How to detect and prevent plagiarism- The Ultimate Guide for students

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With the emergence of online schooling, the concept of plagiarism has gone mainstream. It was a term that many people were unfamiliar with, but it is now the first word that every student speaks.

Plagiarism has made our tasks more difficult and it has become a problem for us. Every student wants to know how we can avoid plagiarism. 

What can be the procedure to follow while avoiding plagiarism in their assignments and reports? A strict checking is being done by teachers and students score low grades.

How can students detect and prevent plagiarism is our today’s topic? 

We’ll be sharing a proper guide with you guys so that you people can work smartly and get good grades in your education. 

Don’t miss any part and read until the end if you want to know solutions to all your queries. Without further ado, let’s get into it.

What do you mean by plagiarism?

Plagiarism is known as stealing someone’s work and pretending to be owning it. Displaying the text that does not belong to you and you claim that you’ve written it or you’re the owner is called Plagiarism. 

It can be anything ideas, content, text, images, videos, thoughts anything that doesn’t belong to you. Being a professional person, you need to have the integrity to give credits to those who own the work originally.

You can add references and citations with them if you want to use them. 

There can be so many tricks on how you can avoid plagiarism.

How to detect and prevent plagiarism – The ultimate guide for student

It gets quite easy for you once you know the tricks and tips to avoid plagiarism.

First, you need to detect it and then we can prevent it. Here is the ultimate guide for students on how you can detect and prevent plagiarism. You need to follow all the steps below to write plagiarism-free assignments.


Our first step would be researching. Conduct proper research on the topic you’re assigned before moving further. 

Whenever you write anything it is advised to research all the necessary information is before writing about your topic. 

In this way, you would be able to write accurate and reliable information. You can use all the possible sources for research purposes it can be any of the below;

  • The newspapers and books
  • Research papers and case studies
  • Journals and magazines
  • Websites and articles

A pro tip can be using Google Scholar for your studies can be beneficial for all the students. Always follow accurate formats and styles while writing anything. 

You can score the highest grades by making research your habit. 

Once your teacher goes through your paper, he’ll know you’ve collected enough information and have studied the topic profoundly.


Paraphrasing is our second important part of this incredible guide. You must always paraphrase your work instead of just copy-pasting it to your documents. 

It is known as the worst practice for students. Students are assigned topics to learn and understand the scenarios.

You should think and do it with your mind instead of copying it. 

Read the topic from different websites but always write it down in your writing style and in your way. This will automatically eliminate the factor of plagiarism.

If it’s difficult for you then you may paraphrase the content by using different online paraphrasing tools. The rephrase tool uses the latest artificial technology to paraphrase the given content within seconds.

It further changes specific words with their accurate synonyms to make content unique and free of any plagiarism.

Rephrase 1


Other useful tips for avoiding plagiarism in your assignments include a citation and referencing. If you wish to use any information or writing, make sure to properly cite and reference it. 

This can help you avoid using plagiarized information in your reports. For example, suppose you’re writing something from any book. 

You must include a correct reference to that book to properly acknowledge your teacher that you are using their reference to context or to elaborate your idea in other words to support your point.

You can also learn the referencing techniques and citation styles to adopt while writing anything. 

It can save you from plagiarism in so many ways. You can follow these citation styles in your writings

APA (American Psychological Association) for students citing the educational, behavioral, and social sciences in their academic work. MLA (Modern Language Association) for students of humanities work and research. 

Chicago/Turabian style for the students related to business, history, or fine arts. Harvard Style is mostly used for academic and scientific research by students.


If you’re a student, you should make proofreading and editing a habit. You should always go through and reread what you’ve written on paper. 

This allows you to identify and correct any errors you made while writing.

Always attempt to proofread your document before submitting it so that you have error-free work and have the least chances of obtaining bad grades.


Lastly, never forget to check plagiarism before submitting any of your assignments. This can save you from scoring bad scores. 

Once you check plagiarism, you’ll get to know what needs to be corrected and you can write it accurately then and there before submission.

This can save you from unwanted plagiarism in your assignment and writings. 

There will be no doubt left about copied content once you check plagiarism. In this way, you can have accurate, uncopied, and plagiarism-free information in your papers.

Rephrase 2

You can avoid plagiarism by using online tools. It can save your time and help you with your studies as well.


You can lose your teacher’s trust if you keep copy-pasting text from different websites. Teachers don’t want you to just submit assignments but they want you to have a grip on any particular topic. 

That’s why they keep giving us assignments and quizzes to test our abilities to understand. Try to be honest with yourself and your teacher while writing anything related to your studies. Try to write to the point information. 

Only mention what’s being asked and avoid unwanted information. Keep your answers brief instead of writing long paragraphs. 

You must write everything unique on your paper. Keep all the steps in mind while writing so that you can never go the wrong way or miss anything. 

I hope it covered all the aspects and points to make you understand everything about preventing plagiarism. I believe you can now efficiently avoid plagiarism in your studies as well as it will help you score excellent grades.

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