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Taylor University scholarship is in the category of scholarships provided by institutions in the private domain to aid students, financially and otherwise. Taylor University is a private Christian university located in Upland, Indiana. Popularly known for its academic excellence.

The other thing Taylor University is widely known for is the institution’s generous gesture in offering various scholarships to help students finance their education. The essence of this writing is to discuss in detail one of such scholarships known as the Taylor University scholarship, discussing crucial information like the eligibility requirements, application process, and selection criteria for this scholarship.

Eligibility criteria for the Taylor University Scholarship is not usually a difficult thing, but lack of information and choice have made it sleep in the dark away from the attention of many. To be eligible students must first be accepted to Taylor University and must in one way or the other demonstrate financial need, have a strong academic record, and show involvement in extracurricular activities.

It is a combination of factor scholarship owing that this scholarship is awarded based on a combination of merit and financial need, and it can cover up to the full cost of tuition. The catch here is that it is renewable each year provided that the student maintains satisfactory academic progress.

Lesser-Known Facts Concerning Students And Prospective Students Of Taylor University

The following covers a few things interested students should know when applying for the Taylor University scholarship. First, you will need to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). After that, the students will need to submit the Taylor University Scholarship application. The third stage involves the provision of additional documentation, such as transcripts or letters of recommendation.

It is essential to recall that it is important to start the application process early, as the deadline for the scholarship is typically in February. And just like every other scholarship, the potential beneficiary needs some sort of preparation as it increases the chances of being awarded the scholarship.

A Guide To Taylor University Scholarships

A Guide To Taylor University Scholarships
A Guide To Taylor University Scholarships

In this contemporary society where the world economy is faced with several challenges. Only very few higher institutions of learning understand the difficulty students face in trying to meet the financial demands of their academic pursuits.

Taylor University understands this situation in a way that is uncommon and unbranded, taking into consideration the financial challenges associated with achieving the academic goals of its students.

This gesture has made Taylor University stand out in offering aid to help pave the way for deserving students, as such they offer a diverse range of scholarships, making a Taylor education more accessible than you might think. This section takes a look at the scholarship life at Taylor University.

Types Of Scholarships Available

  • Merit-Based Scholarships: This type of scholarship is characterized by recognizing academic excellence, these scholarships reward high-achieving students with varying award amounts. At Taylor University, there exist several categories of this brand of scholarship and they include options like the President’s Scholarship, Dean’s Scholarships, and Faculty Honors Scholarships.
  • Need-Based Scholarships: Tailored to students demonstrating financial need, these scholarships bridge the gap and make Taylor within reach. Explore the Taylor University Grant, Opportunity Scholarship, and Indiana State Grants.
  • Talent-Based Scholarships: This type of scholarship is adopted by Taylor University to help students with good talent further their academics. This is a category where just showcasing your artistic, athletic, or leadership abilities can unlock unique scholarship opportunities. Explore music, theatre, and athletic scholarships, as well as leadership awards like the Servant Leadership Scholarship.
  • Diversity Scholarships: Recognizing the value of diverse perspectives, Taylor offers scholarships like the Kingdom Diversity Scholarship and International Student Scholarships to enrich the campus community.
  • Legacy Scholarships: Taylor University also considers people with special kinds of legacies. If you have a family connection to Taylor, explore legacy scholarships like the Alumni Legacy Scholarship or the Sibling Discount.

Merit Matters With Taylor University: Scholarships Rewarding Academic Excellence

Merit Scholarship Category

This category is exclusively set for high-performance students. For high-achieving students, Taylor University knows academic excellence deserves recognition and support, this theory has helped in a lot of ways to motivate these students and provide a tense-free academic environment for them.

Taylor University’s approach has been viewed as a catalyst to high performance students and it helps boost their standards.

Taylor University offers a range of merit-based scholarships, celebrating top scholars and making a Taylor education even more attainable.

Opportunities Under This category

  • Presidential Scholarship: This prestigious award acknowledges the very best, offering full tuition coverage to exceptional incoming students.
  • Dean’s Scholarships: Recognizing outstanding academic achievement, these scholarships provide varying award amounts to high-performing students.
  • Faculty Honors Scholarships: Showcasing your academic prowess in specific subjects can unlock scholarships awarded by individual faculty members.
  • Academic Excellence Awards: Additional merit-based awards based on academic performance further incentivize high-caliber students.

Requirements and Considerations in Merit-Based Scholarship Category

While academic performance is highly necessary for the category of this scholarship, Merit scholarships at Taylor University do not only take grades and test scores into account. The following includes other things that are considered for this scholarship category.

  • The rigor of your curriculum: Challenging yourself with demanding coursework demonstrates initiative and intellectual curiosity.
  • Upward academic trajectory: Consistent improvement in your grades shows dedication and potential.
  • Standardized test scores: While important, these are just one data point; your overall academic profile holds more weight.

Means Of Improving Your Chances Under Merit-Based

  • Maintain outstanding academic performance: Continue striving for excellence in your remaining high school years.
  • Challenge yourself: Take rigorous courses and demonstrate intellectual curiosity.
  • Showcase your achievements: Highlight academic awards, honors societies, and competitions on your application.
  • Connect with Taylor: Attend virtual or in-person events, demonstrating your genuine interest in the university.
  • Apply early: Submit your application and supporting documents well before deadlines.
    Investing in Your Future:

Earning a merit-based scholarship at Taylor signifies not only your academic prowess but also your potential as a future leader.

Need-Based Support In Taylor University: Financial Aid Opportunities For Deserving Students

Need-Based Scholarship Category

Taylor University has made this category of scholarship stand out only for well-deserving students. The institution believes that financial limitations should not hinder the student’s educational aspirations.

Having understood the financial constraints facing the students, Taylor University has resolved to provide some solutions and by so doing, they offer a comprehensive range of need-based support to ensure deserving students.

The beautiful thing about this scholarship category from Taylor University is that it is not discriminatory. It is given to students regardless of background this makes everyone able to access a transformative Taylor education.

Programs under this category

  • Taylor University Grant: Recognizing student needs, this institutional grant provides significant financial assistance to eligible students.
  • Opportunity Scholarship: Designed to empower students with demonstrated financial need, this scholarship offers additional support.
  • Federal Grants: Taylor participates in federal need-based aid programs like Pell Grants and SEOG, maximizing support for qualified students.
  • Indiana State Grants: Indiana residents with financial needs can leverage state-funded grants to further reduce their educational costs.
  • Federal Work-Study Program: Earn income while gaining valuable experience through on-campus jobs funded by this federal program.

Requirements and Considerations

While financial need is a significant factor, Taylor also considers, that there are other requirements that Taylor University puts into consideration before awarding scholarships under the need-based category, this includes.

  • Academic potential: Your academic record demonstrates your commitment to learning and future success.
  • Character and leadership: Personal qualities like integrity, responsibility, and initiative are valued attributes.
  • Community involvement: Your contributions to your community showcase well-roundedness and engagement.

Means of improving your chances

  • Complete the FAFSA: The Free Application for Federal Student Aid is crucial for need-based aid consideration. Submit it early (ideally by April 15) to access maximum opportunities.
  • Connect with the Financial Aid Office: Their dedicated team is here to guide you through the process, answer your questions, and help you create a personalized financial aid plan.
  • Explore additional resources: Research scholarships, grants, and external aid opportunities that align with your specific needs and background.

Additional package

Need-based support at Taylor goes beyond simply making education affordable. It’s an investment in your potential, ensuring you can focus on academic pursuits, personal growth, and contributing meaningfully to the world.

International Spotlight: Scholarships Welcoming Global Learners At Taylor University

The academic journey at Taylor University is filled with several blissful events and activities. It encompasses the warmth of international support. Taylor University being a globally-minded institution, recognizes the unique value and perspectives international students bring to their vibrant campus community.

To empower their educational aspirations, they offer a range of scholarships specifically designed for international learners:

International Students Targeted Opportunities

  • Education Future International Scholarship: This merit-based scholarship recognizes academic excellence and provides significant financial support to outstanding international students from various regions.
  • MRC Scholarship Awards: Open to undergraduate and postgraduate students from Malaysia, these scholarships offer diverse award amounts based on merit and need.
  • Gamuda Scholarship: This prestigious scholarship, established by a leading Malaysian construction company, supports high-achieving Malaysian students pursuing undergraduate studies at Taylor.
  • Dr. John and Mrs. Helen Theophilus Scholarship: Honoring a couple passionate about international education, this scholarship welcomes undergraduate students from specific developing countries with demonstrated need and potential.

Dedicated international student are rewarded with services that involve a scenario where their experienced staff provides comprehensive support, from visa guidance to cultural adjustments, ensuring a smooth and enriching experience.

Taylor University is also a diverse and welcoming community which means that everyone is welcome in the name of sound education.

Demystifying The Taylor University Scholarship Process

This section aims to unveil the Financial aid pathway present in Taylor University. This institution acknowledges the importance of making education accessible, offering a diverse range of scholarships to support students from various backgrounds and academic achievements.

It is irrespective of whether the student is a high-achieving scholar, facing financial need, or an international student seeking new horizons. The following includes tips and processes involved in securing a Taylor University scholarship.

Understanding Your Options

  • Merit-based scholarships recognize academic excellence, scholarships like the Presidential or Dean’s Scholarships reward top performers with varying award amounts.
  • Need-based scholarships, mostly Taylor University Grant, Opportunity Scholarship, and federal aid programs like Pell Grants address financial needs, making Taylor more attainable and available to students who express financial needs.
  • Talent-Based Scholarships are available to students with talents in areas like artistic, athletic, or leadership abilities. Usually for unique opportunities like music, theatre, or leadership awards.
  • Diversity Scholarships, available for international Students.
  • Legacy Scholarships, available to students who have family ties to Taylor. They include scholarships like the Alumni Legacy Scholarship or Sibling Discount.

Maximizing Your Chances

Your chances can be maximized using the following tips:

  • Maintain Strong Academics: For merit-based scholarships, focus on maintaining excellent grades and standardized test scores.
  • Highlight Your Achievements: Showcase your talents, leadership skills, and community involvement in your application materials.
  • Demonstrate Financial Need: Carefully complete the FAFSA form (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) to qualify for need-based aid.
  • Meet Deadlines: Don’t miss scholarship application deadlines! Procrastination can cost you valuable opportunities.
  • Write Compelling Essays: When required, craft well-written and personalized essays that showcase your unique story, goals, and why Taylor resonates with you.

Some Top Ranking Departments At Taylor University

The following includes some of the departments at Taylor University that are well known for their notable contribution and ranking on the world stage:

  • Music Department at Taylor University: The School of Music at Taylor University is one of the top-ranked music schools in the Midwest, offering a variety of undergraduate and graduate programs in music performance, music education, music therapy, and composition.
  • The Department of Nursing at Taylor University: The Judd Leighton School of Nursing is consistently ranked among the top nursing schools in Indiana, offering a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) program and a Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) program.
  • The Department of Psychology at Taylor University: The Department of Psychology offers a variety of undergraduate programs in psychology, including a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, a Bachelor of Science in Psychology, and a minor in psychology.
  • The Department of Business Administration at Taylor University: The Department of Business Administration offers a variety of undergraduate and graduate programs in business administration, including a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA), a Master of Business Administration (MBA), and an Executive MBA.
  • The Department of Engineering at Taylor University: The Department of Engineering offers a variety of undergraduate programs in engineering, including a Bachelor of Science in Engineering (BSE) in civil engineering, mechanical engineering, and electrical engineering.
  • The Department of Education at Taylor University: The School of Education offers a variety of undergraduate and graduate programs in education, including a Bachelor of Science in Education (BSEd), a Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT), and a Doctor of Education (EdD).
  • The Department of History at Taylor University: The Department of History offers a variety of undergraduate programs in history, including a Bachelor of Arts in History and a minor in history.
  • The Department of English at Taylor University: The Department of English offers a variety of undergraduate programs in English, including a Bachelor of Arts in English and a minor in English. The department has a strong focus on helping students develop their writing, reading, and critical thinking skills.

Frequently Asked Questions on Taylor University Scholarship

What types of scholarships does Taylor University offer?

Taylor offers merit-based scholarships based on academic achievement, need-based scholarships for financial aid, and talent-based scholarships for specific activities or areas of study. They also have scholarships for specific demographics like international students, legacy students, and students of certain religious affiliations.

What are the eligibility requirements for scholarships?

Eligibility varies depending on the scholarship. Merit-based scholarships typically require high GPAs and standardized test scores. Need-based scholarships require completing the FAFSA form and demonstrating financial need. Talent-based scholarships may have specific auditions, portfolios, or requirements.

When are scholarship applications due?

Deadlines vary depending on the scholarship. Some have early deadlines, while others are considered on a rolling basis throughout the year. Always check the specific scholarship application deadlines.

How do I apply for a scholarship?

Most scholarships are applied for through the Taylor University online application portal. Some may require additional materials like essays, transcripts, or test scores. Visit the Taylor University scholarship website for detailed instructions and specific application links.

Is there a minimum GPA requirement for scholarships?

Minimum GPA requirements vary depending on the scholarship. Merit-based scholarships typically have higher GPA requirements than need-based scholarships. Check the specific scholarship details for exact requirements.


Taylor University stands as one of the best academic destinations in the world. Sometimes funding your academics might prove to not be a simple task. Exploring scholarship opportunities at Taylor University opens doors to a transformative educational experience. With diverse scholarships recognizing academic excellence, financial need, and unique talents, Taylor strives to make their education accessible to deserving students. Furthermore, the students are advised to conduct personal research on specific scholarships, gather required materials, and submit applications by the deadlines to increase their chances of securing one.

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