Top 30 Highest Paying Civil Engineering Jobs

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Have you ever wondered about the highest paying civil engineering jobs and if you qualify to apply? There are diverse civil engineering jobs one with a civil engineering degree could work. This article aims to list the highest-paying civil engineering jobs.

Inarguably, Civil engineering has played an integral part in the development of our society as it is one of the best engineering courses one can read. From the construction of roads, dams, bridges, railways, houses, etc we see the impacts of this career all around us.

The demand for professionals in civil engineering continues to be on the increase as the world evolves. There’s always a need to maintain and improve infrastructural development to improve the society. This makes it a very interesting and rewarding career.

As an aspirant or a certified engineer, having a better understanding of the duties of a civil engineer could help you effectively contribute to your job. Although most of these jobs have the same job description, some earn more than others.

Market Prospect for Civil Engineers

Civil engineering has been a helpful tool in structuring and edifying our society. As technology continues to evolve, a great need for structural development erupts thus a continuous demand for civil engineers.

According to BLS, the employment rate for civil engineers will grow by 7% over the next decade. Because more facilities will be built and renovations and repairs will also be conducted in line with these advancements.

The Duties of Civil Engineers

Civil engineers work on several projects and perform the following duties to ensure successful project completion:

  • They design the construction plan.
  • They supervise construction sites.
  • They maintain infrastructure, repair and renovate old structures
  • They analyze survey reports
  • They evaluate the risks, and environmental hazards of a project, and proffer solutions to avert them.
  • They estimate the budget construction costs and the cost of materials needed for the project.

How to get Civil Engineering Jobs

Civil engineering jobs are not easy to acquire, so you should prepare yourself ahead of any opportunity that may arise in the future. In regards to this, we’ve made a list of some of the essential things you need to do to attain a civil engineering job easily.

The following steps detailed below will help in your bid to get your desired job in civil engineering:

1. You have to earn a Degree

The first step to getting a job in any profession is having a degree in that field or related field. In this case, obtaining a degree in engineering is not necessary to obtain a good job. Also, organizations seek persons with in-depth knowledge of their respective professions for efficient productivity.

However, if you already have a bachelor’s degree in engineering, you may need to advance your career by going for a master’s degree or going further after acquiring a Master’s to get a Ph.D.

2. Gain a Work Experience

This is an added advantage. When you have work experience in your area of specialty it sets you apart from other employers. The best way to become experienced is through voluntary service or working as an assistant in a construction firm. Doing this helps to broaden your knowledge in one or all aspects of the profession.

3. You have to Join a Professional Community

Professional communities or societies such as The American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) allow you to connect with experts in your field of specialization. Through these societies, you can build your network and then stand a chance of working with great minds in the industry.

4 . Now, Prepare Your Resume

Do you know that a resume is a reflection of who you are to a potential employer? It contains detailed information about your origin, your education, relevant skills, and work experience. However, it’s very important to avoid making grammatical errors in your resume as this might send a wrong message to employers. In addition, ensure that your information is accurate.

5. You can apply for Jobs

Now that you have done all of the above, the next step is to start applying for jobs. You can search for civil engineering job vacancies through the internet, social media platforms, newspaper publications, and job websites. You may also get this information from friends. This way you’ll get updated about vacancies and can start applying for them immediately.

30 Highest Paying Civil Engineering Jobs

Here are the 30 highest-paying civil engineering jobs:

Top 30 Highest-Paying Civil Engineering Jobs

1. Engineering Project Manager

  • National Average Salary: $150,410 per year

You would agree that every project needs a good project manager. These are trained professionals in the field of engineering.

Engineering project engineers specialize in the supervision, controlling, and assessment of the operations of the engineering team. This helps them ensure that the goals of a project are reached.

Additionally, they stimulate teamwork among engineers and other professional workers working alongside to enhance good working conditions and productivity.

2. Engineering Inspector

  • National Average Salary: $62,321 per year 

An engineering inspector inspects the building structures to determine structural solidity, safety, and compliance with laid-down regulations. 

They conduct inspections before, during, and after projects. They may work together with building control surveyors.

3. Architect

  • National Average Salary: $96,880 per year 

Architects are tasked with the creation of the overall look of buildings and other structures. They are not involved in applying the workforce to a building.

Their main role is to draft a building plan. They are different from construction engineers, we often refer to them as builders.

4. Civil Engineering Drafter

  • National Average Salary: $50,136 per year

Drafting is an important aspect of any project and a well-paying career. Every structural design is drawn by these people.

Civil engineering Drafters make use of manual (paper, pencil, sketch boards) and software tools in designing projects such as railways, airports, bridges, pipelines, water systems, dams, and a lot more. They bring construction ideas to light through drawings.

5. Drafting Supervisor

  • National Average Salary: $93,916 per year 

The drafting supervisor manages the works of the drafters ensuring that the designs that they have drawn are accurate and in line with the project plan.

To become a drafting supervisor one must be experienced and have a good knowledge of the application of drafting tools. This makes it one of the highest-paying civil engineering jobs.

6. Failure Analysis Engineer

  • National Average Salary: $87,818 per year 

Another job listed among the highest-paying civil engineering jobs is the failure analysis engineer. This job is all about identifying problems and applying different techniques to solve them. Failure analysis engineers mostly work on equipment.

They conduct tests and perform maintenance on construction facilities. They are critical thinkers and must have excellent problem-solving skills.

Though one must acquire a degree in Industrial engineering to become a failure analysis engineer, they are not limited to working in any field of engineering.

7. Land Surveyor

  • National Average Salary: $62,895 per year

One other job among the highest-paying civil engineering jobs is Land Surveying. Surveying is a significant facet of construction. Land surveyors assess the density and topography of a land before the commencement of any operation.

They work with engineers and gather all the necessary information needed. This information helps in sketching a detailed site plan.

8. Structural Engineer

  • National Average Salary: $80,421 per year 

Structural engineers are highly paid engineers as they are well-trained and creative professionals in their specialization. They are concerned about the climate factors affecting any structure they are working on.

Some of these structures include bridges, skyscrapers, and towers. Structural engineers ensure these structures are safe for use.

9. Mining Engineer

  • National Average Salary: $80,000 per year 

The job of mining engineers is to extract minerals from underneath the earth. They also design and manage the construction of pipelines. They research and carry out surveys to determine the location of minerals and suitable mining sites.

10. Construction Manager

  • National Average Salary: $84,090 per year

Construction management is also part of the highest warned engineering jobs. Where there is a lack of management disorganization arises. Hence the need for a construction manager.

The typical duties of a construction manager are to delegate tasks to team members, develop a construction plan, and schedule a timeline for project completion.

11. Civil Engineering Technologist

  • National Average Salary: $80,321 per year

They are also known as engineering technicians, they act as support systems to civil engineers. Their job description gives them the leverage to work in any construction firm or municipal organization. They also work with surveyors and construction workers.

One has to be proficient in courses such as mathematics, chemistry, and physics and a degree in engineering is a great way to start up a career as a civil engineering technologist.

12. Facilities Engineer

  • National Average Salary: $87,695 per year 

The maintenance of building equipment is handled by the facilities engineers. These professionals evaluate the operations of this equipment and suggest improvements when and where necessary. They work in diverse environments due to their efficient management skills.

13. Materials Engineer

  • National Average Salary: $83,771 per year 

This job description entails purchasing the right materials for a project. Before a project is executed, material engineers research, analyze and select the appropriate materials required for that project. They also ascertain the durability and how resistant the materials are under different conditions.

14. Building Control Surveyor

  • National Average Salary: $68,197 per year 

This is an interesting but challenging job description, that’s why it is one of the highest-paying civil engineering jobs one can find.

Any building or construction work must meet regulatory standards regarding fire resistance, good drainage system, ventilation, and stability.

As a building control surveyor or aspirant, you need to be proficient in mathematics and have good communication skills.

15. Civil Estimator

  • National Average Salary: $75,112 per year 

The job title says it all. They prepare the budget and estimate the cost of a project. They also prepare reports and work with the construction team to determine budgets, financial costs for materials, and the manpower for the project.

16. Site Engineer

  • National Average Salary:  $70,680 per year 

Site engineers are in charge of overseeing the daily activities, planning, implementation, equipment, cost, and labor of a construction site.

They help enhance effective communication among team members. Most times they are referred to as construction managers due to their job description.

17. Design Engineers

  • National Average Salary: $80,650 per year 

Design engineers are responsible for all the beautiful structures we admire around us. They combine their creative abilities with engineering. They create designs, bringing structural ideas into reality. In addition, they ensure that designs are cost-effective.

18. Civil Engineering Supervisor

  • National Average Salary: $96,182 per year 

As the name implies, they supervise the construction of civil engineering projects. They also cooperate with general contractors, subcontractors, and other engineers to ensure construction work is in line with the requirements and specifications of the project plan.

19. Engineering manager

  • National Average Salary: $90,456 per year 

The engineering manager coordinates projects and oversees the team of engineers he/she is working with. Also, they are in charge of recruiting,  training, and managing a team of engineers. They designate tasks and monitor engineers’ progress.

It is worthy of note that engineering managers have experience in civil engineering and specialize in overseeing various aspects of infrastructures.

20. Land Development Engineer

  • National Average Salary: $93,354 per year

The job of a land development engineer involves examining land viability and determining if it’s suitable for the establishment of proposed projects.

This is an important aspect of project construction. As part of the job description, you coordinate with architects and engineers to effect maximum productivity.

21. Drawing Checker

  • National Average Salary: $78,456 per year 

This is also one of the highest-paying civil engineering jobs. Drawing checkers are experts in detecting design errors. They make sure that each drawing that is drawn or drafted comprises the required specifications to curb any problem that may arise during construction or structural repairs. It’s essential to have in-depth knowledge and experience to perform well in this role.

22. Water Hygiene Engineer

  • National Average Salary: $75,680 per year 

As the name implies, water hygiene engineers are specialized in water systems. These professionals perform analyses and monitor the adequate performance of meters and gauges.

These types of civil engineers gather information, give reports, and suggest possible solutions to improve water hygiene.

23. Fire Engineer

  • National Average Salary: $60,580 per year 

The fire engineers are responsible for the implementation of fire safety and protection procedures. They work with authorities and advise clients to adhere to the fire safety regulations that are laid down and they conduct research for the right installation and positioning of fire and safety equipment. In addition, fire engineers inspect fire machinery for defects or damage.

24. Consulting Engineer

  • Estimated annual salary: $89,406 per year

Consulting engineers are also called advisory professionals. They provide building or structure advice to engineers before or during projects for the best performance.

Consulting engineers are professionals who assist with design frameworks, such as estimation, construction details, and prospective structural support. They also provide suggestions on design deficiencies or constraints while evaluating operational costs.

25. Planning Engineer

  • National Average Salary: $92,558 per year 

Planning engineers are responsible for designing project plans and choosing the best engineering methods to guarantee the project satisfies the requirements.

Planning Engineers establish goals and use analysis and reporting to track progress. To manage expectations and direct workloads, these professionals collaborate with other team members.

26. Senior Civil Engineer

  • National Average Salary: $135,732 per year

The job of a senior civil engineer is to plan, design, develop, and manage projects to construct or repair buildings, bridges, highways, and other structures.

27. Physical Design Engineers

  • National Average Salary: $136,000 per year

A physical Design engineer is responsible for designing and constructing physical structures from blueprints, plans, and sketches.

They develop site plans and specifications and oversee design changes. They also undertake site surveys and develop and oversee construction methods, techniques, and procedures.

28. Associate Civil Engineers

  • National Average Salary: $75,500 per year

Civil engineering associates help civil and structural engineers plan and design the construction of projects such as roads, airports, railways, buildings, and a lot more.

In addition, they help with commercial, residential, and land development. They work under the direction of licensed civil engineers.

29. Civil Engineering Assistant

  • National Average Salary: $97,000 per year

These professionals perform site inspections, and look, at and understand blueprints. They also help in designing site drawings. They communicate with subcontractors and check site drawings.

30. Entry Level Civil Engineering

  • National Average Salary: $85,000 per year

An entry-level engineer, help in drafting blueprints, take surveys of building sites, perform risk analysis, map projects, and perform research into public records and other documents about the project. They may also help draw up budgets and assess the costs of projects. Typically, they work under the supervision of lead engineers and project managers.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are civil engineering jobs high in demand?

As the world evolves technologically, there’s a need for structural advancement. According to BLS, the demand for civil engineers will increase by 7% over the next decade. This means that civil engineering jobs are high in demand.

2. Is it a good-paying career?

Of course! Civil engineering is one of the oldest careers and it has impacted society and the world at large. A civil engineer is privileged to be a tool of impact on society. Additionally, it is a good earning profession irrespective of your specialization.

3. How much do civil engineers earn?

Civil engineering is one of the highest-paying professions. The estimated annual salary of a civil engineer is $112,860.

4. What’s the difference between civil engineering and architecture?

Although they have the same objectives. Architects design the structures while civil engineers are responsible for overseeing the beginning and completion of these structures.


Civil engineering jobs are highly paid jobs and interesting ones too. They require persons with the knowledge and the experience, so do you find any you are interested in? You have to get certified and begin to gather experience through freelancing or volunteering. Internships also help in giving one experience.

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