25 Best Accelerated Nursing Programs Without Prerequisites

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Looking for the best accelerated nursing programs without prerequisites? This article has you covered, giving you great insight into the various schools that offer these programs.

Due to increasing demand for nurses, some nursing schools are lowering the entry requirements to earn Registered Nurse (RN) credentials, Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN), or Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) degrees. Accelerated nursing programs allow for dedicated and hardworking students without any nursing qualifications to obtain certifications.

Nursing is a highly lucrative and fulfilling career which makes it one of the medical professions that pays well with an average annual salary of $82,000.

In this article, we will give you an insight into the 25 best accelerated programs without prerequisites which will enable you to make informed decisions on your career path.

Best Accelerated Nursing Programs Without Prerequisites

What are Accelerated Nursing Programs?

Accelerated nursing programs are programs by nursing schools that enable students to earn RN, BSN, or MSN degrees quickly compared to traditional nursing programs.

Accelerated nursing programs can either be held on campus or as online courses. In comparison with traditional nursing programs which are structured in semesters having long breaks in between them, accelerated nursing programs group classes in quarters or sections which are continuous.

When the accelerated nursing programs are held online, students are required to complete their clinical hours in person at healthcare facilities nearby.

Why Choose Accelerated Nursing Programs Without Prerequisites?

Usually, accelerated nursing programs require students to obtain prior qualifications before enrolling in the programs; however, some nursing schools have made this easier by removing prerequisites. These are the advantages of choosing accelerated nursing programs with prerequisites:

  • Easy Change of Career
  • Quick Way to Acquire a Degree
  • Flexible Scheduling
  • Cost-effective Means of Acquiring a Nursing Degree
  • High Demand for Nurses

1. Easy Change of Career

Accelerated nursing programs without prerequisites allow for easy change of career path for individuals with non-nursing backgrounds into nursing quite quickly.

These programs enable dedicated individuals to switch to nursing without having to worry about acquiring prior qualifications.

This is an attractive advantage of these programs which often attract students from diverse professional and educational backgrounds to become nurses.

2. Quick Way to Acquire a Nursing Degree

Not only do accelerated nursing programs without prerequisites allow for an easy change in one’s career path but they do so in a relatively quick way.

These programs typically offer the acquisition of nursing degrees after a short period between 12 to 18 months without the need for individuals to get prior qualifications.

3. Flexible Scheduling

Accelerated nursing programs allow for various flexible learning options and scheduling. Some of the options can also include online programs and evening and weekend classes which increase the convenience of the students during the program.

This is quite helpful for students who need some time to work while attending school.

4. Cost-effective Means of Acquiring a Nursing Degree

Due to the accelerated nursing programs without prerequisites being a shorter route of becoming a nurse, the cost-effectiveness of completing these programs cannot be over-emphasized.

The financial requirement of achieving a nursing degree is made minimal when students enroll in these programs.

5. High Demand for Nurses

The demand for nurses is usually very high in various medical facilities including hospitals, clinics, and birth centers. Accelerated nursing programs without prerequisites allow for the demand for nurses to be met easily.

List of 25 Best Accelerated Nursing Programs Without Prerequisites

This is a list of the 25 best-accelerated nursing programs without prerequisites:

25 Best Accelerated Nursing Programs Without Prerequisites

#1. Salisbury University

Program duration: 12 months
Tuition: $15,332
Location: Salisbury, Maryland.

Salisbury University offers a second-degree nursing program for non-nursing college graduates, leading to the degree of Bachelor of Science in Nursing (B.S.N) af of 12 months.

It is worth noting that Salisbury University’s tuition fee is one of the cheapest to do for an accelerated nursing program without a prerequisite.


#2. South Alabama University

Program duration: 12 months
Tuition: $10,000
Location: Mobile, Alabama.

The School of Nursing at South Alabama University offers a competitive program for non-nursing degree students who are looking for an intensive, fast-paced challenge to complete a BSN certification and sit for the NCLEX after 12 months of full-time study through the accelerated BSN/MSN path.

Acquiring a master’s degree is possible by continuing after one year if the student’s grades meet the university’s minimum standard.


#3. East Carolina University

Program duration: 12 months
Tuition: $204.46 per credit hour
Location: Greenville, North Carolina.

East Carolina University’s School of Nursing students can begin the accelerated second-degree BSN program in the spring of the year and complete it in 12 months of full-time study.

Since its School of Nursing was founded in 1959, and nearly every year since then, 95% of graduates have passed the National Council of State Boards of Nursing on their first try.

To be considered, applicants must complete the NLN PAX as well as several specific classes such as math, biology, and chemistry classes.


#4. Nebraska Methodist College

Program duration: 12 months
Tuition: $623 per crehourours
Location: Omaha, Nebraska.

The Nebraska Methodist College offers a 12-month accelerated Bachelor of ScienceNursingsing degree program (ACE/ABSN) who individuals who wish to delve into nursing, paving the way for an outstanding career.

The program not only ensures that graduates don’t just embark on nursing careers as skilled practitioners but also step into leadership roles within the healthcare sector.

Completing an accelerated BSN degree at NMC enables you to swiftly take up positions like nurse manager, nursing director, public health nurse, and registered nurse, serving in diverse settings such as hospitals, home healthcare services, physician’s offices, and even the military.

NMC boasts of an impressive 96%-100% success rate on the NCLEX exam over the past few years, thanks to its dedicated staff and community.


#5. Mercy College

Program duration: 12 months
Tuition: $759.00 per credit hour
Location: Des Moines, Iowa.

Mercy College of Health Sciences’ one-year, full-time, fully accredited Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) is one of the largest and most affordable accelerated programs in the country.

Located in Des Moines, Iowa, it is conveniently close to your clinical rotation sites and in the middle of a hub for professionals looking for a low cost of living.


#6. University of Rochester

Program duration: 12 months
Tuition: $77,160
Location: Rochester, New York.

The University of Rochester’s first-time NCLEX pass rate of 90% or higher for many years.

Its accelerated BSN program at the university requires a bachelor’s degree with at least one course in statistics, nutrition, growth and development, microbiology, and,tomy, or physiology.

Qualified students when admitted can complete the program in one year of full-time study.


#7. Samuel Merritt University

Program duration: 12 months
Tuition: $84,884
Location: Oakland, California.

Samuel Merritt University was specifically founded as a nursing school in 1909 and is now ranked as one of the best in the US. The university’s accelerated BSN program allows students to complete a BSN program in 12 months.

The program is available at its various campuses in Oakland, San Francisco, and Sacramento, and prospective students can attend informative drop-in sessions throughout the year.


#8. California Baptist University

Program duration: 12 – 16 months (depending on transferable units)
Tuition: $13,500
Location: Los Angeles, California.

California Baptist University is a private, faith-based university. Its nursing school has an entry-level nursing program that leads to an MSN.

Pre-licensure courses consist of 64 credits of classwork, followed by the National Council of State Boards of Nursing.

Skills gained during this program will prepare them for entry-level nursing positions in a wide range of healthcare facilities and specialties.


#9. Idaho State University

Program duration: 12 months
Tuition: $3,978 for in-state tuition and $12,967 for out-of-state tuition
Location: Pocatello, Idaho.

Idaho State University offers an accelerated nursing program at its School of Nursing for those with a bachelor’s degree in a non-nursing field who want to change careers.

Administrators of the accelerated nursing program cont to ensure that students work closely with medical experts to complete their program of study by admitting a group of 30 students each year.


#10. Georgian Court University

Program duration: 14 months
Tuition: $795.00 per credit hour
Location: Lakewood Township, New Jersey.

Georgian Court University is a private catholic university founded for those serious about transitioning to nursing.

The university’s decade-long partnership with Hackensack Meridian Health, New Jersey’s largest health provider, offers a tremendous advantage for its nursing students.

The accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing (B.S.N.) program is an intensive, hands-on experience that prepares students to achieve RN licensure and launch their careers soon after completion. Founded by the Sisters of Mercy, GCU trains its nurses to have successful and purposeful careers.

The Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing (A.B.S.N) program students start in June and November of every year.


#11. Florida A&M University

Program duration: 15 months
Tuition: residents pay $4,553.40; non-residents pay $16,494
Location: Tallahassee, Florida.

Florida A&M University offers an online Fast Track RN to BSN program which entails completing 10 core courses for a total of 30 credit hours. Each course is taught by expert educators who incorporate their own nursing experience into each lesson.

The completion of all coursework in a flexible online with personalized attention from your educators and gain hands-on experience in the field through clinical hours at the facility of your choice with faculty guidance and support.


#12. Montana State University

Program duration: 15 months
Tuition: Local tuition $7,371, Domestic tuition $27,101
Location: Bozeman, Montana.

Montana State University has an accelerated BSN program at allows students to complete the requirements for a BSN in 15 months, as opposed to the 29 months required for a traditional BSN program. Students enroll for the full-time program with four semesters and graduate at the end of the fourth, which is a summer term.


#13. Fairfield University

Program duration: 15 months
Tuition: $53,630
Location: Fairfield, Connecticut.

Fairfield’s nursing school offers admission for a Second Degree Program for students who already have a baccalaureate degree.

Students expect 15 months to complete a minimum of 60 credits, assuming that all program prerequisites have already been completed at the time of admission.

The program entails a combination of humanities and science courses, as well as clinical and nursing coursework and experience which provides students with the knowledge and skills required to begin a nursing career.


#14. Oklahoma City University

Program duration: 16 months
Tuition: In-state tuition and fees: $31,026; Out-of-state tuition and fees: $31,026
Location: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Oklahoma City University’s School of Nursing offers various nursing programs that meet the needs of students, including a Second Bachelor’s Degree program in nursing that can be completed in 16 months.

Accelerated programs (absn program) with part-time options are available for those seeking to enroll in the program at a more relaxed pace; administration to tailor the program to suit the student’s schedule.


#15. Duke University

Program duration: 16 months
Tuition: $25,258 per semester
Location: Durham, North Carolina

The Duke University is a private research university whose School of Nursing accelerated degree program is for students who have completed a bachelor’s degree or higher.

Among the highest-ranked Bachelor of Nursing degree programs, Duke’s ABSN is a full-time, accelerated, campus-based program that prepares students to become nurse leaders in just 16 months. Its nursing program focuses on wellness, health promotion, disease prevention, clinical leadership, evidence-based nursing practice, and culturally appropriate care.


#16. Regis College

Program duration: 16 months
Tuition: $75,000
Location: Boston, Massachusetts.

Regis College is a private Catholic university which offers a 16-month accelerated Bachelor of Science in a nursing program designed for non-nursing graduates.

This college offers students with plenty of opportunities to work with top-notch faculty and medical experts to impact all the skills and experience required to excel as a nurse, with a flexible option of day and evening classes and a wide range of clinical experience.


#17. Loyola University Chicago

Program duration: 16 months
Tuition: $49,548
Location: Chicago, Illinois.

The Marcella Niehoff School of Nursing at Loyola University offers a 16-month ABSN program with 67 credit hours and seven clinical rotations.

The school aims to prepare future nurses for any career path by teaching the students nursing skills as well as critical thinking, communication, and analysis skills relevant to the rapidly changing nursing field.


#18. Brookline College

Program duration: 16 months
Tuition: $46,150
Location: Phoenix, Arizona.

Brookline College is a private technical collthathich has a 16-month full-time nursing program that allows students with baccalaureate degrees to complete a BSN program and sit for the National Council of State Boards of Nursing.

Brookline is well-known for providing a wide range of clinical hospital, laboratory, and community experiences that supplement classroom learning and prepare nurses for real-world nursing challenges and opportunities.


#19. Purdue University

Program duration: 16 months
Tuition: $13,083.88
Location: West Lafayette, Indiana.

Purdue University offers a Second Degree Baccalaureate Program in Nursing for students who already have a bachelor’s degree in a non-nursing field.

The degree program requires 28 pre-nursing and 59 nursing course credits, with many of the pre-nursing requirements transferable if applicable from a previous degree.

Purdue University’s reputation and its high pass rate at the National Council of State Boards of Nursing reflect the preparedness of its graduafor them to have a successful nursing career.


#20. Metropolitan State University of Denver

Program duration: 17 months
Tuition: $45,500
Location: Denver, Colorado.

MSU Denver is a public research university in Denver, Colorado. The accelerated nursing program by MSU Denver allows students to earn a BSN in 17 months of full-time study.

The program’s excellent reputation and high NCLEX pass score make it an appealing option for prospective students who want to enter the nursing field as soon as possible.


#21. University of Hawaii

Program duration: 17 months
Tuition: $1,001 per credit
Location: Kapolei, Hawaii.

For those with a non-nursing degree, the University of Hawaii at Manoa offers an accelerated MSN program.

Students are eligible to sit for the NCLEX-RN and become registered nurses after one year of full-time study; after that, they can choose a degree track that leads to an MSN, preparing them for a career as an advanced practice nurse.


#22. Memphis University

Program duration: 18 months
Tuition: In-State On-Campus: $18,455.00. Out-State On-Campus: $30,041.00
Location: Memphis, Tennessee.

Memphis University’s Loewenburg School of Nursing has an accelerated nursing prognathic that allows students with a non-nursing degree to earn a BSN after completing the 18-month accelerated program.

The accelerated BSN program begins in the fall semester and runs through the summer.

Memphis University’s and the surrounding area’s diversity offers students a wide range of nursing experiences that provide students with the skills and insight needed to excel in the nursing field long after graduation.


#23. Marquette University

Program duration: 19 – 21 months
Tuition: $63,000
Location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Marquette University’s Generalist Master’s degree is one of the quickest and most efficient paths to an MSN qualification.

Students who successfully enroll in the program complete 15 months of full-time study before they are eligible to take the National Council of State Boards of Nursing.

After which they will complete the master’s degree during one final semester of study. Students are also allowed to pursue a specialty during this time, which may take a little longer to complete depending on the specialty requirements.


#24. University of San Diego

Program duration: 21 months
Tuition: $47,100
Location: San Diego, California.

The University of San Diego has one of the top-rated accredited nursing programs for prospective nurses intending to pursue an MSN degree. The Master’s Entry Program in Nursing for Non-RNs can be finished in 21 months of full-time study.

The nursing program is demanding because it provides students with a general foundation in nursing as well as master’s level courses that provide students with the skills needed to serve in leadership positions.

Students who complete the program earn a Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) as a Clinical Nurse Leader (CNL) and are prepared to work as Advanced Nurse Generalists.

Graduates are eligible to take the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX) to become registered nurses (RNs).


#25. Azusa Pacific University

Program duration: 24 months
Tuition: $18,400
Location: Azusa, California.

Azusa Pacific University is a Christian university that offers non-nursing bachelor’s degree holders an opportunity to become registered nurses through a direct-entry nursing program.

The program leads to a master’s degree in nursing and prepares students to work in advanced nursing settings. It also expands more opportunities for future nurses as graduates can apply to become nurse practitioners or clinical nurse specialists in California.


Frequently Asked Questions on the 25 Best Accelerated Nursing Programs Without Prerequisites

Are accelerated nursing programs worth it?

Accelerated nursing programs offer several compelling benefits. They open the door to a fulfilling career with a competitive income and ample room for advancement.

These programs will make you a sought-after professional, enabling you to specialize in a unique field. Moreover, they allow you to save time and graduate faster compared to traditional programs.

What is an accelerated nursing program like?

In an accelerated nursing program, you can anticipate thorough and demanding courses.

Most ABSN programs will involve a combination of classroom instruction, hands-on labs, and real-world clinical training. The clinical part of the accelerated nursing curriculum provides students with the opportunity to apply their skills in an actual healthcare environment.

What are the best-accelerated nurse practitioner programs?

best-accelerated nurse practitioner program is dependent on the perspective of the prospective student and various factors such as financial implications, the school’s pres,tige and its admission processes, etc. Some key universities to note are Salisbury University, East Carolina University, and California Baptist University, amongst others.



An accelerated nursing program is an educational pathway that aims to expedite the attainment of a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) or Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) compared to the standard on-campus programs.

These programs not only provide a fast track for working nurses to further their education but also enable them to become eligible for more advanced positions in the field.

Conversely, the majority of accelerated nursing programs are tailored for individuals without prior nursing experience but who hold degrees in other fields and are eager to swiftly transition into a nursing career.

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