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In this article, we will be deliberating on the top 10 importance of writing essays. Before we ride onto that, let’s discuss some valid points on essay writing and its types.

Writing is a long-term custom of passing down information to people in the present and the future. It is a crucial skill that is required that is taught to every individual with did need to express themselves, their ideas, and opinions. Indeed, They are many profitable and essential reasons that come with writing.

What is An Essay?

An essay is a writing technique used to persuade the reader of a certain point of view or to merely inform them on a certain subject. The term “essay” was first used by Michel de Montaigne, the Lord of Montaigne and a remarkable philosopher in 1571. He used the French word Essais, which means “attempt,” to discuss his brief, philosophical compositions, which were the results of his immediate thoughts. Since then, compositions of the kind that Montaigne tried have been referred to as “essays.”

In Essay writing, there have numerous crucial elements that are involved in other for the reader to be convinced or adequately informed. The introduction, body, and conclusion are the three basic portions of an essay. Five paragraphs in a typical short essay can give the reader adequate information in a condensed amount of time.

Type Of Essay

They are 4 major types in which essay writing can be expressed. Each one of them has its principles that they follow.

  • Descriptive Essay
  • Narrative Essay
  • Argumentive Essay
  • Expository Essay

Descriptive Essay

This type of essay as implied by the term “descriptive,” is used to describe a person, place, item, event, etc. The goal of a descriptive essay is to accurately portray a person, thing, or event via the use of description. One should have the most descriptive power to be able to accomplish this goal. Also, it is necessary to have a broad vocabulary.

It aims to enhance pupils’ capacity to write an account of a certain experience. To accurately depict an image or event in the reader’s imagination, a significant deal of artistic flexibility is also permitted. If the reader is unable to visualize an impression of the thing that you are describing, you need to try again.

Helpful Tips On Writing A Descriptive Essay

  • Limit the scope of your topic and just describe the things you are well-versed in.
  • For the greatest impact, carefully consider your word choice. You need a large vocabulary to be able to achieve this.
  • It is preferable to go in chronological order when narrating events, starting with the most recent incident.
  • Choose between discussing people’s personalities and characters or starting with straightforward exterior features like clothing or physical traits.
  • Include all of your senses while describing something, including sounds, colors, shapes, textures, sensations, and so on.

Narrative Essay

The kind of essay known as a narrative tells a story. One may consider narrating a story in a narrative essay to be similar to recalling memories. Only if it can keep the reader’s interest will it be successful. It is not out of place to include an element of exaggeration in the story, but the author must make every effort to ensure that it is compelling enough to keep the reader’s interest.

These narrative, experiential, and personal essays give students the chance to express themselves in original and frequently deeply touching ways. The narrative may be made up or true. When narrating it, you must simply give it your all.

Helpful Tips On Writing A Narrative Essay

  • Follow the order of events. Because of how life is. For instance, childhood, adolescence, adulthood, and old age, or seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, and years, all occur one after the other.
  • Make sure your introduction is concise and clear.
  • One major notion should be present in each concept. A topic sentence should be present.
  • Focus on the information and facts that are crucial to your story. Don’t let wordy justifications ruin your writing. Give your story a setting, a location, and some characters.
  • If required, add speech and humor to your narration. It becomes dynamic and engaging as a result.
  • Do not use the same phrase form twice.
  • Start with a dramatic event (in an imaginary narrative).

Argumentative Essay

In this kind of essay, an effort is made to establish the superiority of one viewpoint over another. The writer takes a stand on a particular subject and backs it up with facts. In that there are two sides to any arguing topic that can be made for or against, an argumentative essay is essentially a written discussion.

The goal of an argumentative essay is to evaluate the reader’s capacity for judgment and critical analysis. An argumentative essay’s objective is to persuade the reader that your perspective is rational, moral, and ultimately correct. One can only be successful in writing this form of essay, which is an argument or dispute if the thesis is solid and compelling. Consequently, it is important to make sure that any opinions are supported by strong evidence.

Helpful Tips On Writing An Argumentative Essay

  • No room should be left for unclear remarks.
  • You must educate yourself on previous arguments on any subject if you wish to present a compelling case.
  • Choose the argument’s topic and supporting evidence.
  • Spend time crafting a persuasive case.

Expository Essay

This kind of essay makes an effort to reveal, educate, interpret, or explain with specific reference to a specified topic. It demands the student to research a topic, assess the evidence, elaborate on the topic, and provide an argument about the topic clearly and succinctly.

For instance, a piece of writing is considered expository if it proceeds to explain the causes of an airplane crash to the best of the author’s knowledge. This can be done by using examples, definitions, comparisons, cause and effect analyses, and more. The format of an expository essay can be an article intended for publication in a newspaper or magazine.

Helpful Tips On Writing A Expository Essay

  • Do a lot of study on the subject at hand.
  • Choose a format for the essay.
  • Create a thesis assertion.
  • Watch this space for updates.

List of the 10 Importance of Writing Essays

Below is a list of the top 10 importance of Writing an Essay:

  • Writing Essays Fosters Creativity
  • Strengthens Communication Abilities
  • Improvement of Writing
  • Become Intelligent
  • Development of Research Skills
  • Essay Writing is Beneficial for Career and Professional Purposes
  • Expands Knowledge
  • Crucial to Academic Achievement
  • Aids in Increasing the Awareness of Your Options
  • You make Wiser Choices

Top 10 Importance Of Writing Essays

1. Writing Essays Fosters Creativity

Creativity is one of the top 10 Importance of writing an Essay. In writing,  you get to think intensely and this is beneficial o boosting knowledge. Certain essay themes may force you to think outside the box to come up with unique ways to present them. Your capacity for thought and originality is impacted in some way by this.

To improve the quality of your essay, you may start looking for fresh data, a different presentation method, and other inventive approaches. You will learn new parts of your creativity that you didn’t know you had through all of these exercises.

2. Strengthens Communication Abilities

As long as we are surrounded by other people, we will need to express our thoughts, emotions, and desires to them.

Writing essays can help you improve your ability to organize your thoughts and convey them as clearly as possible. It is thought that those who communicate well have a better probability of succeeding and obtaining their goals.

Writing essays teaches you how to organize your ideas into sentences, which improves your communication skills

3. Improvement of Writing

The adage “practice makes perfect” is true. That adage is accurate not just for other things but also for writing essays. Composing essays will assist you in developing your writing abilities, resulting in better papers and possibly raising your college GPA.

If you write essays frequently, you might start to learn new writing techniques, hacks, and methods. You improve your ability to organize an argument and write persuasion.

4. Become Intelligent

Some individuals mistakenly think that only persons who study the arts, languages, or writing should be able to write essays. You’ll discover how to select the ideal strategy for your essay when you start writing it from your outline. As you delve deeper into topics, you’ll naturally start to tend to think Smarter.

When you do this often, you’ll start developing critical thinking skills and seeing beyond simple comprehension.

5. Development of Research Skills

This is another top 00 importance of writing an essay. You must carry out research for the majority of essays to gather data and arguments in support of your points. You start to learn important research techniques that will benefit you in other aspects of your life when you look up these facts for your essay.

Writing essays will teach you how to navigate the sea of online information and identify reliable sources of knowledge.

6. Essay Writing Is Beneficial For Career And Professional Purposes

It takes a lot of information collection, analysis, and research to write an essay. Professional organizations can also benefit from these initiatives.

For instance, marketers must provide reports, programmers must create documentation, and other professionals might have to write and send letters. This can be helpful if you’ve previously written essays.

7. Expands Knowledge

As you conduct research for your essays, you gain expertise on topics you previously knew little to nothing about. You start to make connections and have a greater comprehension of specific concepts and topics.

Also, you can be assigned to write essays about subjects about which you know nothing. When you conduct your study, everything starts to make sense and you discover fresh information about the subject.

8. Crucial To Academic Achievement

Writing is one of the fundamental components of everything we do in our educational institutions today.

If you want to complete your educational goals by earning good grades, it is crucial. To succeed in their projects and/or tasks, students who are aware of this use essay writing services.

9. Aids In Increasing Your Awareness Of Your Options.

If you were asked to write an essay about a topic about which you had a certain viewpoint. As you gathered information, you realized what the topic encompassed and started to realize that your previous opinion had some holes in it.

Writing an essay can help you with that. It can assist you in better understanding the reasons behind any bias or ignorance you may have had regarding a particular subject.

10. You Make Wiser Choices

Making better decisions will be made possible by the research skills you develop through essay writing. You’ll discover how to use research to inform your choices.

Research papers teach you how to choose the best option from a selection of competing possibilities by conditioning your mind to focus on the options that are the most reliable and logical

FAQ on the Importance of Writing Essays

How can I improve my essay-writing skill?

You can improve your essay-writing skills by doing the following;

  • Reading books (mostly nonfiction): it will help broaden your knowledge and expose you to different writing techniques.
  • Practice: you have to keep writing consistently and trying out new ideas that will help you improve.
  • Work with an outline
  • ¬†Always make sure you edit and go through your writing in other to avoid errors

Can I make money from Writing?

Yes, you can. The books we read and the online articles we engage ourselves in have generated income for the writers. It takes effort, commitment, and perseverance to earn a living as a writer. Also, It’s crucial to develop your writing abilities, compile a portfolio of your work, and advertise your offerings to potential customers or readers.



Indeed, the ability to write good essays offers many advantages in both academic and professional situations. It facilitates the development of research skills, analytical and critical thinking abilities, and effective communication. To succeed in a variety of spheres of life, it is crucial to develop good essay-writing skills.

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