20 Best Architecture Schools in Europe

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For your convenience, we’ve put together a list of the best architecture schools in Europe in this post.

A degree in architecture can help you use your creative thinking and enjoyment of thinking outside the box in the design sector. Architecture is a discipline that combines art and science and employs design to communicate innovative and effective construction solutions.

Any constructed environment, including furniture, town planning, modern buildings, homes, and landscaping, is considered to be architectural. An architect should thoroughly consider each design, which calls for a broad range of technical and critical thinking abilities.

Who is an Architect?

A person who plans, designs, and supervises the construction of buildings is known as an architect. To practice architecture is to offer services related to the planning of structures with a primary focus on human habitation or usage, as well as the spaces within and around such structures.

What Does an Architect Do?

The sort of company an architect works for, where they live, and other circumstances all affect what tasks they perform.

They could take part in every stage of a building project, from communicating concepts to customers and contractors to creating plans and specifications to managing the many stages of construction.

Working together with specialists in adjacent disciplines including interior design, city planning, and structural engineering is common practice for architects.

The three primary roles that architects play are as follows:

Consult and Design

The architect meets with clients to discuss their needs before creating concept drawings and specifications. The plans must abide by all applicable building, safety, and municipal planning laws. Design proposals are discussed during routine client meetings.


The architect documents the design on paper during this stage. To confirm the design’s viability, they use CAD technology to develop comprehensive drawings.

To satisfy the needs of the clients, the designs could undergo a number of changes and redrafts. Following approval, the design is converted into technical specifications and construction instructions that construction professionals can use on the job site.


The architect oversees the construction throughout this phase, stopping by the job site to meet with the team, approving various pieces of work, if necessary, negotiating with contractors, and resolving any issues that may come up.

Overview of European Architecture

One cannot overstate the value of studying architecture in Europe. The level of ingenuity and imagination on the continent is unmatched, with designers continually experimenting with new materials and ways to express themselves via space.

In fact, a semester at one of Europe’s top institutions can be just what you need if you’re searching for a way to gain practical experience early in your career while also learning how to think like a designer.

With a wide variety of cultures, economies, and traditions, Europe is a diversified continent. This is also evident in its architecture, which shows a diverse spectrum of inspirations from all around the world.

Reason for This Ranking

The top universities in Europe listed here are ranked according to how well they perform in architecture research. The ratings of publications, which were subsequently corrected for release dates and added to final scores, were calculated using a graph of citations obtained by academic articles produced by 366 universities in Europe.

We did not differentiate between undergraduate and graduate programs, and we don’t make a change for the available majors. On the university page, you can find information on degrees awarded, but you should always double-check with the university website.

Please be aware that our methodology for subject rankings is based on scientific outputs and disproportionately favors institutions with computer science research profiles on issues relating to the arts.

List of the Best Architecture Schools in Europe

Following is a ranking of the best Architecture schools in Europe based on their achievements in architectural research:

The 20 Best Architecture Schools in Europe

1. University College London

Location: London, UK

The QS World University List now places one of the elite universities on a long list at number 10.

As a diverse university, it has a sizable column of alumni who are committed to a range of professions; the university directly dictates any student’s destiny in their chosen sector.

They are involved in numerous research projects and funding thanks to the fraternity’s extensive network, which frequently inspires students to excel academically.

A top-tier institution of higher learning with a diverse student body inspires subsequent generations to think creatively. It claims to have a forward-thinking and courageous approach to academic success.

2. Delft University of Technology

Location: Netherlands

Because of its Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment, TU Delft, founded in 1904, is regarded as one of the Best Architecture Schools in Europe.

The architectural school, which is located in the Netherlands, typically enrolls 450 undergraduate and graduate students each year. Students can focus more narrowly on certain topics thanks to the school’s many offerings, which range from urbanism to building sciences.

Candidates for admission as undergrads must submit a High School Diploma or an equivalent and be fluent in Dutch and English. Students can participate in a number of exchange programs, but the architectural school is best recognized for its urban studies programs.

The Netherlands is “very experimental” in the field of urban planning and “heavily engaged in the country” due to its distinctive urban state of extreme congestion. The school’s professors offer students strong networks to build interpersonal and professional ties that may help them get future jobs.

3. Polytechnic University of Milan

Location: Milan, Italy

The Politecnico di Milano is a great venue to go after a Master’s in Architecture. It was once regarded as one of the best universities in Italy and currently ranks in the top 10.

Courses in design, engineering, and architecture are offered at one of Italy’s oldest universities.

PoliMi offers a range of options for students who want to balance their academic studies with travel adventures outside of Italy. The school provides numerous scholarships for students and ensures that they will have access to high-end employment prospects within the specified time frame.

4. University of Cambridge

Location: Cambridge, UK

Cambridge University, one of the four oldest still operating universities in the world, is a further incredibly prestigious institution that calls itself a collegiate research university.

It is a union of 31 independent colleges and its former students include more than 100 Nobel Prize winners. The institution provides students with completely open access to a customizable program as well as custom-made courses.

Yes, the college is regarded as being slightly more expensive than average, and since only 15% of applicants are accepted, there is a higher level of competitiveness.

They do, however, offer scholarships to students from other countries. The university is renowned for its exceptionally high placement rates, vibrant campus culture, and accessibility to some of the top industry experts. Considering that it is only 50 miles north of central London, the expense of living is once more on the high side.

5. Catholic University of Leuven

Location: Flanders, Belgium

A research university with a focus on research, teaching, and services, KU Leuven is located in the Belgian city of Leuven, which speaks the Dutch language.

The university is spread out across Belgium, making it the biggest in the Low Countries. Over the years, it has maintained a top 100 ranking and has been recognized as the most cutting-edge university in Europe.

It brags about Its lengthy, deeply ingrained Renaissance past and its leadership in nanotechnology. Like every other university, the course was designed by students for students and includes full support for curriculum-related research and study.

6. Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich

Location: Zurich, Switzerland

An institution dedicated to advancing knowledge and instructing the next generation. The institution now holds the sixth-best ranking and is legitimately the second-best university in Europe.

Any international student who is on a restricted budget should choose this. Due to the university’s affordable tuition and the high percentage of graduates finding employment with high starting salaries, it is a well-liked choice among international students.

In addition to this, the university is also the home of some of the largest and most illustrious alumni from the fraternity of architecture.

With their present ranking at the top, it is clear that the university comes highly recommended because they offer the most research-based programs.

Imagine taking a class taught by some well-known architects, such as Frank Gehry; ETH Zurich even offers that possibility. The university also employs some of the most prominent architects as lecturers.

7. University of Sheffield

Location: Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England

Three colleges are combined to form the university college, which has a royal charter. One of the first institutions built with red brick. It features a sizable research facility devoted to the engineering and technological sectors. The college has mandated a first-rate education system and has consistently placed in the top 100 for the past few years.

The Institution offers a broad selection of Postgraduate courses with constrained time frames to meet the needs of the students.

8. Technical University of Madrid

Location: Madrid, Spain

“Many of Spain’s best architects, who have completed their degrees at ETSAM,” as it is known as a well-known institution within the city of Madrid, Spain, may be found there.

The architecture schools, which were established in 1848, typically accept 3,900 of 5,000 students each year. Because it is a large school, students claim that it takes time to use the resources that can assist with projects, and as a result, it is quite competitive.

However, this aids in preparing students for life in the real world later. It can be challenging for students to establish friendships with their teachers because the majority of the staff are well-known architects.

Despite the fact that the school’s curriculum framework has such high expectations for students, they feel more prepared for their classes because there are a variety of exchange programs that they can join to gain experience. Because “the school fails to actively encourage professional network,” students must take responsibility to make connections in order to guarantee future employment.

9. University of Edinburgh

Location: Edinburgh, UK

The institution is regarded as Scotland’s sixth-oldest and most prestigious university. The university’s five main campuses, which are located in Edinburgh, contain notable historical and architectural landmarks.

Because it is a part of several prominent organizations, the institution has expertise in opportunities broadening in the research sector.

Urbanism, conservation, and history are the foundations of postgraduate architecture studies. The curriculum is built around specialized training for applicants who already possess a first-class degree and is constructed based on the perspectives of the students.

10. Vienna University of Technology

Location: Austria

Graduating students are encouraged to enroll at the university to broaden their knowledge and expertise in the architectural field. The need for qualified architects is just beginning to develop with the quickly expanding demand for sustainable and high-performance buildings.

The goal of higher education is to train future specialists for professional practices, consulting businesses, research organizations, and development companies.

11. Polytechnic University of Turin

Location: Piedmont, Italy

The first public technical institution in Italy was founded in Turin, a Polytechnic institution.

The university, which is among the best in Italy and throughout Europe, provides a variety of courses in the fields of engineering, architecture, urban planning, and industrial design. According to the 2023 QS World University Rankings, it is placed 15th for petroleum engineering, 28th for architecture, and 26th overall for mechanical engineering.

12. Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne

Location: Lausanne, Switzerland

Education, research, and technology transfer are the three main areas of emphasis of the institution, one of the two Swiss Federal Institutes of Technology.

The sibling university, ETH, Zurich, is situated in the German-speaking region while EPFL is in the French-speaking region of Switzerland.

The institution is renowned for its careful implementation of programs devoted to urbanization and technological advancement that is taught over the course of a full year.

English and French are taught at the university in both languages. Similar to other colleges, EPFL has a strong population of international students and offers scholarships. The city itself is well regarded as a center for elite living, while student life is perceived as being energetic and active.

13. Polytechnic University of Valencia

Location: Valencia, Spain

Science, technology, and the arts are the main areas of study at the Technical University of Valencia, a university in Valencia, Spain. Despite being a university since 1971 and having been founded in 1968 as the Higher Polytechnic School of Valencia, some of its schools date back more than a century.

14. Imperial College London

Location: United Kingdom

A public research institution called Imperial College London is located in London, England. A vision for a cultural district that includes the Royal Albert Hall, Victoria & Albert Museum, Natural History Museum, and royal colleges was devised by Prince Albert, the consort of Queen Victoria.

The Royal College of Science, Royal School of Mines, and City and Guilds of London Institute were brought together in 1907 by a royal charter to become Imperial College. The new institution was created in 1988 by the merger of the medical schools of Imperial College and St. Mary’s Hospital.

Queen Elizabeth II presided over the 2004 opening of the Imperial College Business School.

15. Technical University of Munich

Location: Munich, Germany

A public research university with a concentration on engineering, technology, applied science, and natural science. The university has a significant alumni network due to its status as one of Germany’s top universities.

The university additionally includes language proficiency in German as a requirement due to the course being spread over more than four semesters.

The university also collaborates with about 160 other universities throughout the world.

16. Normal Superior School

Location: Ile-de-France, France

The institution, which was originally intended to be used during the French Revolution to prepare high school teachers uniformly, was established in 1794 but later closed. Napoleon I later reopened the school and it operated under the name pensionnat normal from 1808 to 1822.

After being reconstructed once more in 1826, it was awarded the name École normale in 1830. The adjective supérieure (meaning upper) was added when écoles normales, or training institutions for elementary teachers, were founded in 1845.

Since then, it has grown into a facility that serves as a launchpad for French students interested in pursuing professions in academia and government.

17. The University of Manchester

Location: Manchester, England

The University of Manchester is unquestionably one of Europe’s top institutions for architecture education. The institution has a lengthy history of achievement, and its alumni have constructed some of the world’s most recognizable buildings.

The school’s faculty is well-known throughout the world, and its students enjoy access to cutting-edge facilities. The school’s work is influencing the future of the built environment because it has been at the forefront of research on sustainable architecture in recent years.

So Manchester is a place to think about if you’re seeking for a top-notch architectural education.

18. Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

Location: Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany.

The Karlsruhe Institute of Technology is a public research university located in Karlsruhe, Germany. The organization houses one of the Helmholtz Association’s national research centers.

KIT was created in 2009 through the merger of the Karlsruhe Research Facility, a national nuclear research center established in 1956, and the institution of Karlsruhe, a public research institution established in 1825 and also known as the “Fridericiana.”

In order to remove the division between academic and non-academic institutions in German scientific and research institutions, KIT is the first and only institution in Germany to merge effectively, two different types of institutions.

19. Technical University of Catalonia

Location: Barcelona, Spain

The university, sometimes known as BarcelonaTech, is Spain’s biggest institution for engineering and architecture. The university has grouped its several master’s degrees according to their length and course requirements. Nearly 10 to 15 different subunits, either full- or part-time, make up the architecture masters program. It is listed among the top 50 universities in the world.

PUC has connections to other engineering schools in Europe and offers a platform for globalization by accepting the most foreign Ph.D. candidates.

20. University of Bologna

Location: Emilia-Romagna, Italy

It is frequently ranked as among the greatest universities in the world and among the most prestigious in Italy. It is renowned specifically for its work in the natural sciences, law, and medicine.

At the University of Bologna, which was important in the sciences throughout the Italian Renaissance, Nicholas Copernicus and many other Renaissance mathematicians were given shelter and educated.

FAQs on the Best Architecture Schools in Europe

Which country is best for studying architecture?

The finest country to study architecture is the Netherlands. It is regarded by many as the best country in which to learn architecture. The innovative, modern, and intricate architectural works of the Netherlands combine aesthetic integrity with urban needs.

Where can I find architectural programs taught in English in Europe?

Best English-Taught Architecture Universities in Europe: 1. KU Leuven. Brussels, Leuven, Belgium 2. Polytech University of Milan. Milan, Italy 3. Delft University of Technology

In Europe, how long is an architecture degree?

Architecture master’s degree plus a bachelor’s degree in architectural fundamentals lasts five years.

Which country has the most affordable architecture programs?

Norway is the least expensive nation to study architecture in. Norway remains our top choice despite the fact that all of the Nordic nations are fairly priced study destinations because, with the exception of a few specialized programs, public universities there are still free for all students from inside and outside the EU.

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There’s no denying that Europe offers some of the best architecture schools in the world, regardless of your interest in sustainability or cutting-edge technology. So check out these top 20 European schools right away if you’re prepared to start your architectural profession and follow your passion for design!

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