10 Cheap English Speaking Universities in Europe

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In this article, we have revealed 10 cheap universities in Europe that teach in English language in which you can apply as an international student. While you can still choose any of your preferred course in any country in Europe to learn their native language, you can decide to skip the above and learn in some cheap English speaking universities in Europe.

  • Are you living away from Europe?
  • Do you intend to school in Europe?
  • Are you limited because of language barrier?
  • Do you intend sourcing out universities that speaks English?

If the above answer is “Yes”, then you are on the right page.

There are many disadvantages of studying abroad. One of which is being an international student in a non-English speaking country. This leads to language barrier. I remember applying  to a non-English speaking university and I was asked to learn, at least, one of her major languages before gaining admission into her university. This was a major issue to me as I was left with two choices;

a). Go ahead and learn the country’s language.

b). Apply to another country that speaks English.

Now this is where Start Skool comes in. This article compiles a list of universities in Europe that offers programs fully in English language.

Why Should I Study In Europe?

English Speaking Universities In Europe.
English Speaking Universities In Europe.

Europe is fast becoming a top-region for finding study programs. In countries where English is not a local language, you can learn the country’s language and apply to any university of your choice. You can also obtain a free university education with all your lectures taught in English.

In Europe, English taught courses were few and far between as recently as 2009, most especially for bachelor degree programs, but recently, there has been an increase in universities that teach in English.

10 Cheap English Speaking Universities in Europe.

English Speaking Universities in Europe
English Speaking Universities in Europe.

There are many English speaking universities in Europe but we would be considering the ten(10) cheapest English speaking universities. They include:


Free University of Berlin is one of Germany’s leading research institutions founded in 1948. This university offers free tuition, yes, zero tuition fees. Free University of Berlin also offers several undergraduate and graduate degree programs in English language.


University of Basel, Switzerland is a prestigious institution in the areas of research and producing world-class education through its diverse range of disciplines in the bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degree programs.

The University of Basel is one of the cheapest universities in Europe. This university teaches in English and also in German. This implies that any international student applying to this university must have a knowledge of one or the both of the languages listed above to ensure a smooth learning. To be admitted as a student, you should have proof of sufficient knowledge of either the two languages, English or German and attain the required score before being admitted.

The tuition fees at the University of Basel is at $1 714 per year for all degree levels.


University of Wurzburg is a top leading institution in Germany. It is ranked among Europe’s best 100 universities. It was found in 1582 and it is internationally known for her prestige in many science courses such as biology, physics, etc.

The University of Wurzburg is one of the cheapest universities in Europe that lectures in English for all of it’s programs. Here, International students are required to provide proof of English proficiency tests eg TOEFL, IELTS, SAT, ELS, etc.

This university also offers free tuition but the student would have to make a deposit of €137.90. This covers student contribution and semester tickets.


Heidelberg university is a public university that was established in 1386. Heidelberg university offers various courses for undergraduate, postgraduate and graduate degree programs. It is one of the cheapest universities in Europe that teaches in English. It has a low tuition fee that allows you to get quality education. You would, however, take and pass English proficiency tests.

The accepted English proficiency test and their required minimum test scores include:

a). TOEFL –  79

b). IELTS – 6.5

c). ELS – 112

d). SAT – 560

e). Cambridge – 180.


The University is located in Italy. It is ranked as the 6th best university in Italy. The University of Pisa was founded in 1343 and since then, it has had a track record of providing quality education at cheap rates In both undergraduate and graduate degree programs.

To ensure that her internalization is being expanded, the university of Pisa has made available some bachelor’s and master’s degree courses in the English language.

The bachelor’s degree programs cost $2 500 annually while the graduate degree programs cost $2 307 annually.


University of Göttingen was established in 1734 and it is considered to be a top leading research institution in Germany.

This university offers a wide range of various undergraduate, graduate and doctorate programs in medicine, natural sciences, humanities and social sciences.

It is also enlisted among the cheap universities in Europe that lectures in the English language with half of its doctorate programs in English and also an increasing number of both master’s and undergraduate programs are being taught in English as well.

An approximate amount of €760 is paid as tuition fees by students annually.


Fontys University of Applied Sciences was established in 1996. It is a top research-intensive institution in Netherlands. It offers cheap tuition for various bachelor’s and master’s degree programs in the English language.

The criteria above ranks the institution among the cheapest universities in Europe that teaches in the English language. Students from the European Union (EU) and the European Economic Area (EEA) countries pay a stationary tuition fee of €2,134 while students from none of these countries pay a tuition fee of €7,920.


University of Mannheim is an international institution that is very cheap and affordable and that is why it is listed among the cheap universities in Europe that teach in the English language.

It was established in 1967 and it is a top leading institution in research that has never slacked in providing excellent teachings since its creation.

It is not mandatory to have German language skills to be accepted into this university as it offers a large selection of various courses that are taught in the English language. The tuition fee is €3,000 per year.


University of Crete is located in Greece and it was established in 1973. This university offers quality education through various graduate, undergraduate and doctorate programs which are mostly offered in the English language. 

University of Crete is not just a low tuition university but a free university. It allows you to study any program of your choice in English for free and it is why it is rated among the cheap universities in Europe that teaches in English.


Dubrovnik International University is also known as Libertas International University. It is located in the Dominican Monastery, Dubrovnik.

Dubrovnik International University offers international-focused programs in theatre, tourism, management and various business courses from the undergraduate to post-doctorate levels.

We’ve come to the end of listing the 10 cheapest universities in Europe that teach in English.

Benefits of Studying in an English-Speaking University In Europe

There are so many benefits associated with studying in an English-speaking university in Europe. Some of these benefits are listed below.

1). Studying in an English-speaking university saves you the time and stress of learning the country’s language.

2). Studying in an English-speaking university helps to improve and widen employment opportunities.

When you are allowed to study in an English-speaking university, it gives you more employment opportunities.

2). Studying in an English-speaking university helps you explore the world with more confidence.

3). Studying in an English-speaking university increases your cognitive ability (a.k.a brain power).

4). Studying in an English-speaking university helps to improve your communication skills.

5). It gives access to world-class education systems and establishments.

6). It helps you to adapt to any environment you find yourself in.

7). It allows you to meet new people and network with them.

8). Finally, studying in an English-speaking university opens up a world of entertainment.


This is an option for international students to study in any of Europe’s free to low tuition universities for any program of their choice and getting certified.

Reviewing this article has helped you to know more about these English-speaking universities. The ball now remains in your court to pick your preferred school and initiate application into any of these universities.

Studying in an English-speaking university would help shape you and develop your potentials into a promising career and would still help you become recognized in any organization in the world.

The curtains would be drawn here. Now, I know that by going through this article, you have now understood what an English-speaking university is, how to source out for them, and the benefits associated with studying in an English-speaking university.

If you do, write down what you understood and which point made the most sense to you or any questions or contributions you have in the comment section below.

Till we meet again, keep becoming a better version of yourself. Good luck!

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