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As a Scholar seeking admission into a foreign country, one thought which could be spinning off the top of your head at the moment is, “What are the best places to study abroad?” This question is like a puzzle and like all puzzles, each piece needs to be put together in order to get it solved.

Gladly, World Scholars Hub have used several parameters to determine the best places to study abroad–across the world, just for you. Sit tight and Read through.

So What Did We Look Out For?

What determines a good place of study for a foreign student in an international community? Take a look at some of them below:

  1. Acceptance culture of the local people to foreigners – Of course you would not want to end up having even an academic year in a racist or xenophobic country. You will definitely want to be accepted in your host community, for who you are and for what you have come to learn. Therefore critical consideration is given to this fact.
  2. Political Stability – Political stability of any nation is given priority standing for every consideration for a migrant. Political stability is determined by a country’s national policies and the smooth transition to power, no matter the system of government in place.
  3. Economic Strength GDP- Getting stuck in an economically shunted country could literally be a haunting experience. Moreover, wbile studying abroad you might decide to start a job and you would not want to be paid piecemeal for hardwork, that would be terrible.
  4. Security – Security is also a top concern for every international student. Your security is of utmost importance as you carry out your academic and of course social activities in the host country. Countries ridden by terrorism and crime is definitely not an ideal location for an international student.
  5. Academic Standard – This relates to the value and quality of education from the Universities in the host country when compared to the global standard. The bar set by intellectual body of the Alumni and the advancement of ideas within the academic community also plays a role in determining the academic standard in the country.
  6. Infrastructure for Research and Development – In addition to the academic standards, also considered is the infrastructures for research and development available in host countries and the rate of accessibility to them
  7. Aesthetics, Culture and History – There is of course, aesthetics, tourist sites and monuments, fun parks and just about anything fun to keep you alive while studying. Learning the culture of the host country and their history is an added benefit for an international student and are quite important.

So having noted considerations for locating the best places to study abroad, here are some of the most wonderful places you should definitely choose.

Best Places to Study Abroad for English Speakers

So as a student fluent in English, you may be in search of an international location where you would not be held back by language barrier.

So for the best English speaking locations we have;

1. Netherlands

The Netherlands is a great place of studying for English speakers. The country has a very wonderful welcoming people who would make you feel at home. one of the most happiest countries in the world.

As a plus, there are lots of awesome places to visit in the Netherlands.

2. Iceland

In Iceland, more than 80 percent of locals communicate in English language so you may want to consider studying there. Being one of the leading countries in scientific research makes it a very much desired location.

3. New Zealand

The island country in the southwestern Pacific Ocean ‘New Zealand, is an outstanding natural beauty. Famous for it’s love for Rugby and Bungee jumping, the country becomes a place for lovers of daring sports. What’s more? Within the country, English is the more predominantly spoken language and thus the official language of the country.

4. Belize

Who would have believed that Belize was colonized by the British? This very little country has English as it’s official Language and is a great place to study in English Language.

5. South Africa

Want to study in an Anglophone African nation? Then South Africa is the best option for you. With a secure nation and a diverse culture and people it would be immense fun to study in SA. The official language is English and they speak fluently.

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Best Places to Study Abroad for French Speakers

Now for French lovers and for those want to learn the language of romance, here are the best places to study abroad.

6. France

Definitely, this listing should start with the genesis of the language- France.

France is an awesome place to study abroad for lovers of French who are not natives. With the city of romance at its center, France remains the topmost country for French Speakers.

7. Madagascar

You might be seeking a francophone African country for your study abroad location. Madagascar is your best bet. With awesome wild life reserves, which you could explore during studies.

8. Luxembourg

One of the richest countries in the world, Luxembourg, has French as an official language and international students are very welcome to study with citizens of this amazing country.

Best Places to Study Abroad for Engineering

Engineering, one of the oldest professional careers requires meticulous teaching and scrutinized training with sufficient hands-on experience to enable students obtain necessary skills. Knowledge and skills of engineers continue to push the world a mile further. For engineering, here are some of the best places to study abroad

9. Sweden

Sweden’s capital city, Stockholm, is well known as the new tech center of Europe. With reliable firms for engineering practice, Sweden provides valuable exposure to Engineering students.

10. Finland

Just like Sweden, Finland’s capital city is a great place for tech and engineering students. The development of Helsinki is testified by it being the home to the mobile phone producer Nokia and many other companies on the cutting edge of innovation.

Finland provides a foremost opportunity for Engineering students seeking to study abroad.

11. United Kingdom

London, the capital city of the United Kingdom, features access to some of the world’s topmost engineering schools. With a propensity towards churning out quality professionals, the UK might just be that choice you have always wanted to make.

12. Japan

Japan as a place popular for manufacturing of futuristic consumer products and next-generation urban engineering equipment and devices definitely makes this listing. Within Japan there are lots of research and development opportunities.

Nikon, Sony and Panasonic are only a few of the edge cutting companies based in the capital of Japan, Tokyo.

13. South Korea

South Korea is one country which has continued to marvel persons beyond doubt. With the development of hyper-fast broadband network, high-speed bullet trains and many other state of the art infrastructure, the country serves as a breeding ground for future engineers.

Seoul, the capital city is a host to many innovative firms such as Samsung, LG and Hyundai and this is a plus for any student studying abroad.

Best Places to Study Abroad for Business

When it’s about business, traveling for studies could be just the catalyst needed for success in your career. Getting a first hand experience on how business runs in your home country and your host country gives you leverage over persons who never took a real look on how the game is played.

For the best places to study abroad for Business there is,

14. China

China is the fastest growing economy in Asia. Her Asian market runs an economy that produces a GDP of 11.2 trillion USD per year. With it’s economic growth, the Chinese economy is set to rival that of the US in a near future.

Studying business in China will reveal to a foreign student the dynamics of running a business within a socialist environment.

15. Seoul, South Korea

South Korea is home to world class brands like Samsung and Hyundai and most of the country’s state-of-the-art universities are particularly known globally for their good business curriculum.

Business men and women in South Korea are known for their great insights and wonderful business acumen. Studying there would definitely be enlightening.

Best Places to Study Abroad for MBBS/MD

Similar to engineering is the prestigious medical field of which proper training in facilities which have the appropriate equipment is very much necessary. With this in mind, here are a few places where you can study for an MBBS degree at an amazing standard.

16. USA

The USA tops our list of countries with amazing medical colleges. With 172 medical colleges in the country, the United States of America is at the lead of innovative medicine and is certainly a great location for a medicine student.  It is important to note that USA colleges award MD degrees at the end of the program.

17. Canada

Canada is also one of the most sought out countries by medical students. Lots of students across the world travel to Canada just to study medicine. Just like the US, Canada also does not offer an MBBS degree. The course is awarded an MD degree.

18. Germany

Popular for its free education policies, studying for an MBBS in Germany is yet another option to look forward to. There is a catch though, most of the courses offered are taught in German and only a few courses are offered in English.

This is due to the fact that since patients will be Germans, it is advisable for the doctor to have a knowledge of German Language. Therefore the student has to gradually learn the language until he/she is ready to learn the course in German.

19. Ukraine

Popular amongst Asian students, the Ukraine MBBS abroad remains one of the best globally. It is a merging point of the East and West.

The courses are offered in English, Ukrainian and Russian. And the best part is that you do not require any entrance tests to study MBBS in Ukraine.

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