10 Low Tuition Universities in Canada for International Students

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While there is a general rise in the tuition fees for international students in countries like USA, Australia, Japan, countries like Canada provide low tuition fee to International students. What’s amazing is that these low tuition universities in Canada compete with the world’s class to provide quality and standard education to their international students.

Recently, there has been a high demand for the Canadian Visa owing to it’s high quality of education combined with it’s culturally friendly environment. Before venturing into the low tuition universities in Canada, knowing why Canada should be the best choice for any international student is very important.

The article will guide you on the general process of getting into Canada as an International Students including the Visa Requirements, general cost of living etc., before diving deep into the universities with low tuition for international students.

Low Tuition Universities in Canada for International Students


About Canadian Education System

According to the latest study conducted by US News & World Report, Canada has been recognized as the third best country in terms of Education.

This 2020 rank is based on three major factors ,namely, possessing a well-developed public education system, people’s consideration to attend in the location/country, and the quality of education provided( top quality), of which were graced by Canada.

This means that certificates received in Canada are internationally recognized and provided by some of the top educators and academics around the world, an opportunity which shouldn’t be missed.

Visit the link to watch the success stories of people from around the world who studied in Canada.


Other Reasons To Study in Canada

Aside it’s world-class education, Canada presents a very welcoming and culturally diverse environment to it’s international students. It provides students with the opportunity to perfect their skills and impact their good in the society.

If you’re looking for a culturally diverse community, where you can meet people of different color, race, language, country etc., united into one, then Canada is the perfect place for you.

Aside the affordable cost of living, Canada provides students with a better quality of life, as it is ranked #1, when it comes to quality of life. It gives students the opportunity of a work  and study life(especially those one who cannot afford the full-tuition). It’s tuition and general living expenses are also generally affordable to international students.


Eligible International Students and Requirements( as Affected by COVID)

In spite of the restrictions that came with COVID, Canada is still welcoming to all International Students irrespective of their nationalities provided they meet the general eligibility and Covid requirements.

Eligibility Requirements

In order to study in Canada you must:

  • are enrolled at a designated learning institution (DLI)
  • prove you have enough money to pay for your:
    1. tuition fees
    2. living expenses for yourself and any family members who come with you to Canada and
    3. return transportation for yourself and any family members who come with you to Canada
  • obey the law, have no criminal record and get a police certificate (if required)
    are in good health and get a medical exam (if required)
  • prove to an officer that you will leave Canada when your study permit expires

COVID Requirements

  • Every one entering into Canada must present a negative COVID test result to the required airline prior to boarding the flight to Canada.
  • Also, everyone entering Canada must follow mandatory isolation or quarantine requirements.  It is important to know that negligence to the mandatory requirements is a serious offence with consequences and penalties.

Note that the following do not need a study permit to get into Canada: people on Short-term studies (6 months or less), family or staff of foreign representatives, members of foreign armed forces, registered Indians in Canada,  and minor children in Canada.

Low Tuition Universities in Canada and Contacts

There are various low tuition universities in Canada. Fortunately, these are internationally accredited and recognized universities. The table below gives you a list of the low tuition universities in Canada including their various tuition fees.

UniversityUndergraduate Tuition(Est.)Graduate Tuition(Est.)Contact Information
Brandon University   $7,202   $5,000+1 204-728-9520
Université de Saint-Boniface   $7,485   $7,500+1 204-237-1818
Canadian Mennonite University   $8,900   $28,500+1 204-487-3300
University of Guelph   $9,730   $6,900+1 519-824-4120
Booth University College   $9,200   $6,500+1 204-947-6701
University of Saskatchewan   $16,500   $4,358+1 306-966-4343
Simon Fraser University   $27,900   $3,743+1 778-782-3111
University of Alberta   $10,520   $4,000+1 780-492-3111
Memorial University of Newfoundland   $11,460   $4,914+1 709-864-8000
Kingswood University   $9,600   $5,000+1 506-432-4422

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Canadian Study Permits and Visas

Study permits are documents issued to allow foreign nationals pursue a degree in a country. As an International Student, you’ll need a study permit to get into Canada and study at a designated learning institution. It is important to note that application for the study permit must be made before going to Canada, and the necessary documents must be in place before the application is made.

If the study permit is approved, a visitor visa or an electronic travel authorization(eTA) will be issued as well, as the study permit alone cannot get you into Canada.

Students especially those of China, India, Morocco, Pakistan, the Philippines, Senegal or Vietnam can get their study permit faster by applying through the student direct stream(SDS).

Number of working Days(SDS):  20 working days

Cost: $150

General Cost of Living

Below is a general cost of living you would expect as an International student coming to Canada and are categorized according to the basic needs, which includes:

  • Accommodation
  • Expenses on Food
  • Internet
  • Transportation


There are three major choices for housing facilities in Canada for students:-

  • Student Residences:- The price ranges between 197-493 USD per month.
  • University-provided Homestay:- The price rates for this facility usually ranges from 315 to 630 per month.
  • Apartments:- Though the rent of an apartment depends on its location and amenities included, the initial price range starts from 237-552 USD per month.

Expenses on Food

  • Shopping:- Students living in Canada don’t need to spend much on food shopping. The approximate amount needed is 237 USD every month.
  • Restaurants:- 8-20USD per meal


  • Transport Pass:- The total price of a travel pass is 71 USD/month.
  • Taxis and cabs are common ways of transportation in Canada and fare costs 2-5 USD/km.

Internet and Basic Utilities

  • Basic Utilities (electricity, water, heat, garbage etc.): 150 USD/month
  • Internet: $(40-56)  per month

Scholarships, Grants and Loans

It’s also interesting to point out that Canada provides financial aids to International scholars who are willing and ready to pursue their degree in Canada but lack financial backing. These aids come in form of government grants, scholarships and loans.

Scholarships are readily available for International students and ranges from partial scholarships to full-tuition and all-expenses scholarships.

These scholarships are majorly awarded to outstanding and zealous students who lack the finance to successfully complete a degree in Canada.

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