the United States. This account for the high literacy rate in the United States as 99% of the population above 15 years are able to read.

The stages of education in the United states comprises of:

  • Pre-school Education
  • Compulsory Education( Elementary, Middle and High school)
  • Higher Education( Undergraduate and Graduate School)
  • Continuing Education( Vocational School, Adult Education)

The public(free) education is from kindergarten to grade 12(normally abbreviated K-12). It a compulsory education and it’s tax-subsidized. It’s compulsory for every citizen to attend these level of education. Non-compliance could attract consequences.

Then comes the Higher Education which is categorized into the graduate and undergraduate school.

  • Most Bachelors degree takes 4 years to complete in the US
  • Masters Degree takes about 2 years of full-time to complete in an American University

Top Universities in USA

You can’t afford to miss an opportunity to study in USA. It’s more like studying in the best universities in the world. US holds the highest number of universities in the QS Top University Ranking for the top 100 universities in the world( about 58). Most universities are recognized and held in high esteem.

Below is a list of the top 20 Universities to study in USA according to QS Ranking

  1. Harvard University
  2. Stanford University
  3. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
  4. University of California, Berkeley (UCB)
  5. Columbia University
  6. University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)
  7. Yale University
  8. University of Pennsylvania
  9. Princeton University
  10. Cornell University
  11. New York University (NYU)
  12. University of Chicago
  13. Duke University
  14. Johns Hopkins University
  15. University of Southern California
  16. Northwestern University
  17. Northwestern University
  18. University of Michigan
  19. California Institute of Technology (Caltech)
  20. Brown University

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study in usa

Top Courses to Study in USA

As an international student, considering of of these courses to study in USA is a great option. These are courses highly sought out for by international students. Other courses are also unparelled and sought out for by many students.

  • MS in Data Science
  • MS in Computer Science
  • MS in Data Analytics
  • Masters in Management
  • MS in Civil Engineering
  • MS in Artificial Intelligence BBA
  • MS in Engineering Management
  • M.Arch
  • Masters in Cybersecurity
  • B.Tech
  • Masters in Mechanical Engineering
  • Masters in Project Management
  • Masters in Information Systems
  • B.Sc Computer Science
  • Masters in International Business
  • Masters in Digital Marketing
  • Masters in Economics etc.

Cost of Studying in the USA

Below is a break down of the average cost of studying in the US. This refers to the tuition fees you’ll expect as an international student who wish to study in USA.

  • Undergraduate Studies – Public 2-year colleges – $3,570
    Public 4-year colleges –  $9,970
    Private 4-year college –  $34,740
  • Post-Graduate Studies – Public institution –   $25,000
    Private institutions – $30,000
  • Health Insurance –  It ranges from  $2,000 to $36,740

General Cost of living in the US

The table below describes the expected average cost of living in the US. This can help you in preparation of your budget and proper planning before coming to the US.

ExpenditureCost(in USD per month)
Food250  –  1,200
Electricity and Gas165
Accommodation450  –  1,200
Transportation120  –  250
Books, Supplies and other Learning material200

Having read through the article follow the process below to prepare for your studies in USA.

Research your options: The United States is home to many prestigious universities. It very important that you’re deliberate about your choice of course and institution if you must study in USA. Consider acceptance rate of these universities during your application.

Plan your budget: Having gone through the above article, you can be able to properly plan your budget to a measurable extent.

Prepare your application/profile: You need to prepare your application in advance, such as your statement of purpose, and upgrade your student profile as this can give you chances of getting a scholarship.

Take Standardized Exams: In other to prove you’re proficiency in English, US universities usually require standardized tests such as IELTS/TOEFL or equivalent. Some universities may also require scores from GRE/GMAT or SAT/ACT, usually depending on your course of study.

Apply for your visa: You can go ahead to apply for the student visa after meeting the requirements the comes with the visas.

Finally, prepare for your departure.

Thanks for staying with us. Leave your comments in the comment section below.


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